Ak Management / loan application

England, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Having contacted AK Management for a loan I have had constant phone calls and text messages for over a week. When asked to stop the call centre agents say they sort it out and make them stop but it never gets actioned. I have also told them I want nothing to do with them and any loans from the companies they work with as they all have really bad reviews for example, Amigo Loans who State on all paperwork and website that their loans are unsecured against the guarantor's home but it actually all of them are. Even just a small loan eg £500 could cost your guarantor thousands if not even their house. Trying to contact the customer service department is like getting blood from a stone, so basically none existent and on a 0845 number they keep you on hold forever got up to 10 minutes and still at no.1 in queue but not waiting any longer. None of my emails have ever been replied to and most get sent back. I have had to cancel my bank card to stop the £79 payment they are due to take out even though I have taken nothing out. In short DO NOT give them any bank/card details or taken anything out with them very bad company.


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