Chipotle Mexican Grillpoor food quality and overall service

R Jan 06, 2020

Visit to 'Chipotle - 9930 Glades Rd Ste F8, Boca Raton, FL 33434' (Jan. 5, 2020 ~ 8:00 pm). I have never had such a bad experieince at Chipotle, ever, and I go weekly (although rarely to this specific location). When we first arrived the front doors were locked during operating hours and we had to have a patron open it for us. They started to make my 3 bowls, when I asked for chicken, they stated it was not ready. So my bowls sat for about 5 minutes getting cold while the steak I also ordered got cold while waiting for the chicken to be finished. They were also chipping ice out of the bottom of the serving tray cooler under the salsa launching ice into all the adjacent condiments (not very appetizing). When I ordered 2 bags of chips and guacamole, I was told they had no chips, so I left the guacamoles behind since I had no chips to go with it. Mind you this was about 2 hours before closing time.. I asked if it was typical to not have chips available 2 hours before closing. The cashier seemed unappoligetic and blamed a "new manager" for the error. Upon filling our drinks, we found out that the ice machine had no ice left. When I took my food home, (a 5 minute drive) all of the bowls were cold as ice and every one of them had extremely undercooked and chalky, hard rice which had to be microwaved in order to be close to edible. The steak was not as good and tender as it usually is either. It would seem that this "new manager" may need to get with the Chipotle program. It will likely be a while before I visit this location again. If I had the time, I would have driven back and demanded a refund, but we were all hungry and dealt with it. A few free entree vouchers would be appreciated for this terrible experience. Thank you - RM

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