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Went to rally's at 8:00 pm ordered our food, there was a little bit of a wait however they brought the food to our car. My wife & I then went home an sat down to eat around 9:00 pm. My wife was eating her burger but start to complain that something didn't taste right, so she wrapped her burger up & put it back in the bag little did we know that the food was contaminated. I had eaten one of the burgers but we still had two left, plus my wife, s partial burger. My wife started to complain of stomach pain & began going back an forth to the bathroom. Around 11:00 pm I began sweating profusely an throwing up all over the place... I repeatedly went back & forth to bathroom for about 3 hrs until it became necessary for me to be taken to the emergency room. An ekg and other test was done to determine what was the nature of my illness. Sad to say that it was food poisoning caused by the burgers that we had eaten. I would like a response immediately please... Loyal patron, s for years!!

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  •   Apr 01, 2019

    Why didn't the ER or whatever call the state department of health???


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  •   Apr 01, 2019

    Four burgers with bacon, cheese, two patties albeit thin, ON thick-as-texas-is-wide Texas Toast??? I looked this up. 810 calories for one. 56 g of fat in one, 1030 mg of sodium in one. 36 g carbs in one.

    And you each were going to eat two??? For the love of God. You wanna be on that show??? That's how you get on that 600lb show!

    My God, this is disgusting.

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  •   Apr 01, 2019

    Ewwww. EKG for food poisoning? No, because of the crap you ate for a meal. You ingested enough sodium for one day in one meal. Enough fat for two days and probably enough saturated fat for a week. I’m sure you had fries, too.

    Food poisoning results aren’t available in ten minutes. They might suspect it but proof takes time for test results. Did they provide written proof that it was the burgers or bacon that made you sick? Without that, no business will pay for your hospital visit.

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