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Prescott Valley, AZ, US Review updated:

Because of lowered work hours and mortgage problems, I was unable to pay on a $352.95 loan. They called back with ideas but I told them I still couldn't do it. On the last call, they said they were going to send it to collections. I said fine, I will deal with it there and when I had money. Not long after, they deposited the check the day before my paycheck was deposited. Not only did I end up with a NSF from my bank, but I couldn't pay my mortgage, which is now 2 months late. Then two weeks later they went back into my checking account and got their NSF for bouncing the check when they tried to deposit it in July. What bothers me is they seem to be able to access a checking account whenever they want. Now I'm waiting for yet another debit to it for whatever. I called the police, they said when I signed I signed over their right to get into my checking account. This doesn't seem right. Are there any other people who've had this sort of trouble with this particular payday loan store? I'm filing a complaint with the BBB. My next step is to see if there is anything I can do legally. Never again. I've had to let payday loans go and they send them off to collections and I've paid up there. Thank You for letting me vent!!

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  • Cu
      Sep 18, 2009

    This place suffers from lack of proper management. The said manager, Victoria does not exemplify customer service as we all know it. She was not professional, and literally LOL, when she was aware that she had made me upset. Her tone was completely unacceptable and she was very unpleasant. This company is created to help people in there time of need, does she not stand behind that statement? The worse of it all, I am not a customer of Allied Cash Advance, I underwent this insulting treatment due to being a mere reference on someone's account. I have been in the client service industry 11 years and her lack of professionalism makes it hard to respect the company if Mangers such as Victoria are on the front line. Do you think I will turn here in my economic time of need? Hopefully you think long and hard... perhaps travel to emeryville or their sister branch in your are, but by all means do NOT stop here. You have been warned!

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  • Di
      Mar 10, 2010

    Hey Prescott Valley, did you not give them a piece of paper(your check) and they give you money for it. Of course they had to deposit your check they can't hold it forever and it was probably a good move to do it around your payday. I have had these before in California and if you work with them they are pretty cool

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  • Ha
      Mar 24, 2010

    If people would bother to read their contracts before they sign them, they would know that any cash advance company has the right to deposit a check if it is past due. The bank may run the check twice if it does not clear the first time. If the money is still not available, the company has the right to attempt to ACH the account up to a certain amount of times, in my state it is 3 times if the money is not paid in full. READ EVERYTHING BEFORE YOU SIGN AND YOU WILL NOT HAVE THIS PROBLEM!!!

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  • Lo
      Dec 04, 2010

    Allied Cash Advance must deposit the check 14 days after it is held. Then from that point if the check comes back NSF, they are allowed only TWICE (2) to attempt to ach if from your checking account. As a former employee of Allied Cash Advance, I can say that was absolutley the WORST company I have ever worked for. Not only do they not train you but there practices are un-ethical. They will tell you anything to get you to pay but when it comes right down to it, the customers are more protected by the CFSA than the company. I would suggest to contact the CFSA (Community Financial Services Association of America ) the number and address is 515 King Street Suite 300 Alexandria, VA 22314 Phone: [protected] Fax: [protected]. I would suggest to go the web site and read all the disclosures about fair and lawful practices. Contacting the BBB will help but not much. Also contact your District Attorney's office in the area. According to the CFSA, under the Best practices Disclosure, number 7(.Appropriate Collection Practices. A member must collect past due accounts in a professional, fair and lawful manner. A member will not use unlawful threats, intimidation, or harassment to collect accounts. CFSA believes that the collection limitations contained in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) should guide a member's practice in this area ). Also contact the Attorney Generals office if the problem still ocurrs.

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  • Be
      Feb 18, 2011

    Update: Allied Cash Advance paid off, I voted NOOOO to keep payday loan stores in Arizona. Don't care if their employees lost their jobs, join the club.

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  • Mi
      Jul 12, 2011

    Allied Cash Advance is in serious financial trouble! The President of the company is being sued by several female employees for sexual harrassment and the company is paying his legal fees! So, to try to get back some of this money, the company is on a firing spree. They are firing long-term employees who make a nice salary. These are employees who have never even had a write-up or customer complaint and are well liked by their customers. The employees know they are getting fired because Allied Cash Advance will post their jobs on Careerbuilder to find their replacement. These employees have to go into work everyday with the knowledge that they will be fired anyday and there is not a damn thing they can do about it! No matter how good the manager is, it is never good enough for this company! They are very hard to work for and push their employees to the point of mental exhaustion. They do not care how they treat their employees, it's all about making money! Most of the employees are fearful of being fired at any moment because everyone knows about the lawsuit and the financial troubles. I know what I'm talking about because my best friend was fired from this company! Good Luck to the remaining employees.

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  • Ho
      Jul 31, 2011

    I agree with Miss Mary75! This company sucks!! I work for them and I'm also looking for a job. My previous District Manager (who was awesome guy) left the company. When he left, he warned many of us to look for jobs and get the hell outta this company! For him to make a statement like this, I knew to take his advice very seriously! Please, Please, Please, DO NOT USE this payday lender!!! Take your business elsewhere!!!

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  • Lu
      Jul 31, 2011

    This company has shady business practices. I needed money due to a small financial mess I was in at the time. I needed $800.00 to cover cost for the month. So I go to Allied Cash Advance. They recommend a car Title lone. I decided to go with the lone thinking I would be better off than owing the eight hundred. They couldn't lone just eight hundred they said the minimum was $2500. I took the lone. I been paying on the lone for Four months. Mind you most of the payment goes to interest. $365.00 a month...$340.00 interest... 25.00 principal (omg right). This month I was late on my payment- due July 10, 2011 ...on July 22, 2011 I got my 2007 Nissan Z repossessed. I was short this month and could not make the payment. I get paid once a month. So money due has to wait till next payday. When I talked to the clerks at Allied they said they had no control over my lone. It was up to the people in Florida(I'm in California). So now, instead of owing $800.00. I am now without a car. I owe $3400 dollars to get my car out of the repo yard... And on top of that I have the mortgage and bills still due. This company is wrong there should be laws protecting the consumer from lone sharks like Allied Cash Advance. I say unite and lets file a lawsuit!!!

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  • So
      Aug 06, 2011

    After 7 years of service and loyalty to this company - I got fired! The new district manager said it was due to "Lack of Growth" at the branch that they re-locateded to right down the street. The new location is terrible! It sits over 500 feet back from the main road in a small strip mall, in-between 2 EMPTY stores and NO street signage. And they wonder WHY the store is NOT growing?? DUH!!! Oh, and as I'm getting fired - the sign company show's up to install a small sign out by the street that's not very visible. The store had no street signs for 4 months - and now they show up?? Coincidence - I think NOT!! OH - and the 1st month after moving to the new location - the phones did not work and we did not have any internet, which means we could not give out loans. How convenient!! But it's all my fault that we were not growing! I was threatened (including being cussed at many times) by the previous district manager for weeks to grow or I would get fired. So, the customers knew if they came in and I was no longer there that I got fired. Good Luck to the new employee who replaces me because you are gonna need it! I was very-well liked by my customers who said if they come in and I'm not there - they will pay off and go somewhere else!! To the remaining employees: Good Luck to you all!! Do yourselves a favor and find a new job before you get the axe! God Bless!!

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  • Cr
      Aug 31, 2011

    i had a advance out and i couldnt pay it. and i told them that. i had 2 get my kids stuff they need because my kids come first. so they called me and told me if i dont pay it they was going 2 report it 2 the police. so she had scared me for a min. so i told them when i will be able 2 pay it. and i didnt go down there like i was suppose 2. so they they had showed up at my door asking me when i will be able 2 pay it. and i told her. then she calls my husbands family and told them everything. so i called them and asked them why did they give my personal information out. do u know that is illigal and they claimed that they didnt. which is a lie. so i told them if they keep threating me like that i will call the cops for harssment. so i finally went down there and payed them and also cussed them out. and they said sorry but i said sorry wont do it. never again i will borrow form them again

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  • Mi
      Sep 12, 2011

    I am so freakin ticked!!! I went to the Allied Cash store in Muncie, IN on Friday 9-9-11 @ 4:00. Behind the counter was a cart full of customer folders facing the lobby for everyone to see. I saw my name and 3 other people I know. This is embarrassing and a violation of the privacy policy that this company "claims" to protect and honor. I told both of the new managers that they were violating my privacy and they acted like they did not care. Both of these women were rude about the situation. Well, they will care when they hear from my attorney!

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  • Mp
      Oct 14, 2011

    Dear Lost in Translation:

    Borrowing money from any lender does not, whether the loans and fees are paid as agreed or not, give that lender or its employees the right to harass the borrower. Under no circumstances is this allowed by law, nor should it be. It is known that many payday, title, and signature loan companies engage in predatory lending practices. If you, or anyone else reading these posts, disagrees or wants more information regarding the prevalence of predatory and illegal lending/collecting practices, please contact your state's Better Business Burean or Consumer Affairs department.

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