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Amhi is the worst mortgage company you could ever get involved with.They have no legitimate us #.When you call the number you are given you can only talk to phone reps from India.They lie and ever time you call it is different notes on your file.They are rude and give you false information. Ahmsi sent us a making home affordable package that had a return envelope that stated exactly to mail it to Irving texas.I mailed the package to Irvine, it has been 2 weeks and they swear they haven't received it .I live no further than maybe 40 miles from the Irvine texas address, now they are telling me I should have faxed the paper work.These people are not in the business of helping people keep their homes they are in the business of taking advantage of clients until the point of foreclosure.I warn anyone who is thinking of a loan with this nasty, very unamerican company to rethink or even bail before it is too late.


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      Apr 08, 2010

    I agree 100% that AHMSI is the worst "so-called" mortgage servicing company. My husband and I have been trying for a loan modification since August, 2009. We begged them to please give us some time to pay our mortgage at first since my husband lost his job. Just to add six months to the end of the mortgage. They said that we were not delinquent so they could do nothing. Then we became delinquent. The harassing phone calls began.That is when we started the loan modification nightmare. We have sent, faxed and brought in person all of the documents that they have requested 3 times. We went to a special loan modification event that was sponsored by Making Home Affordable.Gov which AHMSI told us to go to on January 29, 2010. We met with a representative from AHMSI and handed her all the paperwork for the 3rd time. She said we would have no problem and to call in a couple of days and we would know something. We have called several times and each time they say they do not have the documents even though we physically handed them to someone. Every time we call the first thing someone asks is can we make a payment today and that foreclosure proceedings have begun. It's like a broken record. They know nothing about the loan modification. Now, we just got a letter again stating that we are not approved for the loan modification because they did not receive all required verification documentation by the noticed due date. They are a horrible company and should be shut down. We are desperately seeking help and they just ignore our pleas. There has to be something that can be done. Someone higher up to talk to. I don't want to lose my home.

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