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registering for online movies.

today the 27 of may 2017 I registered for online movies which took me to a page which said enter...

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Movies trial

05/17/2017 adj mc br [protected] gb br international fee...

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Streaming of a video

I signed up for a free download and the site said I would not be changed. However, I have been...

Unauthorised credit card charges

Hi there, I am being billed by you for charges that are unauthorised. Below is the email I...

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Unauthorized credit card charges

first, I'm taiwanese.
so please help me !!

"Your Premium trial will expire on Sep. 7, 2016. If you are happy with CinAmuse Premium, your membership will conveniently renew at $ 39.95 every 30 days unless cancelled."

My Reference number: 0832 - 82 - [protected]

  I am a new member to join the trial five days I just do not like five days after the trouble to visit my (CinAmuse Premium service)
So please cancel after paying (every 30 days for $ 39.95)
I'm just going to trial five days

I have sent a letter to the official website of the service,
but they have not answered my account and cancel

I have called in the past, but the customer service phone asked me to choose
1234 function, I do not understand, my English is not so good, can someone help me?
I'm just a student has no money to give him

my email: [protected]

  • Hu
    Hunterx27 Sep 06, 2016

    Go to the cinamuse website and click the support tab. Then click the red tab a the top that says cancel membership.

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  • 전나연 Nov 25, 2018

    @Hunterx27 Does that work?

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I'm getting billed for a lot of things that I didn't sign up for but if I did how do i...

Repeat charges that are not valid

They have charged me 3 time at the rate of 39.95 each time, even though I repeat to them several...

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False Advertising for $40.95

I signed up for their free trial membership and within 30 minutes realized it was a scam because I couldn't watch any movies that attracted me to their site. The movies that were on their site weren't even possible to watch. Making matters worse is that no registration confirmation email was sent to me. I became alarmed because like many sites, you have to use a credit card to join. When I called customer service --which is supposed to be open from 7:00 am until 10:00 pm EST -- they kept saying that they couldn't cancel my membership because "they were experiencing technical difficulties." I must have called them 10 times between 7:00 pm and 10:00 pm and then tried to reach them another 10 times between 7:00 am and 1:00 pm the next day. The same line was given: "we are experiencing technical difficulties."

Now the other problem is that to cancel, they want you to re-enter your credit card details! That clearly is another sign of a scam since to cancel one always just needs the account number plus something connected to the account such as street address, phone contact, etc. I refuse to just type in my credit card details and was upset that I was duped into using one to sign-up for this fraudulent movie service.

Since I couldn't cancel the 5 day free membership (because their system was experiencing "technical difficulties"), they charged me the outrageous price of $39.95 for a month of viewing plus an additional $1 cancellation fee!

This is scam and once I did an internet search realized that what happened to me was shared by many others. You know something is wrong when you always get an automated voice, the computer system always experiences technical difficulties, your credit card information is required to cancel (and you simply type in the numbers) and the service that you signed-up for doesn't exist or isn't working. The owners of are definitely some of the biggest scam artists around. Only use Netflix or another well-established company when interested in watching movies online via streaming.

  • Jd
    jdmay5 Nov 14, 2011

    I also tried the free 5 day membership, but i couldn't even watch what i wanted. I didn't realize that there was no way to cancel on the site that you have to call and cancel. I also expected them to ask if I wanted to continue membership, you know at least email me . They just charged my card. I called them and They said it was my responsibility to cancel before the 5 free days were up, and they were not going to refund my money. What a rip so I am being charged for something that doesn't even work. I hope someone shuts their site down

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On 4/22/2011 my husband attempted to use, but was not able to watch what he wanted. Wording specifically addressed that offerred a free trial and his credit card would not be used. On 4/22/2011, created a pending payment with the credit card used for the free trial membership, and on 4/27/2011 officially charged his credit card. does not offer movies or television as they claim, he was not able to watch at least, and they do not have a free trial membership; they charged a credit card they did not have permission to charge. Bottom line, they are committing fraud.

  • Kr
    Krittermedic Nov 07, 2011

    I also had 2 charges on my credit card. I noticed the first and contacted my credit card company. That was credited back as well as the second...all pending investigation. They charged me 49.95 each time. I KNOW I didn't sign up for anything like that for $50 a mth. My understanding was it was the 5 day free trial. I don't recall anywhere saying where I had to cancel. Either way...I could not watch anything either. Don't sign up for anything. When I called them...very rude and not helpful. They hung up on me twice. Definately sounds like a scam to me!!

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  • Du
    dudethatsmycar Sep 05, 2012

    Same thing happened as they said they werent going to charge and when it came to the final page I cancelled the application but charged me anyway. and their policy says they don't give refunds means its a rip off site.

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  • Co
    coopit Mar 27, 2013

    I also signed up for the "FREE TRIAL". After checking out this website I decided that I was not interested. I cancelled my free trial well within the 5 days only to find out that they had made 2 charges to my credit card. Nothing but a bunch of crooks. Stay away and don't let these thieves sucker anybody else.

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Unauthorised debit to my card

On 11th October I supplied my credit card details to this website on the proviso that my account...