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Ab Circle Pro / Dishonesty- Read before purchasing

1 CA, United States Review updated:

I was going to purchase thise equipment to tone up (I was literally getting ready to input my credit card info) but decided to do some research. After checking out the complaints board I went to the Better Business Bureau website ( and followed up. Their rating is an F!
Not only that, but read the following that I got from the BBB website and BEWARE!!!

This company's product, Ab Circle Pro, is marketed by a locally based fulfillment center. The company actually appears to be located in Austin, TX. The product is advertised with a 30-day trial for a non-refundable $14.95 and $34.50 in shipping and handling fees. Your trial period begins when you place your order and includes processing, shipping, and transit time. If the product is not returned before the end of trial period, the customer agrees to make 5 payments of $39.95. Returns are not accepted without a Return Authorization Number (RMA) and must be postmarked within 7 days of the RMA being issued. Customers should review all cancellation and return policies prior to making a purchase.

By agreeing to the trial offers' terms and conditions, you have also agreed to receive a 60-day supply of nutritional vitamins every two months for $29.95 plus $6.95 shipping and handling per month, billed as Fitness Complete on the account the order is placed with. FTC Guidelines for advertising this type of offer require that all terms and conditions of the offer, as well as cancellation instructions, be clearly and conspicuously displayed in at least 10 point type before asking for payment or obtaining the customer's consent. Clearly and conspicuously means, NOT disclosed in microscopic print at the bottom of the webpage, but rather, disclosed along with the trial solicitation.

Regardless, many consumers overlook the advisory, and are unaware of the charge until their monthly credit card or bank statement is received. In this company's case, although the website states this shipment can be cancelled at anytime, consumers complain they are unable to cancel the program and they cannot contact the company by phone or email. Emails are not returned or acknowledged, and calls are not returned. Industry guidelines require marketers to provide a fast easy method of canceling, either by mail, phone, or website, Failure to do so may be a violation of consumer protection laws.

Most credit card issuers will allow the cardholder 60 days to dispute an unauthorized or inaccurate charge. Review your monthly statement carefully. If you discover a charge which is unfamiliar, investigate and dispute the amount with your card issuer as soon as possible to protect yourself from making unwanted purchases.

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  • Du
      10th of May, 2012
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    My complaint is on the quality and the design. I became a fan of ab circle pro model V1, but due to friction, the metal plate started eroding very fast that i had to take it replace it more than three times, then I saw the V2 model and fell for it instantaneously as V2 model the wheels drive on the metal rims, but again I was unlucky. My moving knee rests (pendulum) started giving away that once i fell off the machine and hurt my knee just because one pendulum came off the machine (the middle part where they have attached everything). This is the basic error in the designing of the machine as I faced this problem in model one as well as model two. I visited the seller serveral times, now we became friends but i got fed up of going for repairs that i stopped doing exercies on abcircle pro v2, because it is still not repaired. I am so lazy to take it to the shop to get it repaired. So, i request the manufacturers to look into this problem and redesign their new models, so that the middle pendulum like things where we rest our knees, do not come off the plate.
    i am Janik Seshan from Dubai. No doubt it is a good concept for reducing the tummy and strengthen your hands, but they need to rethink and make it in such a way that the buyers take take it for repairs.

  • De
      6th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    Ok here it is, I bought the Ab Circle from Kohls, I figured it was the safest bet, I listened to one lady say you had to get the red one with the gray metal circle around it, not the all red one, so when I went to Kohls I opened the box, and checked it and it matched to exactly what she has said, I bought it March 3rd so I have used it for four days, nothing has broken on it, and no paint has come off, (I did put pam on the gray rim like the lady had said she done). I bought it at Kohls because I had a 30% off, so I only paid $140.00 instead of the 200 so that is what clinched it for me. My husband said it is the best piece of exercise equipment I ever bought, he walks by it and jumps on it, he said his abs feel so tight all day and he loves it. I myself do like the feeling of my abs after I get off of it, but my knees do hurt, they do give you an extra pad to put in it, it would be nice if there was some kinda of foam that would cushion it, but I do have bad knees. I can see where people have fallen off of it, if they use there arms instead of there waist to move it, my husband almost did, so you really have to get comfortable first. I will post again after a few weeks, I did measure myself before I started and I will let you know. The only reason I posted this time is because this week is 15, 20, or 30 off at kohls so I just wanted people to know, that they didn't have to pay 200 bucks for it.

  • Bi
      24th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    If anyone is trying to find info reagrding corporate office for the AB Circle can thank Robert #8100 for his help...The Corporate company is called DEMG AND THE ADDRESS



  • Gi
      24th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    This company sent my parents the AB Circle Pro system in July 2009. My mother did not know what to do when she received it. She called the company and inquired as to who had ordered the system. They said my father had. Amazing since he had died in May 2009. She sent this system back in September and was still billed in November. Her credit card company did nothing to help. They have it under dispute. By the way the credit card company is a GM card. She cancelled her credit card and had a new one issued. Guess what. GM put the charges on her new card. This has been a mess we did not need. They have the equipment back and the money.

    This is a very dishonest company laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Ab
      19th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    Same thing happened to me. They refused to refund the cost to ship this thing back so it ended up costing me nearly $100. So much for "free trial"!

  • No
      26th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Here is what happened to me today!
    I ordered the "AB CIRCLE PRO
    " for my sister who lives in Puerto Rico and I specifically told them to ship it to the PR address. I was told that it would take 3-4 days to process the paper work and 2 weeks to get to PR.
    The machine arrived yesterday to my house (in NY)!!

    I just called them today and told them that they shipped the machine to the wrong address and if they could please have it picked-up (UPS) and ship it to CORRECT address.

    ...they said that there ia a surcharge that was supposed to be added (on top of the $36.00 already added for shipping) and that since it was not added before that they could not have it picked-up!

    Therefore, I could either order a new machine and have it shipped to PR (...yeah, right!!) or ship the machine to PR myself. I explaned that this was their error not mine and that it was going to cost me a lot of money to ship (the box is quite heavy). The customer service person was rude and did not help the situation.

    I spoke to my sister and explained what happened and she said..."well, send it back!"

    I called up the company again and asked to speak to the Supervisor or manager! I told them that I wanted to cancel the product and since it was their error for sending IT to me- - if they could please send UPS to pick it up and bring it back to their company ...and that I would like to be refunded the entire amount that I paid (which was $234.25).

    The rude supervisor told me that The responsibility of returning the machine to their company was on me (she said it was going to cost me $35.25) and that when they receive the machine, they will only refund me back $199 (which means that they get to keep the $35.25 for shipping). That means that I will lose a total $70.50 because of their mistake.

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