Activity Superstore / cannot book suitable date

Leeds, United Kingdom

It amazes me how big blue chip companies continue to use these 3rd party suppliers knowing that they give a shocking service!! I bought a White water rafting voucher last November through Next Directory(With whom i've been a customer for over 20 years!). The issue i have with the voucher, is that in order to redeem it you have to wait until random dates are released from the supplier to Activity superstore!! The bizarre thing is i can go onto the end vendors website and see all of the dates that are available and book straight away!! Why then do I have to suffer this merry go round of waiting on Activity superstores call back list, waiting for them to get back to me with dates that have been released to them!! You would think spending £120 on an experience you would be afforded the luxury of actually specifying a date you'd like to do it!! This service is floored completely, save yourself a whole load of time and grief and book direct with the end supplier. I'm now stuck in between Next who gladly took my money for the voucher and Activity superstore who have again said we'll put you on the call back list and neither will offer a refund!! Forget Mis-sold PPI, this is miss sold experiences.

Jul 14, 2015

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