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21st Century Insurance / Scam and abuse!

1 6301 Owensmouth AvenueWoodland Hills, CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 800-211-save

21st Century Insurance are crooked and deceitful! I received my new insurance bill for my 2003 vehicle to find that my insurance had been raised $252 for 6 month period, which is $504 a year. I have been insured with 21st century Crooked Insurance for over 7 years. I have no tickets or accidents and have been a loyal and good client. This is disgusting and a number of other profane words. How sad that our government does not protect us from this type of shady business practices.

Needless to say, I will be changing my insurance carrier and telling everyone I know to follow suit.

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  • Ve
      11th of Jan, 2009
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    I agree completely tell everyone to NEVER USE 21st CENTURY!!! They did this to me once and I gave them the benefit of the doubt and tried them again with my girlfriend too the second time getting her own policy the same day I got mine. All three times they gave us some rate that was lower than the competitors which is why we went with them initially. Oh no, a few weeks later they are telling us that our premiums have mysteriously gone way the f--- up. They were saying we owe them more money but we had already paid in full. These scams should not be legal!

    Do we contact Better Business Bureau or Consumer Protection Agency? They probably turn a blind eye anyway the way the rich look out for themselves. The world will always be corrupt, the question is WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT!!! I say heads should roll. Fire the lot of them. They have been robbing from the poor to give to the rich, then the government steps in and gives them MORE of our money. (21st century insurance is part of AIG bailout) Is there nothing we can do? Who will help the hardworking citizens of America?

  • Ve
      11th of Jan, 2009
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    I forgot to mention, all three times we told them to f--- themselves and give us a prorated refund and we took our money elsewhere.

  • Jo
      1st of Apr, 2009
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    They are the worst insurance ever. My wife was involved in a not at fault accident in 2007. They never reported it as not her fault to CLUE, so every time I looked for new insurance, 21st was always lowest. I finally found out why and Progressive fix the problem and my insurance dropped $500. 21st said that they did not have to report whether it was my wife's fault or not That artificially raised every other rate so they could over charge me and look like the lowest.

  • Ca
      17th of Apr, 2009
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    21 st Century insurance is nothing but a scam. I tried to call for a quote and the people I talked to were extremely abusive and rude. they asked me if I was married or single, so I asked what it had to do with insurance. He started yelling at me and told me Iwas giving him a hard time. I find it hard to believe that they would stand behind someone who had an accident.

  • Ji
      27th of Apr, 2009
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    My 21st Century Insurance has morphed (recently) after the AIG debacle. Yep, it USED to be AIG auto, but is NOW 21st Century. I'll give them good marks for having left the premium alone - for the time being - but I "DO" have a gripe.
    Today, April 27, 2009, I received a letter from 21ST's Customer Service Center concerning my auto policy, informing me that I needed to sign and return (w/in 15 days) a form for "Rejection Of Stacked Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists Coverage Limit."
    "Stacking" means that the insured can claim the total of the amounts of Uninsured or Underinsured Motirists Coverage assigned to each vehicle in insured's policy.
    Well, that would be FINE if I had two vehicles insured by AIG-turned-21st Century Insurance, but I HAVE ONE VEHICLE; and although you might think that they (or any insurance company) couldn't STACK uninsured motorist coverage on ONE VEHICLE, you'd be sadly mistaken.
    This is notice to all who read this "rant": If you have ONE vehicle that is insured and DO NOT sign the Rejection Of Stacked Uninsured And Underinsured Motorists Coverage Limit and return to your insurance carrier, they WILL charge you for STACKED - which will probably average anywhere from $30 to $50 more - usually per 6 months.
    My "concern" is that people won't "know" what the heck STACKED or NON-STACKED actually might BE (and won't even try to Google it) will subsequently be charged more money for essentially NOTHING - unless you consider the fact that AIG-turned-21st Century got BILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN LOANS (read: bailout) from the U.S. Government and have managed to come up with yet another scam to ratchette more money out of their unaware or otherwise customers.
    I'd call the State Insurance Commision, but that's probably more trouble than it's worth. I doubt that what this (or any other) insurance company is doing in this regard (as it pertains to ONE vehicle) is techically "illegal", but it' sure is chicken-s**t given the fact that they are FULLY AWARE that I have but ONE lone vehicle insured with them and OBVIOUSLY can't STACK insurance coverage ... because THERE'S NONE TO STACK! WAIT! Maybe they don't KNOW what they are and are not covering?
    They're Jack-n-Apes. #@%$& :::fume:::

  • Ve
      28th of Apr, 2009
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    The next thing 21st Century - which is now soon to be Farmers Insurance - did, is suddenly charge a fee for online payment!!! First all customers got pushed to do it, and now a fee is charged. Reason is they partnered with Western Union and out of sheer "friendliness" WU is ONLY charging $ 3.50 instead of the usual $ 5.00 for online payment. Considering the state of the economy, and yes, also the state of AIG/21st century AND the fact they have received BILLIONS in bailout money, it seems simply insane that they would hire somebody else to take care of their website which for years was working fine in the first place. Unless, of course, they are helping a business friend out - easy to do, as the end-consumer is the one in the end paying for this all. It seems the bailout money made 21st century/AIG believe that there is ample money to be milked from the taxpayer, through the bailout and also directly. Shame on them!

  • Cw
      28th of Apr, 2009
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    I just found out about the fee to pay online. I am outraged. So I emailed them, phoned them, and as I pay my bill by snail mail with a check and a letter telling them that they ought to rename the company 20th Century Insurance as this is sure a backwards leap in customer service. I think I will go look at other insurance companies. By the way, this is the only insurance company that I have ever used since I was in high school under my parents' policy and I am coming up on my 40th high school reunion. If enough people complain, maybe they will get the message. 21st gets a big RASPBERRY (sound effect) from this unhappy customer.

  • Pa
      2nd of May, 2009
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    A note on the new $3.25 21st Century Insurance payment fee... In addition to the $3.25 fee, an additional unexplained $1.01 charge appeared on my credit card statement. They steal $170 billion dollars from us tax payers and now they're ripping people off with an unexplained $1.01 charge to their credit cards. There is no end to the criminality of AIG/21st Century. Check your credit card/bank statements and join me in protesting this unexplained charge. Demand your dollar and a penny back!

  • An
      6th of May, 2009
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    I emailed them yesterday and told them that their $3.25 Online Fee for paying my premium was and is insane. This was a mighty fine way of saying Thank You to those of us who stayed with them through their bailout mess.

    I also mentioned that I did not like not being informed of this new fee in advance, nor did I think it was legal. Additionally, the tactic of going on auto pay to get the $3.25 Fee Waived is a crime and a formal complaint will be filed with my Attorney General.

    I will be seeking other carriers for coverage ASAP.

  • Cs
      30th of Jun, 2009
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    The $3.25 "convenience" fee really irks me. As if one doesn't pay enough in insurance as it is. Other companies don't charge such a fee, and it's applied even for debit and cheque payments.

    The best part is that when reviewing the "Speedpay FAQ", it reads:

    Question: Why is 21st Century Insurance charging a fee?
    Answer: The processing fee is charged by our vendor, Speedpay, not by 21st Century Insurance.

    i.e. - it's not our fault. Right. Not like 21st chose to partner with Western Union, is it?

    It'll bite them in the long run.

  • Ji
      30th of Jun, 2009
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    WELL! (placing hands on hips) AIG turned 21st Century finally "did it" and jacked that premium up just enough for me to begin the search for yet another insurance company. And, yes, I received a letter informing me (much to my dismay) that 21st Century will soon become Farmer's.

    In my search for more reasonable insurance rates - keeping in mind that I've not had a ticket in 25+ years and only *one* accident - not my fault - I've discovered that all but two insurance companies have higher rates than 21C! Those w/ lower rates (so far) are GEICO and MetLife. Ironically, Farmer's, to which 21C will eventually morph, provided a quote that was more than $100/yr higher than 21C is current elevated rate!

    So ... prepare for higher rates from Farmer's, folks. But then I've never known of anyone's insurance premium going "down". Personally I view the entire thing as a scam, esp. since I've filed but one claim (State Farm) for a drunk rear-ending me 27 years ago.

    My bro-in-law has a philosophy: switch insurance carriers every 2 years or so because they hook you with an initial "low premium" and then gradually raise their prices by $10 or $20 every 6 months, eventually reaching everyone elses rates w/in that 2 year period, which is about what the market will bear.

    As for the "convenience fees" and unexplained $1.01 charges? I do my banking online (Bank of America - yet another bailed out corporation!) and don't get charged any of those "fees" for paying electronically. I've found that MANY companies will charge you to pay through *their* Web site, which astounds and confuzzles me. But I suppose they've got to pay that webmaster somehow; no point in writing off the (minimal) expense of maintaining a Web site as, oh, I don't know ... an EXPENSE, ya' know?

    Good luck with Farmer's. I'm OUT of here (the AIG/21C/Farmer's-thing) and on to other, hopefully less-green (less money) pastures.

  • Cw
      30th of Jun, 2009
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    FYI, I wrote Farmers headquarters in Los Angeles and they did not know about the Western Union scam that 21st is running. The nice lady who called me said that she would note the complaint but the sale to Farmers was not a done deal as of a few weeks ago. Just keep complaining. I like the idea of sending a complaint to the attorney general. Why aren't those AIG executives in jail? TANJ (there ain't no justice)

  • Gi
      10th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    I had AIG for years. I was treated with great care and respect.

    In December '09 I decided to be supportive like a "Good Citizen" and renewed my policy but with some minor changes which was to save me about $20 on each of the four payments. The agent told me that due to the savings I was now paid up and didn't need to subit another payment until the end of January.

    I made January's, February and Marchs' payments. At the end of March I received two checks from AIG.

    Initially I thought, "WOW, I'm getting money back!" Cool~!~~

    I called them just to be sure because it was odd. The date is not around the 23 March 2009. I am told that my insurance was cancelled on January 2!

    So I was driving in the dead of icy freaking winter for three months and without any coverage at all!.

    They said that they would be glad to reinstate me but my premiums would now be doubled for the next six months. OUCH!

    Since it was a friday night I had no choice but to sign up with them again at this rate.

    Today is 10 July 2009 and I have before me a cancellation notice. I had thought it was a bill. I, like some others simply don't have the energy to deal with it so I called my house insurance ppl (nationwide) and they covered me but my premiums are almost 1/2 of AIG with more benefits. In six months my premium will drop since I will then having been covered for six months time.

    I never received a cancellation notice from AIG between January and March. I only found out I was cancelled when I called to inquire about the cash I was getting back.

    Buyer bewear~~~ And - No good deed goes unpunished. Our government has no business in the business but if they are then they should be setting the example. What a failure~!

  • Jc
      22nd of Sep, 2009
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    I am with Geico Insurance for my Dodge Durango (full coverage) and I was calling around for different rates. 21st Century Insurance was way over the top higher than everyone else I called. I pay 900.00+ per year with Geico and 21st Century Insurance was over 2400.00 per year for the same policy. I have a perfect driving record and my wife received a very minor ticket about two years ago...totally outrageous!!! I had to laugh at the customer service agent who gave me the quote. Their lower rates TV commercial is an outright lie.

  • Fa
      15th of Dec, 2009
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    I also had AIG auto insurance before 21st Century took over. My car was stolen while on vacation in Vegas on August 29th 2009 and it is going on four months and 21st Century still have not settled my claim. They keep telling me that they are still investigating while I continue to pay for a car I no longer have. My claim ajuster never returns my calls, they said I have to keep paying insurance on the car until the claim is settled. I'm so frustrated and not sure what my next step should be. My car was a black 2005 honda accord, great car !!!

  • Cw
      15th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    For Farnold: File a complaint with the Insurance Commissioner of both CA and NV. Do it in writing and send a copy to the present of 21st Century and FARMERS who now owns 21st. Also if you have a local TV or radio station "trouble shooter" or "consumer advocate" try getting on the air about the problem. If that doesn't work, try a pro bono lawyer or legal aid. Light a fire under them and something should give. Get a copy of the police report. If all else fails, picket 21st century and drop a note to local TV shows and get a bunch of your friends to picket also. Good luck.

  • Au
      16th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    In November 2009 I had an accident in Austin TX that was clearly the other driver's fault. The other driver and I were unhurt but because of the angle of impact my car was totalled. My insurance company, State Farm, was very helpful. Within a week they had paid me off and I had a new car. Then I had a call from the other driver's insurance company, 21st Century, asking me to describe the accident and asking if they could look at my car (the one that had been totalled). I told the adjuster they were way too slow and the car was in some junkyard, who knows where. I recently got a letter from State Farm saying that they are sueing 21st Century for not reimbursing them for the accident. My guess is that they never paid the other driver for the damage to her car either. What a scam! State Farm is not cheap, but they really came through for me, very fast and efficient. To top it off, recently I got a letter from 21st Century asking me to rate their service at an online website. When I went to the website, it had a line "Last updated January 5, 2009" (Yes, 2009, not 2010) and it would not accept the logon id they had given me. These people are out to lunch.

  • Wv
      23rd of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    I sure am glad for everyone's comments! I got a quote from 21st last night and it was going to save us about $700 a year to insure three cars. I told them I'd talk to my husband and call them back tonight. But after reading this page, I've changed my mind!

  • Pe
      26th of Mar, 2010
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    DUMP your 21st Century POLICY the old going to be Farmers

    In Oct 2009 I canceled my policy after 1.5 yrs due to a sudden 30% increase for NO reason... now they want a fee of $30.00 plus for their trouble ???... even thought I paid up the six month term policy. They are sending it to collections threatening to ruin my credit... Those Thieving ###os.
    I will most likely pay it... ( but I will have my $30.00 satisfaction in telling everyone I ever meet, know & have known and blog too to boycott this thieving company and when it's farmers I'll tell that story too... you can run you thieving ###os but you can't hide..

    BOYCOTT 21st Century Auto Insurance and feel the POWER LUKE

  • Pl
      7th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    i find it disgraceful that 21st century charges 3.25 to process an online payment. Online payments in fact are more cost effective for companies that processing checks. Ridicules !!!

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