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Air Jamaica / inconsiderate, arrogant

1 Miami, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 863.441.4364

After a wonderful week in Jamaica, my spouse and I, as well as 4 other people were scheduled to leave Kingston On Air Jamaica flight 025 for Miami at 3PM on 22/07/08. At about 2:45 PM I asked an attendent at the desk when we would be boarding the flight since it had not been announced yet. She took our tickets and began processing them, then she hands me back the tickets with vouchers worth 850 Jamaican dollars for food, and tells us that the flight will not be leaving until 6;40PM! when we asked to see a supervisor, we were told that there was NO superviser. Then we were all told that if we wanted to arrange to leave for Miami on another flight with Air Jamaica we would have to go downstairs, thru immigration, out of the building, come back thru immigration again and then go to the ticket counter.

When my other half proceeded to try this he was abducted by the security people and told that you cannot leave that area of the terminal. He started asking to see the head of security and they refused. He finally managed to get down to the VIP Lounge with another fellow from our flight, but they were both told that they could not speak with a superviser. And that we could not sit in the lounge to wait (since it was Air Jamicas fault that we were inconvenienced) because we didn't have first class tickets. When asked if we could purchase first class tickets they were told NO.

My other half got the phone number for the executive offices and called asking to speak with a superviser, which he did. She told him that she would come up and talk with all of us. When she came up, she spoke to the girls at the desk but NEVER came to us! When he called her back to ask why she didn't speak with all of us, she told him 'I don't have to speak to you.' Then he asked her name and she replied "I don't have to give you my name." and hung up. The next thing we know, two Jamaican Police Officers are standing at the desk talking to the girls there and looking over at us then proceeded to come walking over in front of us, swaggering back and forth to flaunt their authority over us.

I will NEVER fly Air Jamaica again. the country is pretty and the people (except Air Jamaica staff) are friendly and helpful. I would definately go there again, but I'll find a different airline next time.

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  • Sw
      17th of Nov, 2008
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    I had booked a trip to visit my family in Jamaica through Air Jamaica. I own my own business, so sometimes I need to cancel trips at the last minute if something comes up, so I made it a point to ask if my ticket was refundable if need be (I had purchased an executive class ticket), I was assured that a refund would not be a problem.

    Due to some business obligations which came up, plus the fact that Air Jamaica changed the date of my flight without notifying me, I had to cancel my trip. I called Air Jamaica and gave them ample time to process my refund request, I was fully aware that their refund process takes nearly 2 months. After nearly 2 months had passed, I still had not recieved my refund, so for almost another entire 2 months, I've been calling their refunds depratment several times a week, and much to my frusteration I keep hearing that my refund has been processed, but it takes a "few days" to show up as credited back to my card. Nearly every attendant whom I have spoken to on the phone was extremely rude, and un-knowladgeable, with the exception of a young lady by the name of Michelle, but even she was unable to give me a straight answer as to the satus of my refund.

    So months after officially cancelling my flight, I still have recieved no refund. I will definately NEVER book a flight through Air Jamaica again.

  • Lo
      11th of Mar, 2009
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    Jan 25th- Tickets from LAX to Jamaica have been steady at over $600 for weeks
    Jan 26th- Ticket drops to $400, I purchase my ticket
    Jan 27th (according to Wikipedia)- Flight is canceled (coincidence, I think not.)
    Feb 1st- I find found flight is canceled from a friend who tried to purchase a ticket (LUCKY for me)
    Feb 2nd- The charge appears on my credit card
    Feb 8th- I call and speak to the RUDEST agent who tell me things like "this is falling on deaf ears"...she does nothing except tell me that I can't be re-booked
    Feb 10th- I call and again ask to be re-booked. A manager offers me a re-booking on a flight with terrible layovers- no thanks. I ask for a refund and they say it will be rush processed- 3 weeks.
    March 6th- I call and tell them it's been over 3 weeks, and I have not yet received my refund. They tell me to call back at 4 weeks and I will be transferred right to refunds. "They should have said the refund would take 3-4 weeks."
    March 10- I talk to the refund department and they say that their system is down, so they can't check the status, but when it comes back up, they'll be sure to check it's approved. I ask them to call me when this happens. I get no call.
    Today(March 11)- I talk to the refund department who says that the refund has not yet been approved, they will get it approved today...I asked them to call when it is.

    Meanwhile, my boyfriend who is on the same flight has still not been notified by the airline that the flight has been canceled (we're waiting to see how long it takes). Air Jamaica has known for 6 weeks that this flight is canceled and has not notified the passengers- We're supposed to fly out in a month. I feel awful for any passenger who is not yet aware of the situation.


  • Bi
      5th of Dec, 2009
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    Whatever you fly, please do not fly Air Jamaica. They are absolute thieves. They forced an old lady to pay $150 as did my dad for being 2 minutes late at 6:02 for a flight that was at 7:00 and they didnt even start boarding till 6:30. The poor lady start crying wondering where to get the money and the ###s stood there laughing. Thank God there is Jet Blue, Spirit, Delta and American Airline. I used to advocate for them but now I'm done.

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