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Advanta Bank Corp / Unethical Business Practices

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I have had an account with Advanta for slightly over two years. I signed up under the intro rate of 2.99% (life of balance transfer) - I never charged anything on the card other than what I transferred to it initially. I have excellent credit and have NEVER been late on this card. In May of this year I made an electronic payment which was 'kicked back' three days later due to insufficient bank routing #. I called and the lady told me they had a 'system glitch' over the weekend (I made the payment on Friday) and not to worry she would fix this to where I wasn't late and wouldn't owe a late fee. "Great!", I thought to myself, and went on about my life. In October of this year my husband just happened to notice my statement and that the rate was a whopping 20.31% !! O -- M -- G!! I have never, ever paid anything remotely like that in my entire life! I called Advanta and expressed my disgust and told them that what they were doing was unethical and to reduce my rate! They declined. I was carrying a $7, 000.00 balance - Out of sheer disgust I found a way to pay the entire balance off by the next due date to avoid such unreasonable finance charges. I told them to CLOSE out my account and to kiss off, essentially. Here is where it gets GOOD. Listen to this CAREFULLY FOLKS... SO I paid the ENTIRE BALANCE OFF, IN FULL, LAST MONTH at the outrageous rate of 20.31%. I received a bill TODAY in the amount of $171.14 AT THE INTEREST RATE OF 37.18% !!! Are you *&##!@# kidding me?? So, I called "Lana" who advised me that yes, they did increase the rate LAST MONTH and sent me a notice THAT I NEVER RECEIVED and told me I missed the "opt out" grace period. The reasons they gave for the increase were totally bogus. I have a 820 beacon score and have never charged anything on the card since I transferred the balance TWO YEARS AGO. This company is absolutely the WORST I have ever delt with. Attorneys, media, whoever, contact me. I can verify all of the above stated. To consumers - BEWARE! I don't know where to go from here, or even if all the reporting in the world (to various agencies) will make a difference but SOMETHING MUST BE DONE. I didn't even know a $38% interest rate EVEN EXISTED! The most I have ever paid on a credit card at any point in my life was 9%! They jacked my rate up after sabotaging a late payment and jacked it up again AFTER I closed the account! If I didn't have to pay off the $7, 000 balance I'd hire an attorney just out of principle! Paige Columbia, South Carolina

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      2nd of Dec, 2008
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    This is absolutely the worst company I have ever dealt with. I have a 795 credit score, never been late with any payments to anyone in 10 years. Advanta jacked my rate from 7.99 to 37.18%. I asked an Advanta supervisor if 37.18% was even legal and he told me they can charge up to 500%. What kind of people are we dealing with here? No wonder our country is in trouble. I canceled my card today and asked for a pay-off amount. I was at the post office 15 minutes later dropping the pay-off in the mail. I then called Senator B Boxer's office and asked when Congress is going to start looking out for the rest of us. Everyone should call their Senators and complain about these sorts of business practices going on at the same time they are bailing out these chumps.

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      14th of Dec, 2008
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    They are predators. Jacked my rate to 36% for absolutely no reason - no late or missed payments. Even after continuing to pay on time they refuse to lower the rate to something more reasonable.

    Advanta Business Visa Card is a fraud - bait and switch. Their opt-out text was buried in absolutely tiny text and completely unclear. Also gave me less than 7 days to physically have in their hands! They laughed when I complained about this.

    Advanta is a purely predatory company. Class action lawsuits will undoubtedly bury Advanta. I would prefer to see jail sentences for the criminals that perpetrated this at Advanta.

  • Ta
      18th of Dec, 2008
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    My company went under because of Advanta Bank and their predatory lending. Let me tell you they will call you on the phone every 3 mins. They threaten you with litigation. They will instantly report bad information on your personal credit report. Somehow they even got my cellular telephone number and started calling it every few minutes. If that was not bad enough they even sent me text messages! I feel as if I had taken a loan from the mob and someone may show up to break my legs. I too was dupped by their promise of 2.99% for life of loan and then they raised my interest rate to 37%. This bank is not only fraudulent but very scary!!! Stay away from these people. Someone should look into this bank.

  • No
      20th of Mar, 2009
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    I had never heard of Advanta and didn't know anything about them until they solicited my business with a preapproved offer. I opened a business credit card with them a little over two years ago. I WISH I KNEW THEN WHAT I KNOW NOW! All of the above has happened, & is presently happening to me. I sent them an on line payment from a bank account that had a line of credit attached to it, and for some reason, they could not access it and therefore considered the payment late and raised my interest rate to almost 30%. I too had a credit score over 700 but now, that's long gone. I asked them to lower my rate, since I had made the payment in good faith and on time, yet they refused. From the very beginning of this incident they have treated me like a felon. They closed the account and I had been making monthly payments, until last month when I finally had to close my retail store and had no income. I've been struggling to even make my mortgage payment, but like the other person said, they call you every 3 minutes. They have called as early as 7am on a Sunday morning, which was when I both reported them to the FTC and learned that the FTC doesn't do anything to help. I read on the FTC's web site that if you request in writting that they stop calling you, they are supposed to stop calling you. I asked for the appropriate address to send a letter to and got hung up on twice. Everytime I speak to one of their representatives named John Smith in India, I tell them I lost my business, have no income and nothing is going to change in the next 2 hours so stop calling me. I think that they think I'm just holding out on them and if they harrass me enough I will give it to them just to make them go away. Now I just got a letter saying my payment is greater than 12 days past due, all in bold, red, capital letters. And everything they are going to do to me if I don't pay up. You'd think I was Bernie Madoff! These people are worse than loan sharks. Don't deal with them!

  • Nu
      3rd of Sep, 2009
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    This is the worst credit card company I have ever done business with! After 10 years and never having been late with one single payment, they sent me a letter in May and said that they were closing ALL small business accounts, jacked up my interest rate from 7.99% to 17.00%, and doubled the size of my payments. I have called in vain, always getting someone in India who can't speak English, and the debt settlement companies say that there is nothing that they can do about this company. They should be investigated by the SEC and put out of business. Their president and founder makes flattering statements about helping small businesses but that is a joke! I think I will personally send him the entire credit card bill, and ask for one of those grants that he hands out right and left! These people are trying to ruin my company!

  • Ad
      18th of Mar, 2010
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    The love of money is the root of all evil!
    Advanta Credit Cards, turns into greedy money Letcher! UNJUST ADVANTA!
    I had this business loan since 1909, I borrowed 10, 000, and I paid the payment all these years on time not just minimum but above minimum, I paid off some and borrowed again, and paid off again, at 2.99%. Now, I owe around 4, 600. I have never been late on this card or any other card for 5-6 years.
    I have had some serious financial difficulties lately, in the last year and a half when all the banks and mortgage institutions were going out of business. I had to close my small business that was just starting. I still paid my debts on time monthly.
    Last month, I accidentally missed the payment. I was very ill with a virus because of a cold front here in FL. and I accidentally forgot Advanta. I pay half the bills on the 4 and 5 and the other half of the bills on the 15 and 16, well, I accidentally forgot Advanta. The money was in my account, but I did not realize that I had not yet paid it on the 22nd I was at peace because in my mind all my credit cards where paid. When the bills are due on the 18 or 22 of the month, I pay them ahead around the 16th every month along with the other credit card bills I have.
    A lady called me from Advanta and she said I did not pay my bill, I said yes I did, because I always pay it! Anyway, I checked, and I did miss it! I immediately paid it with her. She told me they would waive the late fee, and assured me that my promotion rate for the life of the loan would not be touched, because I had a perfect record. I felt relief, but that was short lived, because I get a letter from them and now the rate is 34.99% . Now my payment is doubled. Where will I get the money to pay this?
    THIS IS UNJUST! They ruin your credit, when you have been trying to build it for years.
    I called customer service, I get INDIA, these people do not care the least about our problems, and they go home with a paycheck now, while we Americans have no money to pay our bills, because the credit card company is milking us to pay them. They have all the money, because they pay Indians nothing to work, with our money they pay the Indians nothing much, and Advanta makes a good profit, with these enormous IRates%. This bank has plenty of money. If we make one mistake, they are glad because now they have the right to rob you under some unethical law! The banks rob us, and plunge knives in our backs, to take away the little we now have.
    Now foreigners have more money than Americans do, and little by little, Americas are going down the drain in recession! Right now, there are more and more homeless people and middle class people, who are going to food banks for a bag of canned goods. While in India, and other places they laugh at us idiots! Americans are taking the bread out of Americans mouth to feed foreigners, and their foreign GODS and idols, while Christians are destitute, IS THIS NOT THE WORK OF THE DEVIL? WHO COMES TO KILL STEAL AND DESTROY?
    THIS ADVANTA while giving a good rate, and pretending to care, and to help has turned into a company that slays its own customers without any mercy.
    I do not know how I will manage because now all my money goes to my debt and I have nothing left, when I am done.
    RICH people do not suffer in a recession they get richer, because they usurp more from the poor!

    Meanwhile muslems, hindus, their gods and idols of insanity, will permeate the world, and America. They go to bed with their lives in good shape, and we go to bed with no future in this country. Because we give them our jobs and our money. Moslems are trying to take over England and America too, and so are the hindus, etc.
    All of their false god's are already well accepted here, in our colleges and everywhere, being taught to our duped children. I care about people, but not their unethical, ungodly practices of idolatry and worship! America because of this, and all of its other ungodly practices will go down, that is GOD'S LAW. Those who choose death will reap death. THE TRUE GOD is angry!

    WE NEED TO WAKE UP AND DO WHAT IS NEEDED FOR OUR OWN, AMERICANS, AND GO BACK TO THE BIBLE AND BIBLE ETHICS AND MORALS, FOR THE JEWS AND FOR THE GENTILES, we do not need their idols and their false gods! We have abandoned THE TRUE GOD and HIS equity, morals, and commandments, and have turned to idols, false gods, foreigners, immorality, and unethical practices in business, in all of American society it is without moral and without dignity! All you have to do is turn on the TV to see Americans morals sex, violence, adultery immorality, divorce, disrespect, greed, avarice, contempt, etc and no one cares as we real as a drunkard in our stupor!
    I had to explain myself to some Indian s from India about my problem with Advanta, as if I was this clueless idiot, and they were laughing at my problem.
    When a man takes a gun and shoots his wife and 7-year-old twin’s boys in the head BOCA NEWS 3/10 because he committed mortgage fraud, and then wants to murder his mother, and himself, because he does not know how his family will survive, and no one cares, this is a sick society!
    Where sex, ongoing abortions, aids, sex slaves, same sex marriage, and child pornography and all kinds of vices go on daily, with no one is saying or doing anything to stop these atrocities!
    India was poverty people, stricken from following their false gods and beliefs. So are the moslems except for the oil, a good GOD has given them. We want to do what they do and practice what they practice, this is stupidity because they are heathen. We let them come here to practice their practices and we embrace them, and that is why THE TRUE GOD has turned us upside down, and we have nothing but financial recession, and debt in this country, because this country America has abandoned The TRUE FAITH. The Christian and The Jewish faith of our ONE GOD!
    To go after their idolatry and to take care of these heathens, while we take it from our children!! I TELL you GOD will not be mocked!
    Advanta with its usury will never succeed because GOD forbids it! Do not lend and then abuse the borrower! One of GOD'S Laws! GOD will punish those who break HIS LAWS! READ, The Old Testament to see how GOD punishes HIS disobedient children, when they will not listen to HIS LAWS. We all must fight for The Jewish and Christian faith to prevail in America! These businesses, which practice unethical practices, must cease or destruction will happen! The jobs must be for Americans, our children, and us and we must obey THE GOD OF THE BIBLE. We Americas must obey GOD'S WORD, THE BIBLE, and stop agreeing with sinners, and their sins! THE WAGES OD SIN IS DEATH, that is a law, whether we like it or not! Advanta's practices in business are sinful, when they take advantage of people's livelihood! There is no equity in a 34.99 % IRATE!
    What kind of politicians let the American people, be ripped off, by bad business and bad ethics!
    Greedy politicians who are corrupt! Adele, Think about it.

  • Ga
      3rd of Jan, 2018
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    @Adele Helen Heathenism is a thing. It denotes followers of the old pre-xtian ways of northern europe. These were the ways and gods of those with northern european ancestry. They are still practiced. Christianity is a religion that makes slaves and week minded men of every society it infects. We heathens, and many pagans seek not to spread or evangelize our faith, because our ways are the natural ways of our folk. Ways that mirror nature, not a meglomaniacal and jealous beings singlemindedness.

  • Va
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    Advanta Bank Corp - Worst bank ever
    Advanta Bank Corp
    United States

    After years with Advanta Bank and having to continually call and complain about sudden rate increases into the 20's, which they always reduced after I challenged them back down to the teens, they finally made my rape permanent when they jumped me from 11% to 30%. It was just two months previous that I accepted a 7.9% balance transfer and then they lower the boom when the balance is so high that there is no way one can pay it off.

    When I called to challenge them the only excuse that they offered me, since I was always on time and usually paid extra on my account, was that it was permitted in their agreement and it was perfectly legal.

    Now how is that for customer service.

  • Po
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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