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ADT Security Services / terrible service all the way around!

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ADT Security Services
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We decided to go with ADT, because we noticed a neighbor getting it installed...and I felt it would help our family feel safe. I wish we had NEVER even gone with them. Everything seemed fine at first, until the guy came to install the system. He told us that we should not have been sold the "smoke detectors" package, because we do not have a land line (he told us this AFTER he installed it) So, there was mistake number one on their part. Next, he says the motion detector wasn't working properly, and that it was a problem with our house- and the wiring. So, we had our electrician come out to see what the problem was- he said there was no problem. The ADT installer comes BACK out (and again, I have to be home for another 4 hour window, which is a pain in the neck) to set up the motion detector. He says again, that there is a problem with our wiring, and that he can't have the system properly installed until we fix it. At that point, I am mad at our electrician- so we have a DIFFERENT electrician come out and take a look. He says there is absolutely no problem with the wiring in our home, and that the motion detector should be able to work fine. We then call the agent who sold us the system, and tell her what we've been dealing with- and she says to us "I'm so sorry, we have been having problems with our motion detectors lately, I don't know what's going on." Hmmm, well according to the installer- it's not their problem at all. So, at this point I have had to stay home 4 separate occasions for hours on end, waiting for electricians and ADT installers to come. Finally, we called the supervisor of the agent who sold us the system, and he told us he would call us back. (This is after weeks of trying to resolve this through their 800 number, which got nowhere). We heard nothing back for a week. So, WE called him again and he said that he understood, but he could not have the system removed from the house because it was a short week- so he would send someone out the next week to uninstall it. We never heard back from him. We called again, asked for HIS supervisor, left 2 messages...and he finally called back. He told us that they would uninstall the system, and he eventually agreed to refund our money (like their refund policy states). Then they decided they didn't really feel like coming out to get the system, so we could just "keep it"...lucky us. We thought the whole thing was done, and then we realized we were still receiving bills in the mail- both for monthly services (which we were also told would be refunded, since the service never even worked), and the installation fee of around $500. We figured they would clear it up, and we didn't do anything. Then, we received another bill...so we called them to let them know that we were not responsible for it, and we had already talked to someone about it. They apologized and said it would be corrected. 4 MONTHS after this ordeal, we are STILL receiving bills in the mail, still have NOT received our refund...and just today we received a letter from a collection agency!! We are beyond angry at this point.
This company has showed terrible customer service, very unprofessional, and they are now ruining our credit! Please do your research before choosing ADT, at least in the Austin area...save yourself some trouble and money and go with someone else!


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A  25th of Oct, 2009 by 
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I worked for ADT in the Jacksonville FL Call center, Basically the front line person when you call the 1800adt asap number. I became angry with the amount of fraud going on by dealers and sales reps that you initially speak with to get started with service. I heard every story you can imagine about customers being told one thing and a few months down the road something would go wrong and it was due to the sales person not accurately informing the customer. They tell you whatever YOU wanna hear to get your money and install the system. It got so bad I didn't wanna go to work because all I'd get was angry customers that I had to pass around to higher ups because I wasn't trained to help. I could give basic tech support...Unplug the main power cord-plug it in-check the battery- press your code 1 code 1 again...Even that was hard to find in the web based material they gave us to use. I'd find the Issue and transfer to the correct department, If we could find it and they would answer their phones. Several customers hung up on me because the OTHER departments had call waiting for 5 to 10 mins. I wanted to do more than just say "I'd be happy to help you with that let me connect you with this department, " and then have that customer wait forever to get the same response. ADT never wants to take responsibility for anything. Just like you with the electrician, Its the other persons fault. And if you didn't sign up for a maintenance plan each time the tech comes out it would really start to add up. The phone companies were even worse, with VOIP (Voice over internet protocol.. like vonage, u-verse, comcast digital voice) you could be compatible with the system but that didn't guarantee the phone line would send the monitoring center a signal. Because every call we got was different we were not properly trained in all aspects to assure WE told the customer what to do when they called, BUT we could call our manager and put you on hold while we found out...If they were in that day and they weren't talking to the other 200 employees that had the same questions. I started out working outbound calls. That's when your system actually works properly and sends us a signal, we call the house or business then the contact list if you wanted us to then the police and the rest of your list to make sure we cover our ### trying to reach someone. I received several Customer compliments and praises for my...well "ADTs" services. Around 9pm to midnight peoples attitudes changed, Mostly hang up calls saying they don't want us to call anymore they already have ADT, thinking it was a sales call. Then I'd get less Burglar alarms and fire alarms so after that we called about the less but still crucial alarms/signals. We were required to call until midnight on things like sensor showing trouble signal prob low battery, and Fail to test signals which require you to manually test system by setting off alarm. At 9 to 10 pm people are in bed and wanting to sleep, not set off the alarm and have that stupidly loud siren go off for a full min. I think I dreaded those late calls the most. My shift was 330 to midnight. I figured inbound calls would be better and I got to work earlier hours so 2-1030pm. I was not prepared to spend one week in training to learn little things. Id ask questions that if I were a customer I would have. The trainers gave me vague responses and said that will never happen and if it does just transfer them to escalations... Everything was that way. Here are the tools and if you have questions transfer or try to call someone who might know. There were two pages full of extensions to call to get a customer to different departments. If you had a residential account that was set up by a dealer you went to a different department than one that was residential from a sub dealer. One week was not enough to learn that and make sure you knew what the hell you were doing. They threw us out on the call floor and we had no idea what was going on. That's what they do, learn by mistakes and by doing- not by actually taking the time and training you properly. As far as billing we could send them basically a type of email saying you wanted to cancel and no longer wanted monitored, but you still needed to speak with them and send in or fax in the cancel letter followed by a month of "we'll they must be slow because we still show the account as active, " from us when you call about being billed. I suggested to managers that there should be a better more direct way to help our customers with similar complaints as yours and they didn't want to take me seriously, they said "yeah there are problems in the system, but its been working so long why change it?" Needless to say I didn't stay there long, at 11.90 per hour I wish I could have helped the customer more than I was capable of.

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