Chipotle Mexican Grillhorrible carne asada

I Sep 22, 2019 Review updated:

I'm a regular customer of this location. I normally don't like to try new foods due to the fear of not being satisfied with what I got, but today I decided to try the new carne Asada you guys have to offer. I almost always get the steak so I thought this new item wouldn't be too different, but when I took the first bite of my bowl, the only thing that I could taste was pure lemon juice. It was almost as if my whole bowl was overpowered by that one horrible taste. I tried to take the meat out of my bowl but that taste was still there. I normally wouldn't mind if something little was wrong cuz I would be able to eat the rest of the bowl, but in this case I had to throw the whole bowl away.


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    Email Spoofed Sep 22, 2019

    People still eat at Chipotle? After the numerous violations and illnesses and corporate cover ups?

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  • Ga
    Gaby Ramos Sep 23, 2019

    So like can I have your number, cutie? I’d like to take this conversation else where ;)

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  • Iv
    Iver58210 Sep 23, 2019

    @Gaby Ramos Of course! Maybe we could go on a date, anywhere but chipotle. I’ll pay ;)

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