Clarinscustomer service


Hi.i ordered something from clarins online at the end i could not see the basket when i saw email then i found some of samples i didnot want straight way i emailed customer service if they cam do something no reply and when i received msg for dispatched detail then they message me oh sorry we cant do anything. Even though i have already message them that u guys sending me dispatched detail and no reply to my query now u gonna say u cant do anything. And they no bother to ans that just simple msg sorry we cant.this is no customer service any body cam do this if u on customer service u give them the way.u cant just say no u talk.first tym i am using this brand one of my coleague said this is really good brand expensive but really nice but my experience says no.such a big brand and this is accuse that u cant do it no other way.and even this sorry u saying to me this was too late to say. Very disappointed. Without even using product.if start is no good how can we go further.thanks anyways.

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