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I got a loan from Ace. I paid down and had to take it back out several times. The last time I paid down the total times available
to me which was three and then I had to pay like an extra $400 in interest. Well I couldn't pay that. I asked them to hold it for me they said no and put it through. Well it bounced.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in OFallon, MO I knew that that's why I asked them to wait. they put the check through everday overdrawing my account severely. Now calling me at home yelling at me saying I had a serious problem. Money aint free i'm going to jail ahnging up on me. Not listening to me. Now they want to talk to my boss and giving out my case numbers to people that answer the work phone.

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  • Qu
      Dec 03, 2008

    They are very wrong for doing that and they are doing the same to me right now. look up your rights in your state. there is a lot you can do. here in Texas, they are only allowed to try to deposit your check 2 times total. otherwise they are in violation of your contract. read your entire contract and highlight places they have violated to use against them when they call. you dont have to speak with them either, hang up on them. send a letter to the corporate office certified mail stating that you want no further contact and to contact you only by US Mail. it is called a cease and decist letter and if they contact you after that, you can file complaints against them. Also, if they are calling you at work, ask your employer to back you up to refute them. if you have an attorney at your work, have him write a letter representing the company you work for and advising Ace and any subsidary they are not allowed to contact you at work. File a complain with the Federal Trade Commision and make a Better Business Report. Also complain avidly to your Attorney General. they cannot take you to jail for this and they cannot threaten you. it is against the Fair Debt Collection Act. Look up the rules and laws in your state and know what they can and cant do to you.

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  • Fe
      Apr 06, 2009

    The cash express in my town told me my check was dishonored by my bank, yet bank records show they did not even deposit the check. Now they're saying I owe a "renewal fee", which is extortion. If they had deposited the check it would have cleared in the usual three days but they wanted the cash that day. They are harassing me to the point I had to turn off the ringer on the phone.

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  • Da
      Jun 27, 2009

    Your contract states that the 3 minimum payments that you are allowed were only reducing your principal by 5% each time and the lump sum left on the loan is the 4th payment. ACE is not required to give you any grace days on the loans, but they give you 5, at no charge. Once the 5 days are exhausted, their computer system automatically ACHs your check. They are allowed to ACH twice. By the way, it is also in your contract that any fees incurred by your banking institution and ACE are your responsibility. Don't sign an agreement unless you fully understand. Payday loans seem like a great idea, but at over 400% apy, you can get over your head in debt FAST. A payday loan should be your LAST resort.

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  • Ju
      Jan 19, 2011

    I took out a loan with Ace Cash Express and then lost my job in Oct. 2010. I started getting the collections calls and I explained the situation, but they told me they would continue to deposit my check "regardless". I then wrote a letter to my bank instructing them under no circumstances are they to honor any attempt at withdrawal from this company. I am now getting calls from their home office, specifically "Mr. Patterson" who tells me I need to call regarding "my case". I then sent another letter stating I am still unemployed but willing to make payment arrangements. I explained the first 2 checks in January have to go to rent, but after that I was willing to make arrangements with them. Apparently this is still not satisfactory. So my only option is to let them file a civil suit because you can't garnish unemployment wages.

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  • Ru
      May 24, 2016

    I went to withdraw funds from my card and the funds wasn't there and that was march 29, 2016 my ref.number is3354712514 my claim number is 2478283 i'm asking for a refund of 494.82 that I didn't authorize the withdrawal I was told that the withdraw was made at ace cash express

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  • Ma
      Aug 27, 2019
    Ace Cash Express - Store location
    13300 Laurel Bowie Rd Ste 1A, Laurel, MD 20708
    United States

    I arrived at the location 20 minutes before 8pm doors were locked i was denied service

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