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AffordableTowing and Recovery Of Norfolk Inc. towed my vehicle from a business where the signs conflicted. Affordable towing and the business (456 Fish) have both admitted the space is used for court overflow during the day. I was parked in this location after the business told me it was OK to park there. The signs indicate towing between 6PM and 2AM.
I parked there at 9AM and was there to be a witness for federal court. My vehicle was towed many miles awayand I was charged 135.00 which I feel is excessive and treated with complete disrespect by there Manager Christopher J Kowalski. They also failed to allow me to inspect there tow logs as per Norfolk city code...they improperly display there license and fees and also fail to disclose the agency to whom a consumer can file a complaint in direct violation of VSC 46.2-2800...If you have an issue with this company...research the code and follow up with Norfolk City Police traffic division as well as Virginia board of Towing and Recovery...I also filed a complaint with BBB and Federal Trade commission.
I have contacted Norfolk Commonwealth Attorney's office and Virginia Attorney Generals office. I will continue to file my complaints as allowable by law and intend on being issued a refund and having the signage fixed at the business.

I am a memeber of a local towing advisory board and former police officer, I am well aware of the laws and regulations governing this entity. The signage they have is clearly conflicting, confusing and deceptive. The employee who took my money at there Cromwell Rd location smelled of alcohol and they will not return my messages in a timely manner. When the manager did return my call he was rude and matter of fact. I have not been rude or condascending but I am upset and committed to righting this wrong. Don't deal with this company unless your prepared to have multiple issues.


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  • St
      Jun 17, 2009

    Affordable Towing should be put out of business. In my opinion, it is a criminal enterprise. A few years ago I lived in a condo community in Virginia Beach that used Affordable Towing. The condo rules stated we could not park our vehicles curbside after four p.m. on weekdays. My vehicle was towed at 4:05. I freely admit that particular tow was "legal, " but come on, it was five minutes! Clearly, these "Towing Vultures" were laying in wait. A year later, my vehicle was again towed. However, this time it was on a Federal Holiday. Curbside parking was authorized on Federal Holidays. I called Affordable Towing. I completly agree with the above complaintant...Affordable Towing employees I spoke with were extremely rude and argumentative. After I had the condo association president call Affordable Towing, my vehicle was returned.

    In another incident, following the 2005 Super Bowl, I was standing outside my house when I saw an Affordable Towing vehicle driving through the neighborhood. This was a Sunday evening when parking curbside was authorized. I confronted the driver and told him to get out of the neighborhood.

    After the trouble I had with Affordable Towing when I lived in Virginia Beach, I wrote a letter to the Virginia Pilot about the questionable practices of Affordable Towing. The Pilot published the letter, without specifically identifying Affordable Towing.

    Since that time, I moved to Chesapeake. I thought I was out of Affordable Towing's clutches. Not so. March 5th of this year, while shopping in the Farm Fresh at Providence and Georgetown, my vehicle was towed at 11:30 pm (Farm Fresh was open until midnight). When I came out of Farm Fresh and noticed my vehicle was missing, I resolved to deal with the issue in the morning and walked home (I live directly behind that Farm Fresh).

    On the morning of March 6th, I first went to Farm Fresh and asked if they had a towing company under contract. I was told they did not, and that in fact, they had dropped their towing company because of repeated incidents of employee vehicles being towed after the store officially closed at midnight, even though the employees were still working inside the story. I was not surprised when they told me the towing company they had dropped was Affordable Towing.

    The form I received after I retrieved my vehicle following this particular incident contained the following NOTICE: Virginia Beach City code 21-426 required the tow company to offer you a Survey and Comment form with this receipt. I was offered no such document. (But imagine Affordable Towing's response would be the vehicle was towed in Chesapeake vs. Virginia Beach).

    I have called Affordable Towing a couple of times to get my money back and have been told each time "We'll have someone call you." Well, I'm still waiting.

    Finally, great article in the May 20th Virginian-Pilot by Kate Wiltrout. Affordable Towing illegally towed a Navy Officer's vehicle while he was deployed. They tried to milk him for $3, 500 dollars. After the Commonwealth's attorney's office got involved, the Navy Officer was given his money back. Initially, Chris Kowalski, general manager of Affordable Towing refused to give a refund. He is quoted in the Pilot as stating "They forced our hand to give him a refund." Clearly indicating Affordable Towing was not going to give the refund until faced with legal action. I find it laughable that Kowalski goes on to state "We operate with the highest integrity...we're not out to get anyone." Mr. Kowalski should look up the definition of "integrity, " because Affordable Towing's methods of operation involve nothing remotely resembling integrity. Case in point: while I was at the impound lot retrieving my vehicle from the March incident, one of the employees told me he sympathized with me because he used to work for Affordable Towing and the tow truck operators were all instructed to wait at various locations until the exact moment when parking was no longer authorized and then to begin towing vehicles.

    I'm sending this to Kate Wiltrout, the Commonwealth's attorney's office, the Better Business Bureau, and the keeper of this complain website...cannot something be done to put this criminal enterprise out of business?

    Steve Williams

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  • My
      Jun 29, 2010

    Vultures is right. I've done my share of tow-aways, but our rules was that the vehicle had to be abandoned for 24 hours, and then once we got called we had to get the VIN off the car, then go get a manager or other authorizing signature to tow the car, then go get it, plus we generally left the truck parked by the car to give a chance of seeing us before we hooked it. Some companies make they're money on tow-aways, and I agree that it's kinda low to do that. I don't think any company should ever contract a wrecker to tow cars aways either. Every tow should be called in as needed. Wreckers don't know who is who or what's going on.

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  • Ev
      Oct 08, 2010

    Of all these places clsoing down from this flat economy, I find it shocking that a place like that is STILL in business! Im sure they have gotten plenty of complaints about the same problems yove had with the place.

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  • As
      Apr 06, 2011

    affordable towing obviously likes to play games...i live in a complex where they tow and they tow here numerous times during the week, i noticed tonight that they were outside so i stepped out on my balcony and noticed it was my friends car who was staying next door to me so me and my roommate ran outside and told the driver that we knew who drove the car and we were going to get him! ( the car wasnt even on the back of the tow truck yet) well anyways we ran and got my friend and the tow truck driver was about to leave the lot by the time my friend got to him(mind u the driver was STILL on the property) anyways we ran up to the driver and asked how much it would cost to get the car off the back of the truck right now and he said that it would cost 135 dollars which is the same amount it would cost to get it out of the towing place...well my friend said he didnt have 135 on my friend said to just tow it and he would go pick it up. i told him to call affordable towing cause that price he gave us to get it off the back of the truck right then and there wasnt right and that it should only cost 25 or so! well when he called the office of this stupid towing place he explained to the lady on the phone what we were told and the lady said that it should only cost 25 if the driver was still on the lot! well i guess she called the tow truck driver and asked him what he had told my friend he said that he told us it was only 25...this guy is such a liar and he also said we didnt catch him til after he was off the property! thats 2 lies in less than 2 mins! we all drove there and explained to them in person what happened! firstly they didnt understand why me and my roommate were there cause we werent the owners of the vehicle...i said no but we are witnesses of what happened and we are here for our friend! they didnt like that too much! they were both rude and argumentive!!! this is the worst place and i think they shoould be put out of business!!! sorry for the rambling but i am still very upseet that this even happened...i think we will be going to court on this matter cause i think his car was illegally towed!!!

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  • Pe
      Apr 28, 2011

    Affordable towing is the company contracted by the condominium complex I live in to tow vehicle. This is a two part complaint. First, the complex needs to come and repaint the spots, and secondly, how did the driver even know the vehicle was improperly parked. Someone called him. Are we really that petty in this world that knowing who drives the vehicle isnt enough to "be Neighborly"?? I have arrived home on several occasions and found cars parked in "My assigned Spot", but did I call the towing company and have it towed? Nope, I found the owner and politely asked them to move the car to an unassigned spot. My lot is almost always full, so I can understand the frustration of coming home to find someone elses vehicle in my spot. Tonight the towing company showed up to tow the vehicle. He was noticed pulling the car out, and we were notified. I went down and showed the driver the spot he pulled the car from. The paint is barely visible in daylight, let alone street lights. I told him I would move it immediately. When that didnt fly, I asked how much. Personally I am more disappointed with my neighbors than the towing company, but they have not shown me any reason to disagree with everyone else. The driver was semi professional in attitude and temperment, so I remained professional as well. I just really think it is sad in todays economy that companies like this end up taking advantage of people who dont have the money to spend on gas, food, electric, but now have to go spend a rediculous amount of money to get back the only source of transportation they have because someone else had to walk another 10 feet. Ya know, Leave a nasty letter on the car, write on the windows, or something to tell the vehicles owner, hey, I dont appreciate you parking in my spot, but costing them $150 plus to get the car back, is rude, inconciderate, and down right wrong. My step son had never parked in anyo one elses spot before, and after looking at the spot, I can see why he parked there. The paint is gone. There is no number on the curb, and even the paint on the pavement is almost gone. Come on America, are we all really that petty?

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  • Se
      Jul 27, 2011

    My husband recently came back from a deployment. While he was gone I came back to our home state to take care of his sick mother. Before he left and before I left we both asked if our cars would be okay sitting there until one of us got back. We were told yes, since he was going on deployment, it would not be touched. I come back to find my husbands car gone. The front office at Linkhorn Bay Apartments said they knew nothing, that they do not know when a car gets towed. Affordable towing said the car had been towed 59 days before I called. No one contacted me or my husband. My husband is fighting it now using the Servicemember Civil Relief Act and the Veteran's Benefits Act of 2010 as reference. The legal department on his base says they cannot tow his car without court order and contacting him or I before hand, which did not happen. I have called the apartments and the towing company and let them know that the way they do business is wrong and I hope the military does sue them. The apartment complex is willing to pay half of the fees that have added up, but I don't think my husband or I should have to pay a thing. They had no reason to tow the car. It had the parking decal, all the stickers were not expired or anything. When asked why they towed the car, they said it does not give a reason in their paper work. There are no assigned parking at the complex. At 59 days it would cost 1355 to get my husbands car out. It has been two weeks since then.

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  • Sh
      Oct 26, 2011

    My wife and I got a towing notice on Oct 19 saying if the registration and inspection wasn't done in 72 hours they would tow. By Oct 21all of our information was correct. A temporary registration does not state it needs to be displayed however for 4 days it was displayed in the windshield. We woke up on Oct 26 to find our vehicle towed by affordable towing. Why? The vehicle is legal. They want 135$

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  • Ju
      Nov 26, 2012

    I just had an unfortunate incident with Affordable Towing. They towed my friends car from my numbered parking spot b/c there wasn't a decal displayed in the window. Ok that's fine, however, first the car hadn't even been there 24 hours and second they ripped off the brush guard from underneath his new car. They left a trail of it down the parking lot and we had to go gather all the pieces to take to the place. Upon arriving the man that came outside was extremely rude, we asked him what we do if there was damage done to the car by their company and he didn't even look at us. He just smirked and smarted off to us like we were full of it. He then had the audacity to yell at me (female) and then when I took pictures of the damage under the car he had the gall to step in the way which was an inch or two from my face. He then proceeded to yell some more and told me to get off the property. Great customer service. He also told my friend to sign the paper which clearly stated that once they release the vehicle they are no longer responsible for any damages. That's when I spoke up and told him not to sign and that's of course when the big man decided to start yelling at me. Horrible horrible manners, shady place and damage done to the car. Not sure how they are still in business.

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  • Ja
      Mar 02, 2013

    This place makes me sick! I am a resident in the gates of west bay complex and affordable towing has made quite the pretty penny off of my friends and now me over the years. My buddies often come over way after the office is closed. Theyll park in MY designated parking space since only a handful if spaces are numbered upon request to the rental office. Since I'd figure if I'm paying for this spot, who's to say what or who can park there without my permission right?? OH NO! Affordable towing graciously took his truck and the next morning it was gone. Why is that you ask? Because there was no parking pass on it! 135$ later, we were pissed! Second time my buddy came over, I told him to just put a note on the dash saying you're a visitor and the office is closed with my apartment number and contact info. Well guess what, no call no nothing, 135$ AGAIN for towing. Finally I got him a pass and but oh what's this? A neighbor saw my same friends truck get towed again and immediately stopped it and screamed at the tow driver "ARE YOU BLIND?! There's a tag on it!!!" They tried to extort my friend to pay 135$ to get it off bc once it's "hooked" there's no way to "drop it" so I screamed at them and threw my lease in his face. They released the vehicle no charge. Today I got my car towed for "altered tags" wtf does that mean? Well let me tell you! I had ny plates and just registered my car in va. I still had my old plates so I threw one on the dash next to my tag. They still towed me and still charged me 135$ again! Resident or not they said it wasn't a vehicle registered to my apartment.

    I honest to god hope this place gets shut down! They are appalling, rude, and blood thirsty for money! What a rip off!

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  • De
      Apr 26, 2013

    On 4/19/13 Affordable Towing and Recovery towed my car because of illegally being parked, which costed me $135.00 to retrieve my car. When I went to retrieve my car there was dents and scratches on the drive door and back panel. When I complained about the issue the driver tried to deny damage until I showed him my bill of sale stating that my car was only a week old. I have a phone record of 25 phone call to the office to speak to the General Manager (Chris Kowalski) about repairs to no avail. No one has returned mine nor my insurance companies calls. My insurance company estimate the damage to be 1178, which a $1000.00 I must pay to met my deductible. However, I believe this is unfair to me for I am not the cause of the damage regardless of where I parked, people's personal property should be handled with care. The company have proven to be very unprofessional because I was denied pictures of the car before towing and videos tapes of the car while on the lot to the time I came to remove it. As stated early I have a phone record of my attempts to collect payment for damages. This company should be put out of business

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  • Ms
      Jul 25, 2013

    I had my car towed illegally from an apartment complex. There is only one sign there and it is hidden by trees. I even had a visitor pass in the window. Since the window was down a bit, they removed the pass and put it under my seat. I called Affordable Towing and the lady on the phone was extremely rude. Anyway after paying $145 to get my car out of the impound yard, prior to leaving I noticed quite a bit of damage done to my 350z convertible. The tow truck driver was there and acknowledged damaging my car in his I don't care just give me your money attitude. I took pictures before getting into my car and leaving the yard and also placed a call to their office. Yet again, the lady was rude and said she will give a message to the district manager Chris Kawolski (sp) and he will call me back. It has now been five days and four more calls from me and still nothing from the district manager. I live in Fredericksburg, VA and took my car in for an estimate on the damages, over $2, 000. worth. I just reported them to the BBB and in the process of filing a lawsuit. Unfortunately, I will have to make another trip to VA Beach to fight these guys, but it will be worth it. If anyone else has recently had the same issues with this company, please contact me. Maybe we can all go in the lawsuit together. This is a very crooked company and needs to be out of business. The district manager has very poor professional skills but I doubt he cares.

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  • Ms
      Jul 25, 2013

    To DeMary who posted on 4/19/2013. I had the same exact problem. My car damage estimates over $2, 000.00 and I've only had it for four months. I'm in the process of filing a lawsuit against Affordable Towing, I would advise you and others to do the same. Good luck.

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  • Un
      Aug 03, 2013

    I've been towed twice now within a months time. It's a shame living at your own apartment risks getting towed by these scam artists looking to just get your money. The first time the guest pass was in the car on the front seat and they still towed it. Extremely rude people who work there and Linkhorn Bay will do nothing to help you. The second time was today after retuning from an out of state trip in a rental car and was parked here only 5 hours to look outside and find the rental car had been towed. They are vultures constantly looking for someone to tow. I've given them over 300 dollars within a month and am looking for a different place to live now. What a joke. I guess shame on me for not learning the first time. I've been told to get a petition together so maybe that's a good start!

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  • Al
      Apr 15, 2016

    My vehicle was removed from private property (Linkhorn Bay Apts) by Affordable Towing and Recovery oon April 15, 2016 within 10 minutes of being parked in a parking lot with no towing signage. The driver hooked up my car and pulled around the corner to then call it in to the yard, so I was unable to locate him and have him drop the car. I arrived at the yard before the 5 minutes prior to the tow truck made it there with my car, my car never entered the lot. The driver stated "wow you got here fast"...and stated "and you did not, how did I make it hear before you?"... The drivers response was "well I had to call it in..."The driver took my payment, and did not offer me Survey and Comment form with my receipt as required by law. I called the company and the clerk told me I could come back between 9-5 tomorrow and get it. I advised her, that not only was the drivers practice predatory but it is the companies legal obligation to offer these document upon receiving the receipt. She stood silent, stated "I don't know what to tell you" and then hung up when I pressed about the companies legal obligation. Affordable Towing and Recovery felt it could tow trespassing vehicles simply because they have a blanket official agreement with a property owner or agent but per city guidelines the property owner’s permission is needed for every single vehicle towed, at the time it is towed. The driver did not have additional permission for my tow. I was charged $145 for an illegal tow. Affordable Towing and Recovery of Norfolk Inc. has numerous documented complaints regarding their business practices and violations of the very policy listed on their own receipt. I have filed a complaint with the BBB as well and I also filed a complaint with Virginia Beach Code Enforcement. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!

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  • Al
      Apr 15, 2016

    IF any one is curious about their rights here's the section governing towing on private property in Virginia Beach

    (Sec 21-403.1) states about required written authorization:No tow truck service … shall remove any trespassing vehicle … without first obtaining, at the time the vehicle is towed, specific written authorization of the owner of the property from which the vehicle is towed, or the owner’s agent … This written authorization shall be in addition to any written contract between the tow truck service and the owner of the property or his agent.City code clearly states there are two conditions that must be met to tow a vehicle: a written contract between the tow truck service and property owner AND written authorization from the property owner at the time each vehicle is towed.

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  • Gt
      Jan 22, 2019

    G. Timlin, Sunday, 1/20/19- We parked in a lot across from Young Veterans The Bunker on 21st street in VB, VA. We have wanted to visit the craft beer restaurant for some time now. We put our information and money into the automated parking machine and took the receipt. I did not place the receipt in the car windshield area since there was no lot attendant there to see it. One hour later we left The Bunker and our car was gone. Affordable Towing had struck. The sign in the parking lot said "Welcome Back Locals". I will have lived in VB for 35 years. This type of professional behavior from a towing company has to be dealt with by the police or city officials of Virginia Beach. My car was one of three in the lot at the time. Predatory towing by this company has gone on for years. Isn't it time to investigate? We walked four blocks after calling them, paid $60.00 since I had the receipt otherwise it was $145.00, and drove home trying to understand this unusual situation. "Welcome Back Locals"?

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