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I purchased my Ab Circle Pro 2 days ago and already it has become unusable. Initially I noticed that the left kneepad pivot was attached at a slight angle, unlike the right kneepad. The left kneepad will not swivel while the right pad spins freely. I overlooked this defect and have used it for a few hours now. In this short time, the paint on the frame that comes into contact with the rollers has worn off, and the rollers have now developed flat spots and will not spin. I am not excessively heavy (I weigh 150#) so I think this product was not made to actually be used by human beings.


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      3rd of Feb, 2010

    I bought the Ab Circle Pro last week and on the second use the left knee pad broke off from it's welding and the left swivel needs to be tightened everytime you use it. The computer keeps falling off when in use. Also the red plastic has deep grooves in it from just a few uses - I only weigh 125. Very poor materials and construction - totally useless now!

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      1st of Mar, 2010

    My hubby bought the Ab Circle for me, for Christmas. I loved it, and used it until Feb. 9th. That day, the left knee pad, (bowl), came apart. I was on the advanced setting. I flew up into the air on the upswing and my whole left side landed on the unit. Starting with the handlebars to my chest, all the way down, and ending up with both sides of the broken bowl crunching my pelvis.
    I went and had x-rays...bruised ribs. My first ever. Could not drive my manual trans. car for 8 days!!!
    My husband looked at the broken pieces and found the only thing holding that assembly together, were 3 tiny prongs! The bottom part (which holds the bearings), is heavier than the top, (where the knee pad is attached). Apparently, one of the bearings came out from it's ring. Rattled the tabs till they broke, and sent me flying!
    The BBB gives this company an "F" rating...I can see why. I will pursue further, as this is a dangerous product. A great concept, but DANGEROUS!! I don't want anyone else hurt!!!

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  • Mi
      31st of Mar, 2010

    how do you tighten the knee pad? mine has a similar issue, where the left one swivels and the right one is stationairy. are both to suposed to swivel? or not move lol? and how do i fix this?

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      5th of Apr, 2010

    bad product

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  • Ti
      28th of Feb, 2011

    I've really enjoyed using the ab circle pro. I can feel it working after just 4 days (half hour sessions)... and it is falling apart. Both of the handles have fallen off as the welding has broken, the runners on the circular section have crumbled away and the washers in the middle have almost gone. You can buy replacement rollers and washers but I don't have any welding equipment in my tool box! I'm only 8 stone, 5"5'... what would it be like for the big guys?!
    It's very badly made. Perhaps buy it with a mega warranty/guarantee.

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  • Ca
      4th of Apr, 2011

    Used my Ab circle four times, 12minutes. and its unuable. the peice that holds it together in the middle broke. do they not do refunds? [censor]ing [censor] if you ask me! and as to everyone whos knees swivil, neither of mine did. i gues thay all have different problems. should be taken of tv. its unfair to sell them to people if they are breaking

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      25th of Aug, 2011

    Yeah bought mine a couple of days ago and already the rollers are wearing down the paint. I can't believe how many times i've slipped off the flaming thing its unreal like, need better knee supports so uncomfortable on your knees, i think those who are contemplating buying one just save your money!

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