SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / blocked my 12 domain names!!! a totally fraud company.

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Dear people,

I have 12 domain names registered with Active-Domain for long years.
My business domaind and parking domains (one of them is, recently being offered 5k$, and I refused)

This week, I tried to login my control panel, I noticed that they redirected me from their to with an error message each time.

They are blocking me so that expirition date comes..

I tried to login from different platforms for 4 days, I wrote them more then 10 times.. No luck.
They some how blocked my account. And they dont and wont answer my e-mails.

When I try to login with another, new username, I am not redirected.
But when I try to login with my account, I am redirected and blocked.

They didnt reply my open tickets or e-mails for 4 days.

So it is not possible for me to transfer my domains to another registrar.

Could you please advise what can I do to take my domains back from them..

Mar 23, 2017
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  • Al
      Mar 31, 2017

    baskan, I am in the same situation. Their migration to another system was a total disaster. But as March 30, I finally could login and get the secret code to move all my domain names away from active-domain. My advise, try again to get your secret code, and move all your domain away ASAP.
    They never reply to any of my support tickets. I got 2 answers only (from 10+ emails sent to [protected] [protected] [protected]

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  • Ja
      Apr 04, 2017

    I don't think is a fraud company, they are resellers for active-domain LLC in Singapore, and their migration on another system went completely as a disaster. I also was unable to access my account for 3 weeks, I still have domain names missing, they don't reply to mails, support tickets or phone. Situation like this make us think how vulnerable we are when dealing with that kind of small business. I will move all my domain to a more recognized registrar. Not sure yet which one.

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  • Am
      Apr 11, 2017

    The same thing happened to me. When I logged into my account, it was empty and no information showed except my name and address. None of the links on the links work. I found the old email addresses in my mailbox and sent a letter to support and sales about the problem and never received a response. It seems as if my domains were lost or stolen. I went to and typed in my domain names to see the information there and it no longer shows active-domain as the registrar. The new registrar listed is so I am assuming that the registrar sold the company to a new registrar. If so, I was never notified! I sent an email to the listed address there: [protected] and I'm still waiting for a response. I hope someone out there can help with this very important problem.

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  • Am
      Apr 12, 2017

    I emailed [protected] and they sent me the correct information to login to my account. They apologized for the problem and said they are in the process of transferring to a new server. I did get into my account and got the transfer authorization codes for my domains.

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  • Ta
      May 02, 2017

    Another serious complaint, is that all my domains now have the wrong registrant details, some based in France, others on some islands. I have tried to change the contact details to mine, confirmed using the confirmation emails that active-domain sends to my mailbox, yet the wrong registrant details remain (with status pending). After emailing support and salesdept without getting any response whatsoever, I will have to shop around for a different registrar and see about transferring the domains.

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  • Ta
      May 08, 2017

    @Tano Fotang Their support has responded. I can confirm that all issues are now resolved!

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  • La
      Jun 19, 2017

    I am having the same problems, can't access my account or my domains and they are totally ignoring my support emails. I am desperate and at their mercy. I need to renew an expired domain and can't, I'm afraid I'm going to lose it!

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