Adam Mesh Program / Options money machine

New York, NY, United States
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Two years ago, we signed up for this service. We paper traded it for about a year and the profit generated was less than the cost of the service. So, we never invested money in his trades and wrote it off as a learning experience. We forgot about the service until a few weeks ago when our card was charged again.

We explained and requested a refund. After our initial conversation, we understood that if we weren't satisfied after reviewing the new program, we could obtain a refund. But when we weren't and requested one, Josh Rosen told us that was not possible. We had to take access for two years to any of their programs. That was our only option. After reviewing three programs, we didn't feel comfortable investing money in any of them. But we were stuck.

We are frustrated and out money. For retirees, this is really a hard nut to swallow. If you choose to do business with these people, make sure you don't miss any renewals or you'll be sorry.

Jan 24, 2017

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