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Chipotle Mexican Grill  -  Wrongful termination breach of company code of conduct.

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I wish to clarify some concerns corporate may like to know about this locations management. I worked at this location for a month an was shocked I didn't get the proper training until my last day on site. On day one I was immediately rushed past the orientation phase of my training by the GM Sudan; not guided to watch any training videos before being placed on the prep line an still expected to know everything as if I was trained properly. This is an issue as the entire staff seems to take shortcuts to beat the clock, skipping steps on health an safety for example not properly washing the lettuce, cleaning dishes or surfaces in-between tasks. I'm not sure if it is company policy of urgency over efficiency but habits from both management and staff are likely why customers regularly find bugs in their food at this location.

I would also like to file complaints in regards to the staff as well. The KMs DJ and Chris were not only talking about but actively mocking the sexualities of the their fellow employees while dealing drugs in the company parking lot. As a member of the LGBT community I did not feel safe nor welcomed by this behavior from the managers. I truly believe this to be a breach of Chipotles company code of conduct. Ruby the SM would actively talk down to her staff calling her KMs stupid and dumb, pointing out how she did not need to be there. As a business owner I know this has a habit of destroying the moral of your staff. Sudan the GM rushed me through my orientation telling me I did not have to read the company contracts before signing my name which is professionally negligent and irresponsible. Additionally the KM Chris confidently told me the best thing about his promotion to KM was that he did not have to do as much work which reflects the overall mismanagement at this location. As when you are promoted to a management position your job becomes ensuring the development and success of your staff not simply granting you authority over them which seems to be the interpretation of those in this managing positions based on these stated habits.

I believe I was terminated off of hearsay as I was not given a reason for my termination only scolded for socializing prior to being let go a few days later.

I will be advising those in my circle as well as others to avoid this chipotle and possibly other chipotles as it was even difficult for me to properly file this complaint. Which is a shame because I had previously loved an supported chipotles business.

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May 26, 2022 9:25 pm

Wow dude. Wtf.


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