Combined Motor Holdings Group / CMH Groupbad service and not getting back to clients

We bought a second hand vehicle from CMH Mazda Hatfield 3 weeks ago. From the word go the disappointment was real when we were promised by the salesperson that the vehicle would be valeted. The day when we went to pick up the vehicle we had to wait for almost two hours because all paperwork had not been finalised. As we finally drove off with the vehicle it was evident that the vehicle did not go for a valet as they vehicle had dirty spots on the interior and on the roof which we noticed when we went to view the vehicle initially. Dirt marks on the roof interior and spots on the back seat.

As time drew near to leave the dealer on the day of the sale, the salesperson said he couldn't locate the spare key to the vehicle. He eventually told us we could collect the spare key the day we collected the permanent plates.
As we started following up on the matter it became evident that they spare key was missing. We called numerous times and every time were told the sales person would get back to us which just never happened.

Eventually we were told the key would be replaced and we would need to bring the vehicle to the branch for a day to have the new key coded. As the vehicle is a major source of transportation for us I enquired into a loan vehicle for the day in order to get to work. After phoning the salesperson again numerous times he sent me a whatapp message advising me his manager had a bad day and he could talk to him and that he would speak to him the following day. The matter was taken up with the manager and it was decided we will get a loan vehicle for the day we had to take our vehicle in for the coding.

This morning I made my way o the dealer, got to the dealer and got a loan vehicle - without any fuel. I was told by the manager that this will be for my own account. Now I don't have a problem having to pay for my fuel, what I do have a problem with is that I had to travel 15 kilos for something that was completely as a result of poor service received. In line with FAIS legislation I don't feel I was treated fairly as a customer.

I raised the concern about the vehicle not be valeted and was told they will take photos and take it up with the people who valet the vehicles. Coming from a client care/service environment myself I would have expected the manager at this point to apologise and try remedy the situation

The experience I had with this dealership, the secondhand salesman and manager has made me seriously doubt if I would recommend anyone to make use of them. It seems once the sale is done and the contract signed nothing else matters to them.

Very disappointed.

Jul 24, 2019

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