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1 Hillsboro, OH, United States
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My son had a wreck, he rolled our jeep twice and it came to rest on its tires. It was in a solid grass field. There was a roadway entry into the field. I became acquainted with schroder's as aaa dispatched them to tow my vehicle. The driver arrived three hours after aaa's estimate. The driver told me aaa would not cover the cost of my tow because the vehicle had rolled over. I stated to him that aaa was informed of the fact that the vehicle had rolled twice and that i specifically asked them to send a flatbed as two of the tires were off their rims. The vehicle came to rest in its normal upright position on its wheels. The driver said he had to contact aaa as his job was on the line. He went to his vehicle for 1/2 hour. He returned and stated that everything was good to go and asked if i would move my car so he could get to my wrecked vehicle. The driver backed his rollback down to the jeep. The driver instructed me how to run the rollback. I had to operate the winch as he didn't bring a second person. I have no training on this equipment but, had to operate it regardless. Once my vehicle was on the driver's flatbed i mentioned to the driver that i wanted to change the destination to my father home, which was closer to the scene of the accident. He asked me to go wait in my car and he would come up. When he came up he informed me that aaa was not going to pay for the tow and that my cost was $485. He then proceeded to inform me that he could take the wrecked vehicle to cover the cost. I laughed at his misguided attempt to unethically abscond with my vehicle. This is a predatory practice that would work on unseasoned individuals. I contacted aaa and they assured me that they would pay for the tow since the vehicle was on its wheels. They also stated that they would pay the fee for picking up the vehicle if the distance from the road was less than 100 feet. I refused to allow the wrecker driver to take my vehicle in trade for his extortionate fee and instructed him to take it to the address i provided. Once we arrived at my father’s home, i demanded that he write the facts on my receipt and informed him that i planned to pursue the matter further. The driver stated that the vehicle was 65 feet from [the] road. [the] vehicle on wheels when picked up. The driver misidentified what type of tow this was by checking sling/hoist/tow rather than flat bew / ramp. I provided my information to the driver including my credit card number. He then informed me that he had charged my card $485. I again contacted aaa as they had assured me they would pay for the tow and that i should pay the driver for the extraction fee for being off the road and that they would reimburse me. The driver refused to drop my vehicle until i signed the tow receipt. I have called aaa since thursday and have yet to speak with anyone in their claims department. I left a message for alyssa o’connell the regional manager of claims on three different occasions. She has not returned any of my calls. I redacted my personal information for posterity.

Update: i finally reached someone in claims and they informed me that this is considered a recovery. Although the vehicle was in a position for the truck to back up to it, i am still expected to pay for the recovery operation. The vehicle was also on its wheels and the rollback was able to pull it up on the flat surface without special tools. Aaa will contact me within 48 hours to continue my claim.

Nov 15, 2016

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