Church's Chicken #0303the service I received there and how rude the cashier are.

Ka Oct 05, 2019

on 09-19-19 i had gone into the store and purchased 12 mix 3 sides if a karge mashed pototoe, corn, 8 large bomers, 6 biscuits and 4 apple pies. i got home and there were no pies at all. I called up there and told them i lived in Kilgore and would be several days before i could get back there. They advised that would be fine as my husband is 80 and iam 76.well he got really sick with his heart and i could not get back so i called again and spoke with a lady named Tyler and i explained she said not to worry she would put myname inthe book and when i was there to bring my receipt and tell themto look in the book. My husband ended up in ER and had a light heart attach there right after getting him to ER, he had to have 3 stints and a balloon put in. he stayed there for 3 days an on the way home he wanted fried chicken so i stopped at same store as it is the only one we go too, i tried to tell the young lady but she said it had been too long i tried to talk nice to her but she was already mad at the world due to them running out of money, running out of chicken, and she was hot and tired, she told me if i had a problem with her that i could leave and never come back, well that made me upset to be spoken to like that when i had been where she was when i worked at a gro. store for 10 yrs and then later was a police officer for 201/2 yrs. i know you have to take a lot but i am not going to take being talked to like that when i was only trying to understand where she was coming from. she walked off from me when i asked her what did she have to fill my order and if i had to pay more to get what i wanted i would . she went out and smoked a cigrette and left me standing there knowing i was on a walker with bad hip. the other girls just kept waiting on drive thru and another customer. i asked if the girl was coming back and she asked what did i want and again i tried to find out what they had that i could get, the girl came back in and told me that would be $45, 45 cents and I asked for what she got mad again and said look lady either pay for your order or get the hell out. I looked at her and said my order was always pretty much the same and had never been over $33.00 She said this is no laughing matter you can leave, I grabed up my money and they had not even sacked anything for me, I will not ever go back to a church's again, I will go to Popeyes from now on if that is the way they are going to treat you there at Churches and I love their chicken but im scared to go back to that store . I am not in good health but I do not have to be treated like that by no one, I do not treat anyone that way no matter what, I had learned with Brookshires Food Store to just smile and tell them to have a blessed day and my 201/2 yrs in police work I also learned how to turn someone's bad day around for them and it would help me too. I hope churches looks into this and gets rid of help like that young lady, her name is April S. and when they looked up my name in the book that Tyler said she would write down they told m e it was not there and Tyler did not work there any more. man oh man this world is really getting bad and I pray the Lord will come soon.

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