Adventure Kennels / extremely unprofessional, filthy, major concerns for the animals

Huntsville, TX, United States
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Michele Koenig is the most unprofessional breeder I have ever contacted. She does not get back with you promptly, makes false promises about photos and videos, has an extremely unprofessional demeanor on the phone and in person, shady personality and a filthy establishment from the little that I saw on our visit. If you are in search of a boxer puppy and you run across this link of hers, please have a second thought on buying or at least go visit ASAP:!puppies/cbfy
We were promised a puppy from both of these litters that she is talking about on the boxer puppy page of her website. The first litter that was born in June, we were very excited, Michele took forever to email or call me back about setting up a time to come see them. When she finally did, she preceded to tell me about family drama, excuses on why she hadn't got back with me, etc. and then dropped the bomb that while she was out of town, someone in charge didn't turn on the ac in the kennel and it was getting close to 100 degrees being July in Texas and to make matters worse the puppies were all on a heating pad and all died. Then, giving her the benefit of the doubt and being excited about a puppy, we waited until the second litter she mentions on her website. She sent a pic and a video and my family and I were so excited. We waited 4 weeks and made the 2 hour trip to Huntsville from Katy yesterday. We waited at the gate for about 10 minutes, she finally sent someone to open it. My husband, son, daughter and I get out of our car and were greeted by 2 very unhealthy looking great danes with eye issues/infections and did not look extremely cared for. We then preceded into a filthy office that looked nothing like the pictures portrayed on the website. She indicated that our puppy was dead as of that morning when she went in to check on them and bring him out to see us later. She indicated how this only happened to one customer one other time (the loss of 2 puppies). She then conveniently had 7 or 8 puppies in a bin in her office that we could look at and see how healthy they were and could pick one of them. I feel so scammed and played and manipulated. Very angry that my kids had to witness all of this and be a part of the insanity that we have been through. She also said had one puppy from the first litter in the bin. I guess she forgot that she told me all of them died from being cooked on a heating pad without ac. So who knows what to believe. I truly feel she needs to be taken down and animal protective services needs to get out to her place as soon as possible.

Aug 01, 2016

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