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CertaPro PaintersScam and cheating

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I hired Vee and CertaPro after she sold me on their high quality customer service satisfaction and a thoroughly written, carefully worded contract. She failed to follow any steps in the contract, wouldn't powerwash, prime, etc. They painted over dirt and peeling paint. Then, after I complained, she pulled the painter off the job for two weeks. When he came back to do some work, the painter had his girlfriend (not a painter; not an employee) paint my house. They wouldn't put house numbers back on, light fixtures, replace furnishings, etc.

They left behind all of their garbage, coffee cups, etc. They spit chew spit everywhere the entire time they were here. They didn't want to cover or tape, so they hacked down my bushes, yet still spilled paint all over everything. Since my second complaint, they refuse to now return to even finish a minimal job. Their response is, "You get what you pay for", even thought they chose the price and wrote the contract which they will not honor. Countless people have looked at their work and are truly shocked at the poor quality. I could have done much better myself.


  • Sc
    scooker Dec 22, 2008

    Certa pro/college pro same company?Is a company that has employees that have no Painting experience, They off the street drug users, and college/highschool kids, they even advertise in the want ads no experience nessesary for emploment, you ask yourself would you want a person with No experience working on your house! its a rip off to the customer and the employees who are trick into employment! and work for these jokers they "say they will pay them 15 bucks / dollars and hour, but they really pay 6 a hour! or nothing! they pocket 60 to 50 pecent profeit, they give hard working companies in the trade a bad name and in the trades field! they bid lower then market price, sound like a good deal! huh! but isn't they are a joke period! sign Ex employee!

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  • Se
    Seattle_Jerry Oct 15, 2009

    Certapro and CollegePro are not the same company. They are corporate cousins with no direct . To lump all Certapro franchises into the same bunch makes about as much sense as lumping the service you received from Roto-Rooter in Texas with Roto-Rooter in Washington. Each Certapro is its own corporation with independent owners. My family's Certapro franchise has a 100% customer approval rating and a 100% would use us again or recommend us to a friend.

    We neither use college nor high school kids to paint for us. All of our employees are real painters. Like any skilled trade, some are apprentices and some are Journeymen. They are paid by the job, not the hour. If they spend their day taking breaks, texting, talking on the phone, and to each other they will make minimum wage by the time the house is complete. That would also be their last house for us as it would show a lack of professionalism. If they work faster than average, as most competent crews do, the lead painter ends up making $20 to $25 per hour, apprentices slightly less. If we are working on a prevailing wage job they make around $43 per hour.

    Regarding profits and bidding: After measuring a house, we use standards established by the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America to establish how many hours a job will take. We then apply a standard % of profit above the costs, which I assure you is not 50 to 60%. We would never land any work at those high percentages. A common misperception of inexperienced painters is that they are being cheated because we take a larger percent than they do. What they fail to realize is the huge cost of advertising, maintaining equipment, vehicles, and office staff. On the flip side we have several 20 year veterans who have had their own companies and are thankful to have someone taking care of that end of the business for them.

    I am not sure what happened with the person with the poor paint job. They should have talked to the National headquarters about the work. The advantage to using a franchised painting company is accountability. At the end of every job they call the customer to ensure we did a good job. If the above person had complained to corporate, the franchisee would likely have been out there fixing it as it reflects badly on all of us.

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  • BTDT2000 Oct 30, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Many CertaPro franchisees use subcontractors.
    Sometimes they're good, sometimes they're mediocre, sometimes they're bad.
    It can be the luck of the draw.
    CertaPro is just a painting company like any other painting company but they charge more because they try to present themselves as "professional". But the quality of the paint job depends on the painters (maybe subcontractors) doing the work, not the professional image of the franchisee.

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  • Le
    lets be wise Jan 21, 2011

    CERTAPRO is a rip off with their employees in my eyes, they hired any painter with one year or more experice, the small business most have their own bond, insurance and lic, if something go wrong they take it from the painter bond or insurance which is a 0% risk for the powerful franchise right !!!some painters subs are good, but they have to cut corners to make it, and of course if the job is too big for one person they have to hired people willing to make minimum wage which translate to low or lack of experience. The big corporation get 50% of the price they estimate, the sub contractors gets the other 50 % for their labor paint and materials cause paint and materials must be paid by the sub contractors of course" on certapro painting account ."Which they "CERTA PRO "will also use as their own expences at the time they have to pay the taxes and the sub cannot deduct any paint or material cause is was not bought on their own company name, so the small business is realy making about 25% of the total estimate which they have to split amount their crew. For instance if paint a house is $3500 Certapro keeps $1750.00 plus sales tax they will deduce about $850 more or less for paint and material to the subs, which the sub can never claim as their business expence, and the one people the makes the job will keep $850 more or less the sub contractor will try to keep the most he can because he has to pay his insurance gas and many business expences and their employees have to be willing to make minimun wage. It take normaly at least 3 days to paint a house properly three people not to mention couple of weeks prior painting the house was pressure wash . So why not to hired by referls your local painting companies, at the end of the day they are the same painters Certapro, College pro, or any big corporation will try to scout, ask for referls at the paint stores such sherwing williams, benjamin moore, rodda paint, parker paint they normaly know wich small business are good and wich ones are bad, please hire them, by doing so, you will help your local economy by creating more job opportunities. Small business have better prices than big corporation and because they dont have to rush to make some profit you will have a better quality job .

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  • Ki
    Kirk Jurinek Jun 01, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Certpro of Gurnee ruined our home. Painted the aluminum downspouts, soffits and light fixtures. Its like the crew never painted before. I will be forced to sue them to get my home restored. How is it that a comapny can ruin your home and then just hide behind an attorney? Seems like the customer has little or no recourse with these guys. I DO NOT recommend CertaPro. Coprporate doesnt support the customer at all. Kirk Jurinek, Antioch IL

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  • Le
    Leey70 Nov 29, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been a victim of fraud, misrepresentation and unfair business practice; I have been scammed and later threatened by CertaPro Hickory franchise’s owner, Harold Lloyd, and his employees.
    On 9/19/11 I asked for an estimate for painting and repairing my home. I met with the CertaPro Hickory franchise owner, Harold Lloyd, at my home and went over the job I required. I also pointed out the location of two areas of rotten wood that would need to be replaced before they could paint. I asked how much he would charge me; he said, “No, just the materials.” Then he explained to me the procedure they would take in painting my house: one painter would spray paint the wall, and another would use the roller to give it a nice, smooth look. They would also remove the shutters to paint the wall behind them so I wouldn’t have to see the old, unattractive paint again. Then he gave me an estimate and contract which did not include any of the details that he had explained earlier to me. Although he did not include my concerns that I had pointed out in our conversation in any part of the contact, I wasn't suspicious of him at that time because he represented CertaPro, a company supposedly 'Proven and Trusted Experts in Painting'.

    From CertaPro's website:
    'With every painting project, we're committed to providing the highest quality work and professional service in the area. Residential painting or commercial painting, we're dedicated to the process of certainty – of a job well done. Whatever your needs, big or small, CertaPro will provide a professional quality paint job and an experience you'll be thrilled with. That's our promise, that's Certainty. Start your CertaPro experience today!

    Delighted to serve. Certain to satisfy.

    CertaPro Painters of Hickory & Statesville, NC is the painting company of Certainty. Interior painting or exterior painting, we are certain to exceed your expectations. We are certain to focus on every detail. We are certain to create an experience of positive and lasting value for our customers. Let us show you the impact of our brand of Certainty.
    We are also EPA Lead-Certified Renovators and Green Certified.'

    How reassuring! Reality turned up a different picture after they attempted to paint my house:

    He said replacing rotten wood was not in the contact, so he’s not responsible for it. As for the painting methods that he explained to me at the beginning, none of that took place.

    Committed to providing the highest quality work and professional service:
    Their work was shoddy, sub-standard, cursory and unattractive. In the first instance, they did not clean or prepare surfaces properly. They primed and painted over dirt, rotten wood, old cracking/peeling painted areas. They did not cover the ground to collect and dispose of paint chips or dust, and they failed to cover areas that should not be painted on. After painting, I could still see the old paint color showing through in many areas. Also there was no clean up after the work, even though this was stipulated in the contact. They painted areas with a color convenient for them, not the color I requested.

    CertaPro Painters strives to provide the best customer experience:
    10/14/11 Mr. Lloyd screamed at my face and told me to "BACK OFF" and let them do their job after I told him that his painters were trying to paint on rotten wood.

    Then 10/16/11 around 5:00pm, when they were finishing up the job, Mr. Lloyd came to check the state of work. I pointed out several areas with issues that needed to be corrected or touched-up. Instead of admitting it and correcting these problems like a professional painter would, he refused to correct most of my concerns. In additional, he was abusive by pointing a finger at me and screaming at my face, “YOU ARE PICKY, TOO MUCH… YOU ARE PICKY!”

    On 10/17/11 around 5:15pm, the painters came back to re-do the awning. I asked a painter to touch up an area that he missed; however, he would not; instead, he told his supervisor. Immediately, the foreman scolded and threatened me.

    Two years warranty of their work:
    That's a joke! They refused to correct issues while they were still on the job site.

    EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Lead-Certified Renovators:
    Mr. Lloyd failed to provide me with an EPA brochure regarding lead paint issues on residences built before 1978; my house was built in 1949.
    He didn't mention the rules or ramifications at all, nor did he offer any methods for keeping the site safe for my family and his employees. The issue of lead paint was never brought to my attention.

    I learned about the EPA rules from other painters after I fired CertaPro.
    This is most alarming because not dealing properly with contaminated paint and dust could cause serious illness to my family and animals.

    *****11/23/11, I received the lab test result back from EMSL Analytical, Inc for the paint chips that CertaPro scrapped off and left around my property. . This is the direct wording from the testing of the paint chips left in my yard. “Your result was 3.9% by weight of the sample used. HUD/EPA defines lead based paint if it is 0.5% or greater which yours is greater than.”

    I don’t think the painters aware of the lead poisoning because they spoke Spanish and hardly understood any English. I truly hope that they will not encounter any health problem due to their exposure.

    99% Customer Satisfaction: The only reason that I can think of as to how they get a high customer satisfaction rating is because true feedback to their website is not allowed.
    In the country that I came from, we don’t need to have a written agreement or a contact when you hire someone to work on your property. We trust each other verbally. Service providers will perform services as they said; we pay what we agreed upon once the job is completed.

    Now I’m in a different country, a law-suit country. I have never had problems with any contactors before. They completed the job professionally as they said, and corrected it if I have any concerns without arguing or threatening me.
    Unfortunately, CertaPro is totally different from them. This make me wonder, just because I’m not American-born-like. So, they think they can just take advantage of me and threatened me as bonuses!

    There were two mistakes that I had made from the first day that I met with Mr. Lloyd.
    1. Trusted and hired CertaPro to paint my house
    2. Gave Mr.Lloyd and his crews chance after chances to proof that I was wrong about what they were doing to my house. Instead of correcting it, they constantly lied and threatened me.

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  • Pa
    PainterPro Dec 16, 2011

    Do not do sub work for Certapro! I was a subcontractor for the the company for a little under a year. It was the worst job I've ever had. The branch I worked at in Brentwood TN had a very high turn over rate for the subs. The owner's that were supposed to have been knowledgeable painting contractors had never even painted. Of course Certapro trains the owners but thats about the extent of a Lowe's employee in the paint department. Point is you have to do what your boss tells you in which can get a hit on your liability insurance. You take all the risk. They make all the money. Your better off working by the hour somewhere. btw 15 years experience here.

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  • 25
    25YRpaintvet Jun 12, 2016

    Thank God for Certapro...Illegal Mexicans can make $8 an hour

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  • Me
    MelvinGraham1959 Sep 08, 2018

    I hired CertaPro to do work for me. I am now changing their name to CertainlynotPro! They did not powerwash my house, poor prime work, painted over dirt and mold, said I was to receive two coats of paint and I only received one coat of paint. I saw uneven paint work and there was touchups needed all over my house. Bleeding paint on the trim work where they did not properly tape the area off from the trimwork. Paint chipping and not very well covered paint job. I showed them paint coming loose from my house! Poor paint job overall. This is due to them acting professional during the sale and then no CertaPro painters showing up, instead, some subcontractors showed up and did a horrible job. I even had issues while the job was going on and called CertainlynotPro to come out and see the issues I had only to get the same level of poor quality work after they left the job site. What a joke Romero Cruz and his company is. Worst experience ever!

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