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CA, United States Review updated: sold me a crossing from dover, uk to calais, france as foot passengers using dfds ferry line. Turned out, dfds does not accept foot passengers. Instead of at least refunding my fare (£30) they tried to shift the blame. I suffered a great deal of aggravation, a 4 hour delay and £60 of extra out-of-pocket expenses. At the veil least, I should have been refunded the fare I paid. It appears they never give anyone a refund!

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      Jun 29, 2012 - Bad experience
    United States

    I booked ferry cruise at and received email confirmation for my booking. I had to purchase separate tickets for motorbikes and passengers and when we arrived I was told that it is impossible to travel with that kind of papers. Well, how it is possible then that they’ve sold me those tickets?

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  •   Aug 15, 2014

    Dear Mr Lakey,

    Thank you very much for booking with Please accept our sincere apologies that your travel plans didn't work out as expected with the ferry company you chose. We have thousands of very satisfied daily customers and would love it if you were able to join their ranks.

    We would very much like to help you, and would very much appreciate it if you could contact us so we can do that. We have no record of you contacting us about this. The situation you describe sounds very strange to us as we work very closely with many ferry companies and have never heard of anything like this happening.

    If you look at your booking confirmation you will see some direct contact details, of if you have lost these, you can find our contact details by following the link at the bottom of website pages. You could even email us your phone number so that we can call you when it is convenient.

    We really do want to help you and to resolve this issue to your satisfaction.We look forward to hearing from you and thank you once again for booking with

    Best regards,

    The AFerry team

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  •   Aug 15, 2014

    Dear AAWitt,

    Thanks very much for booking with Please accept our sincere apologies that your booking experience didn't meet your expectations. We have thousands of very satisfied customers every day and we would love it if you could join their ranks.

    To address your specific issues; it would be impossible to book as a foot passenger on a DFDS Dover-Calais ferry and certainly our system does not allow this and has never allowed this. If it did, we would have many more complaints. :) Instead most people on Trustpilot (where we ask our customers to write reviews) actually give us 5 stars.

    Around the time that this complaint was written we did receive a similar complaint and I wonder if you could be the same person? In this situation, the customer booked a car crossing but in the car registration field wrote "foot passenger". If you are this person, we can only apologise that you didn't understand how our booking system works. We try to make our site as clear as possible for everyone. We have since made changes to our site that should make things even clearer. However, we have never had a case like this before or since.

    Regarding cancellations and refunds, the ferry companies decide on these themselves. As you booked an economy ticket, a refund was not possible in this instance. We are sorry about this and can certainly appreciate that this must have been frustrating.

    Thanks once again for booking with us and we hope that this reply has helped you to understand the situation more. We hope that this one experience won't put you off booking with us again.

    Best regards,

    The AFerry team

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  • Fr
      Jun 30, 2015

    Made a booking for the ferry to Corsica but had to change the name and age of one of the passengers. The 'self-amend' function doesn't work (there's a remark saying that changes can only be made by telephone..??) and after hanging on the telephone for more than 30 minutes (international call!!!) I decided to take the risk and start my travel to Marseille without making the name change (not sure if this is really needed anyway; ticket stays the same...)

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  • Ch
      Jul 28, 2015

    I wish to make a complaint.
    Mr.Charles Allen, UK
    Ferry booking confirmation-6804326
    On the 27th June 2015;10:15hrs, waiting to board the ferry from Ancona to Patra, I was the first passenger to board the ferry on my motorcycle; Yamaha T-Max, EX61 MKO.
    I was instructed to board the ferry by a staff member at the departure point, I was told and I qout" drive up the ramp", when I arrived on the ferry deck there was nobody in sight to instruct me as were to go there, there a was a narrow ramp that desended to another deck so I very carefully I road further into the ferry on the deck leading from the boarding ramp which after coming from bright sunlight into darkness I was unable to see very well, I was not instructed to take the narow ramp, instead I carried on into towards the bow of the ferry as I said I was not instructed by any member of the crew to do otherwiese.
    I must stress I prosseded very slowly, suddenly the rear wheel slid sideways then over I whent the the machine laying on top of me, all of a sudden staff apeard from no ware and helped me get from under the bike and lift it off me, while doing so a member of staff said "freezer lorries have left a lot of flued on the deck".
    Are you alright somebody askes me "No I said" but at that time nobody cared all there concern was getting rid of me and filling up the ferry.
    A brand new crash helmet that I was wareing smashed into the steel deck which has made the helmet unfit for use and must be throne away, any bang on a motorcycle crash helmet makes it unsafe to use afterwards.
    I sustaind a badly bruised elbow which blead and became contaminated by the freezer fluid left behind by the freezer lorreys, at no time was I warned about this hazard as no crew member was present to advise me of this hazard, which I was unable to see.
    On the T-Max were 2 custom made panniers and pannier rackes that had to be fabricted for my T-Max, the left pannier and support rack will need major repairs, also part of the front left fairing must be re-sprade and a shirt was ruinde because of the fluid left behind.
    1. Left elbow injurde.
    2. Left Pannier and support rack badly damaged.
    3. One new crash helmet wreck'd.
    4. Damage to left side fairing.
    When I was straping my T-Max down with my own straps a little Greek fat deck hand repeatedly called me stupid, infact 3 times, I am a 64 yr old disable man and falling off motorcycles is bad enough but when it could have been avoided makes it even worse.
    I will point out that after a Greek female steward realised that shock was setting in was very supportive and administed
    1st Aid to my elbow, in fact all but this little fat Greek gentalmen were very hard working and atentive on both trip's
    I am contacting you because I wish to make a claim aginst, AFerry for damage to not myself, but my T-Max and my panniers, at the moment the T-Max is being assesed for other damage to the machine, I will provide further paper work and if you wish the detales can be posted to you from the engeneers and the motorcycle dealer re; crash helmet and panniers and body sprayer, I look forward to quick response
    Regards. Mr. Charles Allen

    PS. I am sorry for the poor grammar, but the spell checker does not appaer to be working.

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