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A Jul 08, 2019
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Started with this building since it was open in april, so far working for this company has been the worst. All if the managers who were hired for this location is inexperienced & very unprofessional. I was forced to quit my job due to a specific manager named ms. Minis & I would like some one to reach out to me about this situation. Every little situation in her case turns into a write up which is now called work place harassment. I quit because I feel attacked & like my job is on the line because she uses her position to make things up! There was a meditation between the gm asm & myself which I found very unprofessional & it started turning into hersay. The complaint was very childish which would have ended up me being on suspension just because she felt I had an attitude with her! I have been a manger @walgreens for 3years & never in my life have I thought too put any of my employees on suspension for giving me attitude, we are not in high school any more, this is work & there are alot more things for a person to be written up for! From the time I been at this place I have never expressed any attitude to the most important ppl who make this company which is the customers. Im a great worker I have been trained in pizza hut & ushering and I have never had any complaints about my work ethic until im scheduled with ms. Minis. She tried to write me up for my all black none slip shoes & specified that I was not in uniform when in fact I was & tried to lie on the gm saying he was the one complaining about my crocs when I chose my right not to sign the write up until I spoke to my gm! Idk how many ppl complained about her but she will be the cause of this company having no workers, because every little thing is a problem!

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