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Alienware Laptop / Service

1 Miami, FL, United States Review updated:

Ok this is just a warning for all of you who may be thinking of buying an Alienware system. I am sure you have all heard how great they are and all the good things about them. Well its just a hype, maybe 10 years ago it was top notch but that is no longer true. I purchased my system after the long wait in August of 08'. I knew I was spending to much but I needed a laptop for school so figured I would get something I wanted. From day 1 of receiving this system it had problems. Not being completely stupid when it comes to computers I attempted what I could to correct the issues I was having. The final conclusion on my part was it was faulty hardware issues. So I attempted to contact their service department, working in manufacturing myself I understand how a few things can get by. This is where the real trouble began, being how I used my roommates paypal account I was unable to get any help from them without his verification. In order for me to do that I was moved up to their critical issues team. After getting his verification we attempted to remove him from the account and put me as the main account holder. They said this was done and they would setup a shipment from fedex to them at their cost for me to send the laptop back making it overnight so I could get my system back as soon as possible. After they got the system they kept it for about two weeks and shipped it back. The notes for the service stated they couldn't replicate the problem and they system was fine. As soon as I attempted to start the system it kept having the same problem (power on but black screen. When finally getting the system started it would lock up on the simplest tasks, not much of a high performance system.) Attempting to contact them again I discovered I was still not the owner of the system in their eyes and needed my room mates verification again. Now by this point I have already had to drop 3 classes at my expense because I didn't have the laptop needed for them. It is also now January of 09' before I am finally able to send the system back to them again for the same repairs. They get the system on the 14th and two weeks after they have the system I try to contact them to find out whats going on because I have heard nothing. Nearly a week after sending their critical issues team an email they finally respond saying "Regarding your computer’s repairs, the computer was received at the Repair Center on 01/14/2009 and it is being diagnosed. As soon as I have new information, I will let you know." The end of the month is coming around and I have still yet to hear anything so again I contact them and I get a response on the 29th saying, "Regarding the repairs for your computer, the upgrade parts have been received at our repair facility. However, the motherboard needed to complete the repairs is delayed. It may take one more week to become available.

As soon as I get more information about this situation, I will let you know. I apologize for this delay. We are doing all we can to have your computer working again as soon as possible." Please note the fact that it says one more week. The 12th of February roles around still no word from them and by this time I am really upset and very disappointed with my dream system contacting them again stating that they should either exchange my system that has never worked for a working system or give me a refund. Finally I get a response in less than a week only 5 days this time saying, "The part needed to repair your computer is backordered. We expect to have it in few days. As soon as we get the replacement motherboard, your computer will be fixed and sent to you. I apologize for this situation and for the long delay." Well they completely ignored my requests this time and what was this backordered and will take a few days, I was never given this information till now and last time a month ago it was only a week. Now I am finished with them and send them another email stating that I want either a working system or a refund by the end of the week. Which they respond to with the unthinkable, "I would like to apologize for the amount of time it is taking to repair your system. We have not received the replacement parts that are needed to complete the repairs from the manufacturer yet; however, they are supposed to be sending them soon. At this point, a replacement computer is not an option since your computer has not been repaired. As soon as I have new information, I will let you know." Your telling me you can't exchange my nonworking system with one that works because it hasn't been repaired yet? Why would I want to exchange something it worked fine? Did you see a response to my refund statement yet again because I didn't. I have now lost all faith in their company and am posting this in hopes that I will be able to save some others the pain and suffering I am working with right now. They also have a class action lawsuit against them because of selling known faulty products.

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  • Su
      30th of Sep, 2009
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    I feel your pain. I bought an Alienware area 51 M Model # 766SN3 several years ago.. just before the warranty was to expire it started overheating and shutting down. I called customer service and they eventually sent out a repairman to replace the fan. This worked for about a week. Numerous calls failed to get any resolution until the warranty finally expired. Then their response was its out of warranty. I explained that its the same problem it was having when in warranty.

    To date I have a $4000 laptop that has never worked right since day one. Alienware needs to be held responsible for all of these issues. I'm surprised there isnt a class action suit regarding this company.. which is now owned by Dell.

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