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Acer Notebook / defective lcd screen

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In November of 2007 I purchased a Acer Aspire notebook with Windows Vista Home. Which really sucks by the way and hangs and freezes almost constantly. I prefer WinXp Pro any day over Vista.

Since the purchase of the unit there was a clicking sound coming from the LCD monitor every time I closed the unit. I thought it was just a feature of how the notebook closed every time, so I thought nothing of it. After taking it to Wal Mart, they agreed with me that it was a normal sound from the locking mechanism since the unit worked fine, other than the hanging and freezing. In May of 2008 I closed the LCD screen as always and this time, no clicking sound, but when I opened the screen to do some work the LCD screen was half gone and there was a crack in the glass cover of the screen starting from the same hinge that the clicking sound came from. I contacted Acer and told the problem to which they send in the unit for evaluation. The female that took down my information made a comment that she would put the clicking sound in the evaluation request. I was contacted by email from Acer when the unit arrived at their repair station in Temple, Texas. So I called to see what was the situation was. I spoke an Acer agent that agreed that the clicking sound coming from the LCD screen hinge could cause the screen to crack. He them proceeded to forward me to tech support. Once I reached the tech support departement I was told that there was no note about a clciking sound coming from the left hinge of the unit by any of their agents, and that they WOULD NOT fix the screen because it was not a manufacture's defect. After trying for several minutes to get the tech support agent hear what I was saying about the clicking, tech support said they could fix it but it would cost $649.00, the same price I paid for the unit in the first place. After making threats of a lawsuite, tech support came back and said they would fix it for only $350.00. Needless to say I was extremely upset that first their agents DO NOT take good notes, if any at all, and when I asked for the agent I just spoke that agreed it could be the hinge that broke the glass cover and damaged the screen, then said they could not do that. I said when I called the recording said that the calls are monitired and/or recorded for quality control. I guess that was not the case with my call, because NONE of ther agents knew who I spoke to last before transfereing to tech support. So after all the "passing the buck", I finally said I need to speak to coporate customer care. After being transfered to Frances at [protected], and I explained the whole situation all over again, wasting my time, energy and money to do this, I was told the same thing by her, with ZERO resolve. The only note Frances could find where from tech support saying that they would fix it for $350.00...that's it! They would do no more. The damage to the LCD comes right from where the clicking sound was at the left hinge. There is not one scratch or mark on the notebook, anywhere. The crack is not at the corner where a crack might be if the unit was dropped... and the crack is not in the screen center anywhere, where damage could have occured by getting hit. It is very obvious the crack started from the left side hinge where the clicking came from, which any logical thinking person could deduct.

We will see what happens when I take this up a notch or two and bring in in the FTC and other consumer agencies. Wish me luck!

Jeff Louis - RF Tech

So now I am left with a $750.00, brand new Acer Aspire notebook that I cannot use at all. This laptop was purchsed for business purposes, and after spending hour loading software and getting this unit ready for travel and business, I am left with a useless piece of plastic.

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  • Me
      8th of Jul, 2008
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    I have an Acer Laptop with the same exact problem. The areas at the corners are cracked at the hinges. IThe inside right corner where the screw is insereted is cracked to the point the scrfew will not work anymore. It seems to me that the mechanism used to support the LCD screen is too weak to support the weight of the screen and cover. I have a tech support request in about this product manufacturers defect. I smell a class action lawsuit here! I have read oterh forums with the same issues as mine.

  • Ju
      21st of Jul, 2008
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    Basically the same thing happened to me. I never had a clicking sound but I went to use my ACER 2610 one day and there was a mysterious crack in it.It never left my house and there wasnt a scratch on it.I am the only one that uses it. I was treated the same way by ACER here in Canada. They wanted almost 700 to fix it. Definitly a defect in the material. They know noone wants to spend the money to prove nthem wrong so they get away with it.

  • Nu
      13th of Mar, 2009
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    Same problem here, Acer Aspire 4315 - anyone with an issue of the screen going white or defective, email me at [email protected]

    I think Class Action lawsuit needs to be compiled!!! Collecting names & email address with contact info.

  • Kr
      28th of May, 2009
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    I have recently bought ACER 17 " LCD monitor (V173W). and after 3 days, I noticed the right below corner is producing cracking sound when i touch at that area. I did not know how severe will be this defect. And the part of this LCD monitor seems fragile. I wanna know whether this problem exists in my monitor only or all other ACER Monitors.

  • Vi
      10th of Jun, 2010
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    i have an acer aspire 4315 and the screen is constantly white! if anyone knows of a class action lawsuit PLEASE CONTACT ME @ [email protected]

  • Da
      16th of Feb, 2011
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    I have a acer extensa 4420 I bought 3 years ago. After 2 years the left hinge broke completley off, the left hand corner of the lcd back cover broke off too. After disassembly the hinge snapped in to two pieces, back lcd cover broken at the lower corner, right hand lcd bracket bent and cracked. I ordered these parts from ebay and replaced them at my cost.

    The hinge design on these laptops are not engineered to handle the hinges that come attached. The actual hinges are very very stiff and difficult to move. All the stress is on the lower corners of the plastic lcd back cover. With constant use, these units were designed to self destruct after one years of use. I tried to buy a back cover on ebay, and none can be found. It seems that many many acer owners have the same problem. I have 2 older thinkpads and the hinge design is fall superior to acers design. I am still looking for a low cost replacement for this unit, until then, I used glue to repair it. Am afraid to open and close this unit, it will probably break soon.

    [email protected]

  • Da
      16th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    see text

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