42nd Street Photo / Total scam!

New York, NY, United States
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I was looking for a specific camera and found one on website. I contacted them right away because I really needed some advice what lens to buy with my camera. Customer service rep was nice and friendly and after our conversation I finally placed my order.
The strange part was that I received no payment confirmation and no tracking number, so I was not sure did the payment went through or not. They said that everything was fine and promised that I'll get all the necessary information later.
I waited patiently for about a month but there was no sign of my order! And they did not keep their promise and I received no tracking number as well. Contacted them and asked them to cancel my order. They refused and said that it was not possible since it was already shipped. I asked for a tracking number and they said they did not have any! What?
Then I asked when will I get my camera and they replied that they have no idea. Total scam!!

Jul 28, 2016

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