Century West Apartmentstreatment of renters in hawaii

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I've been reaching out for help for a long time now. I am a tenant of a building in century west in salt lake. We are a young local family renting our second apartment after living with family for a long time. Our last apartment we were treated so well and were considered awesome tenants, however since we moved here things have seemed to be the complete opposite. I believe people should know that as a young local couple you are judged in this building. So much for equal opportunity. Ever since we moved in this building security has treated us as if they are against us. First few days of living here our 15 yr old brother was walking through the hall way with a back pack on after coming from the beach, and was questioned and cursed at for "looking suspicous". How does a child with a back pack threaten grown adults to the point were he was cursed at. When I questioned the security about it I was told that the older man felt threatened and wasn't sure the child was carrying weapons in his bag.. (why, I don't know) if you are scared why would you approach someone. We are consantly accused of things and i've had it. I spoke with the resident manager of the building and all I got was a shrug of the shoulders. I'm just clueless as what to do next. I do not have money for legal help. I just want people to know that this building treats you unfair if your are a renter and not an owner, and also you are a local family.

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    sisterinsobriety Aug 02, 2010

    I too live in this building as a renter and have been harrased by the resident manager and staff. Our son has been accused of doing things and we have been blamed for cigarretes in the pool are (we don't smoke and never have). If you are a renter in this building you are treated like crap and are constanly harrased.

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  • Re
    Rent808 Jul 27, 2014

    We live in this building for so many years and between 2008-2010, we has a problem with the water the flooded our whole apartment. The resident manager called a company to drain and dry the apartment but the wrong thing they did was, they opened our apartment without us (we were all at work and school) and with no calls or authorization from us. We came home with our home totally messed and run sacked-- poisonous cleaning solutions, mixed in with our foods, bathroom rugs on our beds together with our clothes and shoes and all things that got wet from the flood. We have thrown 60%of our stuff and we count even figure if we lost some of our things. We complained but the manager just shrug his shoulder and hide for days.

    Maintenance guys are not friendly when they are being asked for a maintenance questions but friendly during the holidays.

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  • Sc
    SC Dog Feb 14, 2020

    Shelley Clark board VP? former President does nothing but complain about families with children. She works odd hours and expects the world to cater to her needs. She has been harrassing families for years way before Richard came on board. She makes poor financial choices for residents. Residents have been constantly paying the price for her self indulgent needs. Too many maintenance fee increases. Tenants absolutely tired of her being on board but people are afraid to admit it since she is a white racist woman who gets funding to raise the minority children assigned to her who she treats like slaves.

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  • Sc
    ScSc213 Feb 14, 2020

    Shelley A. Clark a Kaiser Permanente employee still harrassing residents? Still harrassing families with children? It's been nearly a decade since I lived there and it does not surprise me that she continues her complaints about nothing. In 10 years you would think she could had afforded herself a visit to the psychiatrist at Kaiser for all the noises she constantly hears. Time to court mandate her to get help for the sounds she hears. Or maybe get her a man to stuff her mouth since being a single mother of nonbiological children who the state pays her for is driving her nuts!

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