AdvocareSold me a used hospital bed with bugs

I bought a supposed to be slightly used hospital be for my 91 year old mom because shes on only a pension.After stalling me for 2 days, day 3 he show up in the morning at my house, our csregiver was there, let him in and he set up the bed.I had the money (500.00) cash for 2 days sitting there, when he was to show days before, so my caregiver gave it to him, He said he forgot his reciept bood and he would email it to me the nex day.well that came and left ...Now 2 weeks later millions of call, no answer.He has call display.Ive blocked the number.The bed has bugs and was bitting my mom..Her being a sever diabetic we had to take her to the hospital for treatment..His name is Ronald Pocklington and I tink he owns this franchise anyway in toronto on Mc Cullochive ave ..Ive called CCAC, Red Cross, and my friend at Toronto Star to give my side of the story to take pics of this bed..How can people rip off the elderly...What a sin...This man need help thanks Jodie.westenhofer.


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