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Alliance Home Warranty / Refusal to pay claim

1 PO Box 10417 Van Nuys, CA, United States Review updated:

I have had such a terrible time trying to get anyone at Alliance Home Warranty to call me back to settle a claim/dispute. I have a rental property and when the furnace broke down my property management company called Alliance to scheudle someone to come out and fix it, after attempting 5 calls over a 2 hour period to their service number it continually rang busy. They finally just called a local repairman to fix the problem and the bill came out to almost $400.00. I myself tried calling the service number the next day and it still continually rang busy. I finally was able to get through to the "contracts" phone number. When I finally got a hold of someone to tell them I couldnt get through to thier service number they told me that they had been having trouble with thier phones the last couple of days. After 45 minutes on hold I was finally transferred to a claims resolution dept. After telling them my story and requesting they reimburse me for the $400 invoice they said to fax a copy of the invoice of the repair and they would "look" into it. A week passes with no follow up whatsoever, I called again and again and finally got a live person on the phone, she said she would look into my dispute and promised to call me 3 days later, well that came and went and I have called and left messages for her every single day for the last week with NO return phone call. I have tried explaining over and over that it was only becauer THIER phone lines were down that we would had to call our own repairman in. They of course deny thier phones were down and refuse to pay for the claim. I am beyone infuriated with thier customer service. I was promised today that a supervisor would call me back today but that was 4 hours ago, I'm not going to hold my breath. All I ask is that they treat the claim with respect, follow up like they said they would and actually pay the claim as they should. I will not be renewing my policy with them unless thier customer service team suddenly does a 360 and acts like a responsible home warranty company. This is just ridicules.

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  • Ch
      10th of Jul, 2009
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    I also had a terrible experience with Alliance. We purchased a new house and felt comfortable because we purchased a Home Warranty WITH additional coverage for AC. The AC in our house stopped working. We were not concerned because we had purchased the insurance and called Alliance Home Warranty. They sent out a technician who was completely unprofessional and actually rude but that is another story. The tech said the system was failing because it was not maintained properly by the prior owners (it was dirty and the filters were not changed frequently enough). Alliance refused to help us because it was due to a lack of maintenance that they system was no longer working. This is ridiculous. We moved into the house less than a week and we did not even have a chance to maintain it. They said it was due to the prior owner and doesn't matter who failed to properly maintain it. What????????????????? Why buy insurance????? How can any consumer know whether all of the appliances, systems, etc. in a house are properly maintained? That is why you buy insurance. We are completely dissatisfied with Alliance and the customer service team was very unprofessional and unhelpful. I would not recommend a warrant with this company! The repair cost us over $2, 400 on top of the $400 we paid for the warranty WITH the additional premium for AC coverage.

  • Jo
      27th of Jul, 2016
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    Alliance Home Warranty - I never heard from them
    Alliance Home Warranty
    United States

    I contacted Alliance Home Warranty on Tuesday, June 27 to arrange for service of a stovetop that was not working properly. A repair person contacted me and arrived the following morning. He came in and asked if I had been told that they (his company?) didn't usually work on stovetops but he proceeded to check my stove's burners. I explained that the burners sometime ignited and often did not. After a two-minute look at the situation (much in the cursory way that an inexperience person would examine it) he concluded that we needed to replace the knobs. He said that he would see if it was covered under my home warranty and call me back (which he never did). I researched and found that knobs were not covered so I ordered them from an appliance supply store. Meanwhile, I called the manufacturer and explained the situation. I was told that it did not seem to be an issue with the knobs. The Alliance repair person hadn't investigated beyond the knobs and really had no way of knowing if in fact that was the problem. I called the repair company to see if the representative could come back to check something else and was told that they would check into it and call back. I never heard from them even after calling twice.

    I called Alliance and was told that they couldn't do anything until I received the knobs. I explained that I am selling the house and needed to address this within the next week. The claims rep kept repeating that they would be glad to send someone out later (after my departure) and did not listen or offer any other possible options to resolve the issue.

    This whole situation could have been avoided if Alliance sent out more experience and thorough repair people. The impression is that Alliance finds the lowest bidder regardless of the lack of experience, knowledge, and negative approach to customer service. Perhaps this is reflective of Alliance's approach to customer service. I will never use this service again.

  • Al
      27th of Jul, 2016
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    Alliance Home Warranty - Failure to Deliver Service
    11282 Palisade Rim Dr
    South Jordan
    United States
    Phone: 801-792-6654

    I purchased a home at the end of the summer last year. The home came with a home warranty through Alliance Home Warranty. This summer when I turned on the air conditioner it did not operate at all. I called the warranty company. They sent out a service person from a company named D and D Mechanical to service the unit. The man said it just need FreeON, which he added. A few days later, there was no air blowing from the register. I called D and D. They scheduled an appointment for a few days later. But the unit suddenly started to work so I cancelled the appointment to save them the trip. However, a few days later it stopped working again. So I called Alliance. They said they would send D and D back out. They never called. I called Alliance again. Still heard nothing. I called Alliance every other day and each time they promised someone would be out. I also called D and D also each time. They would never return my phone calls or come out. Finally D and D called and made an appointment to come out last Friday. I was so overjoyed... Except that they never showed up! So it has been in the upper 90's all summer and I have as of August 15th still have not had air conditioning. And now my contract is up as of the 10th and my hope of ever having this taken care of has gone out of the window. They have sent counteless mailers wanting me to renew the contract. Like I am going to do that!

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