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Aaron's Sales And Leasing / about manager and employee

1 Davenport, IA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 563-499-5227

I described it in the subject line but basically I was made a fool by DeMarko as he told me I qualified for a holiday pay extension on my rental agreement for my computer. I feel that I have not once been late with my payment and word travels fast by mouth. i have referred people to them and then I get treated like this. i feel that I should have a representative from the main store not Davenport's to see what they can do to make this better. i feel i should be given at least two weeks free for this deal that De Marko did. Then Tony the manager calls me a demands my payment or he will come and get the computer. Why? Because I was told something by a employee there that I thought he knew what he was talking about but guess not. Thank you Rhonda Reaves

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      5th of Oct, 2008
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    I was an employee of Aarons during my tenure i observed a lot of things that were out of my control and feel i was unfairly treated by former GM and for this reason i am submitting this complaint. 1. Why is that as a product tech i was denied the opportunity for growth, i was told by a RM that it has not happened in this region for a long time because of something that happened before what does that have to do with me when i originally inquired about advancement i was told that it could happen but yet i felt ignored and under appreciated but yet the company or at least my store would hire fresh of the street and train that person to fill the position, i was even told by one former GM that "black people steal" thats why i could not get promoted or advancement, and the company does not trust you people! 2. Moving ahead a little I personally delivered a washer and dryer to a former GM residence but yet i am required to pay two-thirds of the employee purchase price to get merchandise but on the other hand i would say that 35% of the agreements were shady because the GM at the time was nervous about sales and the fact that they were low, and most of them charged off again i say another trust issue. 3. Why is it that the GM made the schedule to fit their needs for instance 11-8 so that they could leave early almost everyday to go home and be with their familly what about mine, when the regional manager had visited and saw the schedule he had to make her change because that did'nt make sense. 4. How is it that a GM can take the company vehicle to orlando to pick up a 100 gallon fish tank or another GM who everyone knows is a certified or at the very least displayed alcoholic behavior including the RM still keep his job periodically would be missing days at time which i witnessed myself. 5. Why is it that the company handbook says i need to put in a two week notice for vacation but my GM post a 4 week schedule and then tells me that once the schedule is posted i can't take any time off even she got the company policy two week notice even if it were not approved the way it was told to me that it would not happen on the current schedule my understanding that company policy only required at the most a two-week posting. 5. Why is it that the GM can have personal visits at work and as a product tech told i could not have any, or could not use my personal cell while on the clock but at the same time you would not allow us the use of company nextels while on the road for deliveries she would then contact me on my personal cell to relay any information that i needed and then told me i had to call before i leave any delivery or service call from my cell and give it to the customer so that she could talk to them from my cell when we had nextels at the store. 6. The first up list was never followed per company policy. 7. Why is it that as a product tech i was doing more routes than the accounts manager it was his responsibility to do that or marketing sales manager duties while they both spent the bulk of their day on the phone neither of them did there priscribed duties per company policy. 8. There is bad neighborhoods every you go but there was one particular place that the GM nor the Accts. manager said they would not go to visit the non-renewals and would tell me to go because of my size and my skin color. Store C0859 The bigger the company the less they care. I don't expect anything to happen because i think the same mentality holds true for corporate.

  • Ja
      2nd of Apr, 2009
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    the medford brantch is a bunch of rood no caring ripp off, s i have ben paying on a tv fore more then one and a half years about 1500 dollers and my tv took a crap sow they brot me another used pease of junk and any way i said i would like a new one and not another junk one and they said no and i dident even get my old one back and they said two bad so i have ben being rippet off fore payements on a new tv that i never got in the first place it wase used junk so never think aarans gives anthing new its all ased crap at a new lease price

  • Te
      25th of Mar, 2010
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    well i have my owne complant!! ..Aarons Sales and lease ..In kerrville Tx ..Is not only a Rude place but a place that Favors Its Employeeeeesss...My husben Worked there for about a year and a Half... He came in a bind and lost his DL...He was asked to get it with in a month or they was goin to let him go untill He got his DL...Well knowing for a fact That a lady That worked there Had NO DL @ ALL she let it lap for over 3 yrs so she had to take the test all over again mind ur 3 YRS!!! she had worked there 3 yrs
    now as my husben was told That the rules and REG was that u has to have a DL for the Job well she worked there 3 yrs and never got Hounded about it !!! my husben on the other hand Did almost every day..Now when the lady ..Came in to some money Went and got her DL after 3 yrs of workin there.. .. my husben Very Hard worker !!! Family of 4 kids...Went to work every day of his life other thank sunday and His Days Off...from 9 to 9 on weekdays and from 7:30 to 5:00 on saturdays, , Every day !!! when others go off at 1:00 he stayed all day dusk till dawn, , , ...Then goes and And Draws for unemployment they dont let him have it because of the rules and Reg of have a dl to work there ..My point is about this is how he was done the lady can work there for 3 yrs Is a very rud Person and i mean VERY VERY VERY Mean .. but hey i guess thats of Male and females a done in a work place the women is allways on the top ...Never a hard workin man that treats people with the most respect ...o yes one more thing i forgot to put in there he was Fired with in 2 weeks because the Lady call corp and Cryed to them...

  • Jo
      8th of Jul, 2010
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    Hello its me again I guess the (General manager) just don;t want to hear about the the used tv's that are being sold as tv only 2 monthes old when the truth is they can be up to 1 year old good way to scam everybody Aarons look out they are good at (scaming) pull u right in and put it to u I have asked for aarons (General manager ) or some one with the pull of a General, Admiral,
    Vice President, President nobody is even willing to call me the store that I deal with( 260 Mamouth Rd Manchester NH) knows who I am they can call ask for Doug store manager and he can give Corperate headquarters my phone number O my name and I only got one more payment on the tva plus the 7 monthes I went without I still paid and if I didnt they called me everyday until I made the payment
    John Weeks

  • Re
      16th of Dec, 2010
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    Aarons Sales and Leading is appalling; these people are the rudest, scariest people to deal with - its better to go without than to EVER deal with any of these businesses. You are one minute late and they are at the door, calling you incessantly. I have told them I work at night and sleep during the day. The manager said "Why don't you get a real job so you can be awake when we call you". I feel like I'm dealing with the mafia here. I am very sorry for ever having opened an account with these idiots. Run, don't ever deal with them.

  • Go
      28th of May, 2013
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    I'm a customer at an Aaron's in Louisiana. Donaldsonville that is. I've witnessed on more than one occasion the former manager harassing a female worker. He ask one of the young ladies who were pregnant at the time could he "feed her baby." The girl was so humiliated she threw down the stapler she was using and left us at the counter. My sister told him those same words can cause him to get into trouble. He replied dont worry "she likes it." Another time I went in to pay on the same account the young lady sold me and she waddled (still pregnant) from the back of the store to service me. I ask her did the young guy bother her she just smiled and shook her head no. She went on to tell me she reported him to his manager and nothing much was done about it. I told her she should get a lawyer because its hard enough for us females to land decent jobs so tolerating disrespect was too much. She just kindly replied I'm so used to it now I just tune him out. She went on saying she just pray she finds another job. I guess God fixed the young man because he was fired or quit because not so long after I didn't see him there anymore. The young lady is still there working. I've said that to say sometimes you have upset workers because of the people you place over them. Abusing their titles. That child welcomes you with a smile everytime you go in there but I seen pass that smile. God did too. God doesn't sleep nor does he slumber. The workers that are there now are very nice!!! I always feel welcome!!!

  • Th
      17th of Jun, 2013
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    I to have the very very same problem as wrongfully terminatied !!! How is it that the product tech are doin all the work. Why these guys dnt clean what they bring back nor setttheir own floor. It's at the point were the p.t are being over work because they can be! I have never worked for a company the lie and treat people in such a manner. My G.M lies to my face then get mad for me following the rules. Because they being under handed and I G.M told me if we work over we have to come in later the next day. So work me overtime but dnr pay me for it. Shorting the p.t in stockpay n hrs. Hopefully u will forget so he dnt have to pay. I made a real mistake when I join this so call team..I have CAM&MT. who puts all of they return s on the's really at the point were i'm making a record of all this underhand stuff Aaron's is doing. ...SIGNED THE P.T

  • Lg
      28th of Jun, 2014
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    i was wrongfully terminated and labeled as unable to be rehired by anassa from round rock tx after moving and being denied a transfer i had to trying to get another job with the company and he is holding this over my head

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