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Accor / Motel 6 / odor in the court!

1 2369 S. Holladay Drive, Seaside, OR, United States Review updated:
Contact information:

Man, I know my attorney is going to kill me but this thing is so juicy, as a citizen-journalist, I just can't stop writing about it. Besides, Accor North America holds a franchising philosophy based on fairness, honesty, trust, open communications and diversity so here goes:

My case is moving forward to jury trial in Circuit Court - this thing smells so bad, they'll have to issue gas masks to the judge & jury.

I don't want to go into detail, I'll let my very capable lawyer do that in open court but Consumer Complaint Chums consider:

1. Accor's Seaside, OR, Motel 6 Manager Judson is suing my wife for being sweet.

2. He wants to nail me for a motel owie when I wasn't even present at the time.

3. Wants to limit my First Amendment Free Speech on the Internet, which the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) says I have every right to do.

4. What else? Maybe his slick corporate lawyer will tack on the charges that I'm the Boston Strangler or kidnapped Lindberg's baby as well.

Oregonian journalist Marge Boule' - who incidentally published one of my stories - said, "It stinks"; well she's right, it does.

Bring it on; I hope it's settled before Christmas.

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  • Ri
      3rd of Apr, 2008
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    Legal Notice: I fully retract and withdraw all of my previous postings on this site concerning Motel 6, ACCOR, and Manager Lee Judson.

  • Cy
      26th of May, 2008
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    Recently a large group of family and friends rented 9 rooms at Motel 6 2185 Southwest Loop 410 San Antonio, Texas 78227. Memorial weekend. Our service was the worst ever. For more than 6 years this same group has rented from Motel 6 and the service has progressed to the point to where we are no longer going to give them our business. Bathroom toilets were non functioning, roaches in some rooms, sheets were not changed, spiders, smoke detector hanging by wiring, no wash clothes available, a/c not working ( needless to say the temperature was 97') and to top it off the assistant manager was parked in the handicap parking space without a permit placard or license plates. None of these complaints were handled by maintenance or by management. No discount was offered but on the day we were to check out we were told we could move to another room. HELLO we are checking out!!! NEVER AGAIN WILL MOTEL 6 SEE ANY OF OUR HARD EARNED MONEY! Holiday Inn is giving us group rates, breakfast and hospitalitiy next year. Memorial Day should not be so memorable!

  • Ch
      25th of May, 2009
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    can you call me or email me about this case and any/all other court lawsuits against ACCOR also MOTEL 6 or RED ROOF INN ?

    I have a case of my own i am getting ready to file with the EEOC and then an attorney.

    thank you so much. 269-873-2114 or email [protected]

  • Ri
      2nd of Dec, 2007
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    A Lady Posted and Asked. I replied:

    So sorry, Kim, I thought you were Kathey Killer Keel; between he and Striderq, there's enough odor to run a skunk off; I'm not even responding to that idiot pair's postings any more but I digress, thank you for asking about my darling' wife. She is a quiet, timid soul, my honey, the love of my life, my sweetheart; we tried to celebrate our 19th Wedding Anniversary at Seaside but Motel Manager Judson squashed those plans with his stupid Do Not Rent list; back to that later.

    Once I was enjoying a warm summer afternoon in a little stream that runs by her Dad's house. She was picking flowers by the bank and I was enjoying an after dinner cigar. Well, Kim, a NO SMOKING sign floated down the creek and do you know what that shy little gal did? She insisted I put my cigar out! In the middle of the pool! I did. I've never gotten over that. Play by the rules Sandy.

    She's crippled up real bad, Kim, she had tuberculosis as a child and wore braces for years; now made worse by arthritis, she can barely walk, it's very painful. Plus this whole traveler's nightmare with Motel 6 is really upsetting her.

    But she endures Judson's humiliation and walk she does as she shuffles up and down the corridors of the nursing home where she's worked for over 20 years, taking care of her elderly 'babies' with compassion and the prettiest smile I've ever seen in my life. I would accept her smile as my last view of earth. They refer to her as 'Mother Teresa' at work, and rightfully so. Her co-workers are up in arms about Judson's folly and say things about him and Motel 6 I wouldn't dare utter.

    Judson told the WA BBB that my bride fits his criterion of being a very nasty person. Judson's lawyer wrote her a subtle intimidation letter that scared her so bad she sobbed 'till tears dripped off her chin.

    His lawyer says I hurt his client's feelings or should have known I hurt them; well, I'll tell you what, Kim, if that son-of-a-### would have insulted my wife 200 years ago like he did, he would have found himself under an elm tree at dawn in his knickers facing a dueling pistol instead of a lawsuit. 100 years ago a John Wayne type would have had him standing out in the middle of a dusty road at high noon yelling, "DRAW, POLECAT!"

    Thanks for asking, I hope I answered your Q., Dick.

  • Ri
      8th of Jul, 2007
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    Accor / Motel 6 - Breach of contract & violation of my substantial right of public accommodation
    United States

    Update on my complaint against Wolf & Judson's Seaside, Oregon, Motel 6, July '07: I have filed suit in Small Claims Courts in Washington & Multnomah Counties charging Libel, Acute Emotional Distress, Breach of Contract & Violation of my substantial right of public accommodation.

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