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We have a business in Saskatchewan Canada. We are receiving up to five harassing phone calls a day and I mean every day from Ace Tools. Three years ago my son took a phone call from them and fell for their drill bit scam. He paid a lot of money for them along with a big freight bill. The bits are garbage. We will live with that, but we would like them to stop calling us. It appears that the more we refuse their products, the more they harass us. We've told them to take us off of their call list many times but to no avail. They are very rude and when we try to talk to them they just hang up on us. There are different ones that call, but a common one goes by the name Randy. They know we don't want to buy from them, but they won't stop calling us. There must be several employees hired to do this phoning because we can hear other callers in the background.

Feb 05, 2018

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