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Alienware Laptop Computer Area 51 / Problems with the company

1 United States

I am having on going problems with the computer company ALIENWARE i purchased a $3000 laptop from them back in april of '05 and the problems started as soon as my laptop arrived problem 1 - my doom 3 disc arrived damaged i called them they replaced it free as they should - resolved-then as the weeks go by i noticed my laptop was starting to overheat so i called them they said to clean the fans so i did fixed about 50% of the heat issue i figured heh alienware best computers in the industry laptops must get hot with all that power inside so a few months went by and i started to notice my hand getting very warm while playing on my ultimate gaming machine then slowly a marking on my laptop casing started to show thru and my whole laptop casing on the left side above where my video card is was discolored from the heat. the vent on the side of the computer shoots air out that rivals the heating in my own car.

so i call them back oh well send us some pictures, so i did and no responce
i started using an external fan to clear the air around my computer hoping that poor circulation had been the problem but it got worse the computers performance began to decrease . i had since moved and i called alienware again about the issue they recommended i download a 250 meg application off of a website called 3d Mark 2005 a benchmark test for video cards we ran the test and sure enough my video card was running a 15 FPS then on the other tests it would drop to as low as 0-1 FPS the representative assured me that these were in parameters of my video cards functioning (in my head i thought how is the worlds best gaming machine's perameters 0 FPS?)

he said he would send out a thermal gel to apply to the video card to make sure it would make solid contact to the heat sink.

well a bout a week went by and sure enough a container with a silver liquid marked thermal arrived. i called alienware and guess what i had to open up my laptop and apply the gel my self ??? i know a bit about computers but i didnt spend over $3000 to be doing repairs on my computer myself. we reluctantly but eager to solve my video card problems i did it and booted the computer up and began to run the test and guess what 0 fps again so i tell the rep he was like 0 fps that sounds like your video card is deffective we will send you a new one. i asked 0 fps sounds defective your last rep said that was within parameters of my video card "well he was wrong you need a knew one" we wills send you one let me get approval from the manager first minutes go by ok got approval it should be there by tuesday 6/27/06 VIA fed ex now as im am typing this my video card has just arrived VIA FED EX today 7/11/06 ???
well in the mean time he said your computer is fine to run about 3 days later it started to get even more hot than before and now its is turning itself off IE overheating the next day 6/28 or so my laptop monitor is dark apparently my LCD controller that causes the back lite to turn on has burned out (im assuming its because my computer was overheating from the wonderful video card that had been operating within parameters) so today 7/11/06 my video card and LCD controller have arrived i contact Alienware to schedual an appointment like they had instructed me to do so the parts can be replaced and they told me the tech should have already contacted me and to not call them they will call me ??? i ask him what else i can do the representative repsonded with "You could call back and complain some more???" i was taken back by his responce and said ok i will do that and hung up the phone now i am sitting here pondering if Alienware really is the maker of the worlds greatest gaming machine or if they are just really good at marketing but either way as of right now i have a $3000 paper wieght in my room and i am wondering if i will ever see it again i dont know how much you can help but if any thing maybe you guys can shed a little light as to what i can do i have been trolling forums and reading other complaints like this some poor people are out $5k and more on these systems this is not right =(


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