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in 2017 April eved a call from a college acadamy of your.As i really wanted to study they forward me the forms and also promised me a bursery of 50% i never managed to complete the forms and this lady lerato said she can do it for me...i also adviced them that i am a contractor...and they told me its okay as time went on i payed and recieved two books... i started complaining that the Usb not opening the guy there Benjamin took like a whole six to get back to me with still no help...when i was ready to write exams i asked then whats the nexts steps they told me that i have to Register with the ICB and the amount i must pay to get POE and then i have to register with the icb to write my first i was not told that they only providing you with books and i will still have ay to write exams and so my contract came to end at the company i was working at i informed a lady in the accounts department via email that my contract is ending...i have payed i have paid for 8 months and only recieved 3 modules from them its not like i have recieved my complete study guide from them...they also change they modules-books every year so there is no way u can use it again...i spoke to them i was told a module cost 1500 ...cause i was inarrest the busary was taken back and they demanding the whole amount which is R60000...i was not told that if u behind with payment the busary will be withdrawn...and i was phoned today that my name will be on blacklisted and only cleared when i pay the full i am refusing to pay the amount cause i have not recieved all 12 modules i only recieved 3 and the service i recieved is not and was not very help full...they dont evens deliver what they promised...can i please get advice on this matter and what to do please...

Nov 30, 2018

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