Citi Trendsnot receiving my in store credit card

J Jan 14, 2020

On 12/26/2019 I put some boots on layaway for my granddaughter not knowing they were running small. So after Christmas
I bought them back for a return not knowing you can't get your money back off of a layaway product. It's on the receipt but it was never explained during the process. But that's okay because it's my favorite store. On Monday 01/13/2020
I tried to use my in store credit. Thinking I was okay until I was checking out and I couldn't get my items! On 12/26 I was only given my refund receipt and the gift card balance receipt and no card. I didn't think anything of it until the manager said she gave it to me and I know she didn't. I would not come all the way to the store and shop if I didn't think the second receipt was the credit! The manager looked at the camera and she claims that she saw it in my hand on the 26th. I had the two receipts setting in the same place. I just chose not to argue and contact you guys. I am beyond hurt. I have never had an issue in the store. So now 42.79 is gone to waste. Granddaughter now don't have the boots or a replacement for her Christmas gift. Feel free to contact me [protected] or j.[protected] Theses are the only receipts that she gave me.

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