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About 3 yrs ago, when i held aaa membership, one of my car battery went dead, so i asked aaa to replace it (With 3 yrs free replacement, and 5 yrs gurantee).

Now, just about 2 months after the replacement, the battery went dead again, and i don't have the membership. I called aaa's number for battery service, below is the process:

1. First, a lady picked my phone, and asked my questions. After learning that i was not a member, she let me hold on to wair for her checking my information. I waited, waited, waited. Ok, another woman came in, and asked my questions again, but it seemed that she had problem to follow what i said, so, she spoke loudly and loudly (With a little bit of joy) , to let me repeat what i said again and again, "sorry, i cann't hear you, are you speaking english?", "sorry, what do you mean?", "sorry, i really cann't understand you, i have to hang up",...

So, before she hang up, i hang up.

2. Then after a while, i called again. This time, another young lady talked with me and she really understood me and quickly agreed to give me a free battery with a service charge of $65 (About). But i didn't want to give aaa the money without comaprison now, so i thanked her, hang up, and do the online shopping.

3. After searching, i found that a battery alone costed >$70, so i called aaa again. This time, the lady cann't find any information about me now, nothing left.

Ok, that's fine, i am not in a hurry to use my car. So, i did a local search shopping and find a good deal in costco and buy a battery (<$70) , and replaced the dead aaa one. My car can be started and run now.

When i talked with my colleague about the battery, his first response was i was given a rebuilt or used one.

Whatever, with gps, google map, other similar membership for travel service, lots of competitors appearing, one thing to my relieve is that i don't need to buy aaa forever.

About 2 yrs ago, i got a very bad service in compusa (One item missed from my box) , now where is the company?

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  • Ba
      14th of Feb, 2012
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    I had a very bad experience with AAA. They also said my battery was no good and offered to replace my it for $115 plus tax. I did and that went dead, and they replaced that with another be cause the service guy said the first one tested bad. After that one going dead, I replaced it with another that I bought at a parts store. I tried to get a refund and I was told that because I removed their bad battery it voided any refund . My problem was not the battery, but the alternator. There was no need to replace the battery in the first place. Always get a second opinion !! People should also be aware that they are limited on the number of calls allowed or they will charge you for additional fee. No more AAA for me...

  • Te
      2nd of Aug, 2012
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    I had my policy from another insurance company expire so I was looking into AAA. The sales person was persistent and constantly calling me to get payment and sign off on paperwork. I noticed there was a discount for scientific professions but biology was not listed. I work at a drug company and got a masters in biology but I didn't qualify for the discount. Apparently holding a bachelors in Astronomy does even though half of the people in Astronomy don't go down that path. This is just a way to screw the consumer out of money. When I tried to contact the same salesperson he completely ducked my emails and phone calls even though he said he would look into and get back to me. Just another company that looks at the consumer and thinks "how much money can we suck out of them?"

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