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I arrived at checkers at 10:48 pm on Sunday, July 29th of 2012. When I pulled up to place my order I was greeted with an offering for a daily special. When declined the offer I got nothing but silence. After about 30 seconds I said hello which was answered with, "I been waiting on you to place your order!" (with an attitude). I then placed my order then proceeded to the pick up window. When I reached the window I was greeted with terrible looks from the cashier. When I was handed the bag with my order I then asked for ketchup which enraged the cashier who then said, "We don't have any!" I then left and noticed that my large fries were missing. I went back to the other window this time and was handed a large fry order with ketchup. The cashier lied about not having ketchup on purpose. I called the store manager and got nothing but attitude from him as well. I will not be returning to Checkers ever again!


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    Jack Malatji Apr 29, 2014

    On the 26th March 2014, I went to Checkers in Brits Mall to buy some grocer, after finished to load what I wrote on the list, I joined the que of paying. After every thing scanned, I produced my electronic bank card to swipe, the grocer caused me R3 982, 00. Immediately after the card was swiped, my cell phone reported to me the amount withdraw from my account and at the very same time the Computer went off line. The Checkers Manager was stopped me of having the whole grocer I have paid and also refused to refund me due to the off line of his computers. Above all thing when trying to fight for my rights, the Checkers Manager (white man) call Security to chase me away from the store. I reported the issue to Police station in Brits but nothing helped. I struggled the whole month of March, on the very spot the bank I used to save money when I pull the statement it showed that R3 982 transfered to Checkers in Brits Mall. I have only refunded at the end of 26 April 2014 and this caused me to put me in to so many debts. That is very bad service I ever had in my live. Think about the small children's I have, on other hand we are on industrial strike since January 2014 until now. I need respond and action to be taken against that Manager. And I stopped buying grocer from that store as to the way I have badly treated, I feel is unfair treatment to me.

    My Number is 0825105860 Jack

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    u can't handle the truth Sep 01, 2015

    Mr. Bag the ghetto equivalent of the Progressive talking box. I can't believe they play this commercial on programs where kids can be watching. "I've got buns, who wants to see my buns?" pretty sexual innuendo there about getting naked. Why would a restaurant commercial even GO there? Then the next like, if you want IT you have to put a ring on it? Beyonce line to a T and another sexual reference knowing he needs a committment of a ring before sex can take place. Also, why would they even GO there when this is supposed to be a commercial about food not selling condoms. Then at the end of all these commercials the talking bag tries to hit on some woman that drives up next to the guys car and makes some reference about (p)enis size or wallet size, saying I'm loaded or the guy that bought the food was loaded (commercial is ambiguous about who the Mr Bag is referring to). Way too many sexual innuendos and every one of these commercials have this. And what's with the ebonics straight outta da hood speech of the bag. How about classing it up a bit or does Checkers want the image of black hood rats beings their sole demographics? PLEASE JUST KILL THIS ANNOYING COMMERCIAL!!!

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