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Buyer Beware - You May End up with TWO instead of one. Watched an advertisement on Saturday for the Ab Circle PRO. $14.95 plus S&H of 34.50 for a 30 day trial. Okay, So I went on-line to their website. Reviewed the compalints and reviews for this product and decided to purchase it. The website was unclear AFTER the first page as to how you wanted to purchase this product. I chose the one-payment option of 199.75 plus S&H. The next page offered to save 30% if paid in full. So I clicked on 'YES' When I submitted the order there was no review of your purchases to double check the order to see if there were errors. "Thank you for your order! It is being processes and will be shipped promptly. Due to overwhelming demand for this product, we're experiencing delays in shipping." THANK GOD THERE ARE DELAYS because I found out that I had ordered TWO at the cost of $413.60. I checked my credit card on-line - no charge had been made. I quickly called Ab Circle Pro. Not open until Monday. I e-mailed them - auto response. Called my credit card company. They documented everything. On Monday, (today) I called them. Charge authorized to my account TODAY. Can't do a damn thing because the order is being processed already. Nevermind that I sent them an e-mail explaining my error and stating that since there were delays this should be easily fixed. NOPE! I must wait until I receive TWO and RETURN ONE. I then contacted my Credit Card company again and documented what just had happened. THey were more helpful. I need to wait until I receive TWO and return One before they can do anything. I told 'Tabitha' from Ab Circle Pro that there site needed to have some 'checks and balances added. She said that 'she would pass it on' Some how I think this is part of their DECEPTIVE MARKETING. I will follow up and let you know what happened.

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  • Re
      Jul 17, 2009

    I was going to order one but after reviewing complaints I decided against it.
    Thanks to all who complained.
    So glad this site is available!

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  • Fr
      Nov 29, 2009

    I had even greater troubles with them.
    They somehow got my CC info and shipped me a product I had never ordered - "ab circle pro" (the address on the package was slightly incorrect, but it did reach me after a fedex relabel). Called to tell them the charge was fraudulent and I had not ordered the product. They said they didn't care and I should discuss this with my bank. I disputed the charges with the bank, closed the card, but, since the machine had been delivered to my door, I ended up paying to send them the machine back anyway.
    I'm sure this was no accident and they probably routinely use leaked CC info to force their crap down people's throats.

    Think twice before choosing to have anything to do with this company!
    (Unfortunately, sometimes you don't get to choose...)

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  • Ru
      Feb 02, 2010

    I just found this site after my credit card was fraudulently charged for this stupid thing that I NEVER ORDERED!!! As with the poster above, my card was charged without my permission, the address they have is 3086 when my address is 3033, and they said I had to talk to my bank. I just now canceled my card and will call my bank in the morning when they open.

    This is complete and total B.S.! How is it they can do this or even get our credit card information?!!!

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