AARP / canceled travel package due to medical emergency

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I contend that any no-refund "policy" made by private enterprise is unlawful when the services paid for are not rendered.

I booked a flight-hotel-car rental this year [Feb 29-March 5, 2012] by way of AARP's service to retiree's. A few days before leaving I saw a physician to examine a cyst that was problematic in terms of pain and difficulty putting my shoe on due to size of cyst on top of foot. The first physician would not treat the cyst surgically, so I found another physician who would surgically drain the cyst. This medical issue forced me to cancel the flight-hotel-car package the day before due to leave. I was unable to make the trip therefore I canceled it a day prior, then and had surgery to remove the cyst (drain it).

I did not make the trip, flight + Car + hotel.

Now Expedia.Com says they will refund $198.65, issue a credit -$50.00 surcharge fee for an airline flight (that I do not need)...

Traveler: Dr. Bill Misner
Airline Ticket No.:[protected]
Expedia Itin No.: [protected]

AARP Travel Center...$428.18 [Canceled]
Frontier [protected] $256.80 [Canceled]
Total...$486.33 (unrendered service fee due Bill Misner)

Under the above circumstances, a medical issue, I contend that I am due full refund of $486.33.

Traveler: Dr. Bill Misner
Airline Ticket No.:[protected]
Expedia Itin No.: [protected]

It seems to me the customer who booked these services, that the AARP agency should consider a medical issue ground to make a full refund. I will not make another trip nor will I endorse use of this so-called service to seniors. I have filed a formal complaint to the Aviation Consumer Protection Division (DOT ACPD) U.S. Department of Transportation while also forwarding this report for your being involved if hopefully so deemed an injustice.


Bill Misner

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