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Central Veterinary Associatespoor veterinarian services


took my 9 week old min. pin. puppy to this hospital and was shocked by the Outrageous behavior of veterinarian Karen O. Liss who's acts reminded me of a heartless butcher. I agree that some procedures can be painful for the puppies but first of all, a professional doctor MUST advise of the alternative ways of getting a test done, advise whether or not this procedure is necessary at THIS PARTICULAR time and ask if the owner of the dog is consenting!!! Second issue with the aforesaid veterinarian is that she seems to be "just doing her job" .
Even a painful procedure can be done gently and with care and that is exactly what I DID NOT see in veterinarian Karen O. Liss!
Needless to say that I changed my dog's vet place same day!


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    Debbie of Far Rockaway Jun 09, 2015
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    Verified customer

    These negative comments don't sound like the CVA I experienced. I recently brought my cat in because she had been vomiting. They offered me a choice of three treatment plans, 2 in-patient and one out-patient. I chose the out-patient plan because money is tight and I also figured that she might only need an antibiotic, which was exactly the case. The staff were very nice, patient and gentle. No one tried to sell me expensive grooming products or cat foods or products of any kind. Debbie of Far Rockaway

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    catt_al Jan 05, 2014

    This place is pure evil. They pulled the same thing with my cat, I had to make up a whole story about having to leave town to manage to get him back. They will hold your animal, charge you for service after service, and if you're lucky you'll get your pet back alive. If they treated humans like they do animals everyone involved would be serving long prison sentences by now.

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    Alexandra F Dec 11, 2013
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    This September I brought here my absolutely healthy young cat to give birth at this place. They charged me $5 000! They kept her for the night and in the morning they called me and said that my cat and her kittens are dead. I never got any explanation on how it happened or why. I just received my cat in a carton box and now she's buried on my back yard. I paid them $5 000 to kill my cat. I wish that money brings all the disasters and pain in the world to every single one of the staff responsible for my cat's death! I wish you all the worst! BURN IN HELL CVA!!!

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    Debbie from Long Island Apr 06, 2011

    Hello...I am Shocked by the above reviews...I took my lethargic 2 pound Morkie Lucy in on a Friday night at 11:30...The staff was pleasant and even at that late hour gave us a tour of the facility!...While being in the back all of the pets in their care were well taken care of and happy...Being a clean freak I was also VERY impressed on how CLEAN the facility was...I also like the fact that they finds homes for animals...Like I said I was there on Friday and picked Lucy up on Tuesday and a cat that I loved was adopted...PLEASE I am asking that you form your own opinion and do not listen to the negative feedback!
    Debbie D
    Glen Cove

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    charley atkins Jul 08, 2010

    I have been using CVA fo the last 35 years. I have brought my many pets over the years and found that they were both attentive and caring. The office is very busy and sometimes gets very hectic, but the level of care is worth waiting for. The front desk people seems to always to know who I am and always are solisitus towards my pets.
    [email protected]

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    kipaco Jul 05, 2010
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    Verified customer

    They say only the disgruntled give reviews. I'd like to add my two cents that I've been a client of CVA for over 17 years. People I have referred to them have thanked me... the emergency service has been invaluable for several of my family member's pets... But of course, we never sat down to write an online review of our experience... we just went home to enjoy our healthy pets... But now I see the low ratings and it concerns me that a few sour apples can skew the ratio and I wanted to give some 'props' to my favorite team of doctors. They have almost a cult following - just go in there and see for yourself if you're looking for a new vet, or want to compare facilites to your current vet - really - go for a tour, they'd be happy to take you around - I always brag about my vet's office -it's pretty impressive. But I'd go see them if they were in a tent - the staff and docs are, in my opinion, exceptional.
    They have always treated me with respect, been open to discussions on the care of my pets and guided me in providing wellness over their lifetime rather than rescues in the latter stages. My mom was always one of those people that didn't think cats needed to go to the vet - thus why when i was a kid we never had a cat for more than a few years... Happy to report my 17 year old handsome man is napping beside my desk - perhaps it's the balance of care he recieves at Central Vets? - the excellent food we buy from them that makes his coat so beautiful? The lack of fleas and all the other 'normal' ailments cats get - we care for him as we do for ourselves and CVA helps us to enjoy long relationships with our pets with low drama.
    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure... sound familiar?
    I guess most folks don't realize that there are big differences in the level of care at different vet hospitals. I'm a pretty demanding client and they never let me down... I won't settle for the limited hours and poor santation at most clinics nor will I tolerate the egos or snotty staff I've encountered at other vets in the Valley Stream area... I will not leave my name and number on a voicemail and hope for a call back later or tomorrow- I expect to be spoken to whenever I call - and they do - there is always a doctor in the building and a real person always answers the phone - at 7 am or 11pm or when we had a siezure happening at 4:30am -
    I've come to expect a high level of service and professionalism from my veterinarian - my experience with CVA is so much different from the vets I've been to before and that I hear about from co-workers. I'd highly recommend you check them out so you will see for yourself.

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    CVAemployee Jan 13, 2010

    I like how the main and opening point from this "CVA employee" states that, and I quote "posting anonymously on a site like this gives absolutely no credibilty to the poster."
    (Notice how credibility is misspelled) Then They go on and post Anonymously. Never once do they state their name or who they are, I don't see the harm in posting anonymously but by them calling it out and then going forth and doing it themselves is laughable school yard childishness.
    With that being said, To figured out who the "CVA Employee" poster is, one would have to simply take notice of the sheer lack of grammatical abilities coupled with their 5th graded penmanship. This "CVA employee" Must be higher up on the company's ladder.
    Reason being is that I have encountered many kind people at C.V.A (granted most of them are in the waiting area) and some of the employees, albeit there isn't many of them, are very kind, caring and sweet people. Its just 99.9% of them are underpaid, overworked and the facility is completely understaffed. The fact is these select few caring employees work for some of the most tyrannical, money hungry, evil people you will ever meet. Some of these "Doctors" (and I'm using that term extremely loosely) pray on the fact that you love your animal and if you are one who considers your pet to be a member of your family, well, if you bring your pet to them your not just your wallet will be broken but, your heart as well. Some of these money hungry dolts and cretins of C.V.A happen to be the owners and or "Partners", Like Doctor Fox who is a complete and utter fool, who has no veterinary abilities whatsoever. The mans lack of human compassion is epic. He cant even interact with his staff let alone with a pet owner. He's one of the most useless human beings Ive even met. The other fool is a Doctor Charros, probably the most inhuman, manipulative, greedy, egotistical, Self-absorbed, no-it-all/no-nothing you will ever encounter. He might be one of the ugliest people to work for C.V.A, if not for his right hand "man" Eleanor, who might be one of the nastiest, uncharismatic, individuals to answer a phone. She has absolutely zero tack or understanding and its to my understanding she claims to be "IN CHARGE". That goes to show the level of insanity C.V.A has going on by putting someone who is a Bi-polar, cackling, lunatic in charge of their business. Just the experience of Having to lower your intellect by explain every little thing to her in a conversation can be extremely unnerving. Having to work for C.V.A must be a difficult task, my heart goes out to its employees who have to deal with these wannabe doctors and utter simpletons. Some of the associate doctors are young and you can tell they still have the "good fight" in them. And even though most of them are exhausted from being abused and working triple shifts, you can still see some of them haven't been changed by the maniacal, greedy ways of the higher ups. Point of my post is to set the "CVA employee" straight and put them in their place and to tell you all NOT TO TAKE YOUR PET TO CENTRAL VETERINARY ASSOCIATES. If you look online you will see tons of reviews and horror story's from pet owners who have made the mistake of entrusting these monsters with their animals.

    I was going to respond to your absurd allegations and attacks, but after seeing how you criticized my lone typo with 'credibility' and then went on to write like an ignorant ### with one grammatical error after another, the old saying of the pot calling the kettle black came to mind. Therefore, I will leave your comments alone and allow others to view them and make their own determinations as to who you are, i.e., an obvious disgruntled employee who was terminated most likely for incompetence or some human resource issue. The discontinuity in your missive only demonstrates your level of education and why you do not work for CVA any longer. I don't have time to write much anyway because despite the attempts by idiots like yourself to harm our business and reputation, we are so busy at work that...well even a simpleton can get the point. In reality, the number of complaints like yours, are so insignificant that responding to them is not worth it. Ta Ta cretin.

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  • Cv
    CVA sucks Jan 08, 2010

    Zorro's Story

    On November 4, 2005, my wife Manuela and I took our beautiful, 10 and a half your old black cat Zorro to a Vet for a 4-in-1 vaccine.

    What transpired between those dates is on of the saddest things I've ever had to endure.

    I had made an appointment at Central Veterinary Associates for Zorro to have a routine exam and a 4-in-1 shot. He'd been getting these shots (and occasionally others) each and every year. At the time we didn't know better. We were brought into an examination room and were greeted by a doctor's aide - a kid who looked about 20 - who without even examining Zorro was already recommending a new, mite and tic powder that their office was selling. Although we had only booked the 4-in-1 shot, the doctor himself walked in with three things in his hand - the 4-in-1, a rabies vaccine, and Bordatella drops to put up Zorro's nose.

    When we questioned him, he said that we "had" to give Zorro the rabies - it was the law.

    This may be true, I'm not sure, but the year before Zorro had a 4-in-1 shot at another Vet, without getting a rabies shot. We explained that Zorro was an indoor, only housecat, but the Vet didn't care. He said we had to do it.

    Would he had called the police on us if we didn't let him do it? He proceeded to give Zorro the 4-in-1 and the rabies shot; Zorro didn't seem to mind the 4-in-1, but cried when the rabies shot went in.

    The doctor started to give him the Bordatella drops but we stopped him, asking what it was and why Zorro had to have it. He said it was to help Zorro to fight off upper respiratory problems and that all cats - especially older cats - should have it. We said that we hadn't booked that, the office staff hadn't said anything on the phone about it (they hadn't mentioned the rabies, either) and that we would wait and think about it. The Vet then said that it would be completely irresponsible not to give it to him, that all cats (even housecats) should have it and that he could see no reason for him not to get it. He shamed us into reluctantly agreeing.

    We had never heard of Bordatella before and trusted this man who is supposed to have our pet's best interests, not the all mighty dollar, as his basis for actions.

    Did I neglect to mention that he did examine Zorro before administering the vaccines? This examination took all of about 25 seconds - he looked in Zorro's eyes, ears and at his teeth. He quickly took his temperature with a rectal thermometer. There was no stethoscope involved at any time. After the nose drops went in, he started telling us that we "needed" to have bloodwork done for Zorro - the Vet's eyes probably saw dollar signs as he told us that the price was "only" $138. Not trusting him, we decided to wait.

    Needless to say, we left not happy with this veterinary office and vowed never to return.

    The next day, Zorro was asking a little strange, but we attributed this to him having a small reaction to the vaccines - he was usually a little down a day of two after getting a 4-in-1 shot, so we didn't make out of it.

    Over the next ten days, we noticed some very gradual changes. He wasn't eating as well as normal and he didn't have as much energy as normal, either.

    Normally Zorro was an extremely playful cat - even at 10 years old - and had a very hearty appetite.

    He seemed to be spending a lot of time under chairs, which was unusual for him. He also wanted to be on our 2nd floor balcony a lot; this was as far "out" as he ever got. This was not so unusual, except that now he wanted to spend more time there than usual, strange because it was getting colder outside.

    We started thinking he might have a low fever. Then came the strangest thing - he started eating his litter. Not a lot of it, but we assumed that eating any litter at all isn't good and we got nervous.

    On November 14, we called Central Veterinary Associates back and told them that we were nervous that the Bordatella, which we never asked for or wanted (not to mention the rabies vaccination) was making Zorro do strange things. I was speaking with office staff who said "absolutely not, there's no way anything we gave your cat could cause anything like that". I asked to speak to a doctor and I was told "NO". They said I could bring Zorro back in and a doctor would have a look at him. I felt like they were just after our money and said that I felt they should be responsible, if something they did caused our cat problems.

    They said "cats can always have reactions to things, we're in no way responsible if that happens". I asked again to speak to a doctor and was again told "NO - it's not possible, you have to bring him in".

    I complained more and they offered to waive the exam fee but said that we'd still be completely responsible for anything else they did. They didn't even seem sorry about the fact that our cat wasn't feeling well.

    I spoke with my wife about it and we decided that not only were they going to try to fleece us financially, but more importantly, based on our initial visit and then the subsequent reaction of the office staff on the phone, we just didn't trust them to give Zorro the care he needed. We asked some friends and called the place in our town called All Creatures Veterinary Hospital. The reaction at All Creatures was completely different. They seemed very caring and had no problem having a Vet call us back - even though we'd never even been there yet.

    The Vet called me and after I explained to him what had happened, he said something that shocked me: "I don't know why a Vet would give your cat Bordatella. We don't even carry that for cats - only for dogs. Indoor cats never need it; it's only for cats in catteries or boarding situations and even then it's rare that it's necessary".

    I was floored! The Vet at Central told us that "every cat should have it" and now I hear that our Zorro, being a housecat, absolutely didn't need it. I told the Vet at All Creatures everything that had happened, including the litter eating. He said that we could (not that we needed to) bring Zorro in for bloodwork, but that it was his cat, he would monitor him for a few days to see if he got better.

    He said that the important thing was that Zorro was eating, drinking and going to the bathroom. I think it is important to say that all through the ordeal - right up to the end - Zorro was as sweet as ever, purring every time we were close to him. We watched Zorro - he ate (though not as much as usual), he drank and he went to the bathroom. On about the 4th day after speaking to All Creatures, he ate a bit more than he had been (still not quite as much as usual) and had much more energy. We truly thought he was getting better. The next day he didn't eat much; we weren't letting him out on the balcony because it was getting colder, we still thought he might have a cold and that the chilly air might be bad for him. He started spending a lot of time at the buttom of the staircase near the door - this was the coldest spot in our apartment. Very, very unusual for him.

    We made an appointment at All Creatures. They examined him, thought his breathing might be a little laboured and did bloodwork. The Vet said he thought it might be bronchitis. They called the next day and said that he had an elevated white blood cell count and also high protein levels in his blood. They suggested to bring him in for a chest x-ray and worried that it might be pneumonia.

    I wanted to know more about this Bordatella; All Creatures said that they didn't know too much about it because they never gave it to cats. They don't even keep the feline version there - they have to order it when they need it.

    I called Central Veterinary Associates back. The office manager - Mary - told me there was no way that the Bordatella or anything that they gave Zorro could have caused any problems. I asked to speak to a doctor, she said "NO".

    I voiced my displeasure; she said "if you have a complaint, put it in writing". I said "I need to speak to a doctor - now". She said "I guess you're not too bright, you're not speaking with any doctor - any complaints, put them in writing". I answered "What good does it do to mail in a complaint to you if something bad is happening to my cat - that is ###ed. I feel like going to the media about this". She hung up on me.

    I called back and was transferred to Eleanor; she started out very aggressive, telling me that I "spoke with the nice one already" (Mary??????) "and now I had to deal with her".

    I told her that I wanted to speak with a doctor because the doctor had pushed us into giving our cat Bordatella drops when we didn't want to and now I learned that these drops aren't necessary with housecats. She replied "you sound like an adult and you're having no trouble speaking with me - I'm sure that if you didn't want something you could have told the doctor."

    I asked her again to speak to a doctor (isn't that my right?), she said "NO - you have a complaint, put it in writing. Your calls are no longer welcome here" and hung up the phone on me.

    I called back repeatedly and was either insulted, hung up on, or both. I spoke with Cathy, Diane, and Aaron, among others. Cathy was as rude as unfeeling as Mary and Eleanor, Aaron seemed indifferent and Diane listened and said the doctor would call back. One never did.

    I called later and was again hung up on. I tried again, they said they were calling the police, I said "I hope what happened to my cat happens to you so you know what it feels like" and hung up. This might not have been the nicest thing to say, but at this point I was so frustrated with their attitude and lack of caring that I said it anyway.

    A police officer called me later - he seemed understanding. I said I was only trying to speak with a doctor. He replied I was better off not calling anymore and that I should write instead.

    In the middle of this phonecall, my wife got home and found Zorro in his cold spot at the buttom of the stairs having trouble breathing. I told the officer that I had to go to bring our cat to the hospital.

    We brought Zorro to All Creatures - they took him away from us, told us that he was stable and that they were doing the chest x-ray. They sent us home - they called a little later and said they found fluid in his chest and wanted to draw it out. They also mentioned that he "might pass away" during the procedure. Horrified, we hung up the phone. They called again and said that the procedure went find and that they draw 60 ml out of the chest area around his lungs.

    After the call, we went back to see him. He was in an oxygen unit, half his torso was shaved. He also was on IV. He recognized us and began talking to us right away, but we weren't allowed to take him out of the oxygen tank to touch him. The doctor told us that they needed to test the fluid to see what it was and where it came from - another big question was: would more fluid come back?

    We said goodbye to Zorro, having no idea that this would be the last time that we would see him alive.

    This was the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving; we'd had plans to visit my family in Massachusetts for months. The doctor assured us that Zorro would get the proper care in the hospital, that they'd get the test results back to see if he had pneumonia or bronchitis or whatever it was and that Zorro would get antibiotics if he needed them.

    We were scheduled to drive to Massachusetts on Thursday morning. That morning, before we left, we got a phone call from the doctor on duty that the fluid had not come back on Zorro's chest and that he seemed to be breathing comfortably - outside the oxygen tank. He thought it fine for us to go - he had our numbers to give us updates and we planned to pick up Zorro (presumably healthy) either Saturday night or Sunday morning.

    Unfortunately, we couldn't visit Zorro on Thursday because the Hospital didn't allow visitors on the Holiday.

    We went to visit my family. Friday morning we got a call that he wasn't doing so good and that it could be FIP (this was the first time we heard about this), although it still could be a bacterial infection. If it was FIP, it was probably fatal. They didn't say anything about how fast it could act. We cried and were depressed, but still had hope that it was only a bacterial infection. He was on a broad array of antibiotics, just in case. That night another doctor called - they didn't have any more test results back (because of the Thanksgiving Holiday), but Zorro was still not doing so good.

    They'd given him an appetite stimulant; he'd eaten but thrown most of it back up. My wife was devastated. I asked about seeing him when we got home - we'd been hoping to pick him up Saturday night - and the doctor said we could see him but that he should stay there until Sunday.

    Looking back (hindsight is always 20-20) we should have left from home right then and there. It was about 9pm Friday night. We didn't.

    The next morning the doctor called and said that Zorro was worse - the prognosis was now "guarded". We moved our plans up and got out of there as quick as we could. About half way through the five-hour car ride home, they called and said that he was now very bad and that we should consider putting him to sleep. We wanted to say goodbye to him.

    It seemed like fate wasn't on our side; we hit traffic and what seemed like every single red light possible.

    We finally got to All Creatures; they told us that Zorro had died 10 minutes before. They brought in his body so that we could say goodbye - he was still warm.

    We cried our eyes out. My wife held, hugged and kissed him. I scratched his face in the place that he always loved it. We were (and still are) in shock, devastated, traumatized.

    We feel guilty for being away. We miss him so much and feel like we were robbed of one of our best friends.

    We have since learned that the vaccinations and Bordatella drops that the Vet at Central Veterinary Associates gave Zorro may have precipitated, worsened or even caused a dormant virus which 80% if all cats have, to mutate into the deadly FIP.

    We are heartbroken and stricken with grief. We went away Thanksgiving morning feeling good that we'd brought Zorro to a Hospital, sure that he'd be fine soon.

    When we got back, he was gone.

    One of the office staff told us that it was better that we didn't see him at the end, that he wouldn't have recognized us because he was so out of it.

    I don't know what to think. Did we cause this by choosing the Vet who over-vaccinated him? Is it all our fault?

    We would never, ever do anything to hurt our precious Zorro. If he could, would he forgive us? We were only trying to do what was right for him.

    Ten days ago, we had no idea that vaccinations can harm a cat. We trusted someone who's job it is to care for our pet. And now we feel terrible.

    We will miss you Zorro - forever - and we are sorry. We didn't do it on purpose.

    We love you.

    Erik and Manuela

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  • Cv
    CVA sucks Jan 08, 2010

    Here's a story of Central Vets Cruelty. Its called "Zorro's Story" and its so sad.
    Please read it.

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  • Cv
    CVAemployee Nov 29, 2009

    First of all, posting anonymously on a site like this gives absolutely no credibilty to the poster. If the poster was an ex-employee of the fore-mentioned practice and can back up all her statements, then posting her name would not expose her to libel since the truth would be her defense. Secondly, most of these types of cowards who post malicious things about businesses online under assumed names or anonymously are just liars who have had bad experiences with the business they attempt to malign mostly through their own fault and actions like neglecting their own pets and expecting miracles for pennies when they finally bring their pets in. I happen to be a present employee of CVA, not one of the doctors, and I see what goes on for years on a regular basis. There are those clients who come in and act with class when they have to spend lots of money even when their pets passes away. Then there are those like the original poster who is obviously a miserable human being who, for whatever reason, obviously has an axe to grind with CVA. I see CVA in totally diffeent light - yes they are a business and have to support the 100 families of the employees who work for them. But I also see how much charity they give out to people and organizations who cannot afford to take care of their own pets. Their hospital is filled with strays and recued wildlife for which the owners don't see one red cent. As for Dr. Charos, he works 7 days a week and is the most involved with all the charitable organizations and he also suffers from lung problems from his volunteering from day 1 at Ground Zero on September 11. But does that stop him from helping pets ever? NO

    In conclusion, does CVA charge lots of money for their services - YES. Do they charge more then other practices who are not open 24/7 - NO. Their facility is state of the art and their doctors are all compassionate, caring, and most of all competent.

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  • St
    STAY AWAY FROM THEM Nov 20, 2009

    Unfortunately I used to be emplyed by CVA . Apon working there I became exsposed to how corrupt they are and how their ONLY concern is to fill their pockets with YOUR money, not to help animals. They are the most malicious group of people I have ever encountered in my entire life. They make clients believe they need special diets, special shampoos among many others things and they depend on the fact that people love their pets and will do anything for them.
    To start off each doctor makes up their own prices for various treatments. For example: lets say I bring in my dog and I see Dr.Charos he will charge me 82 dollars for IV fluids. Meanwhile my friend brings in her dog(same weight, same age) and sees Dr.Star, she will only be charged 62 or so dollars. Is that fair? OR LEGAL?
    In addition to this they also charge clients for treatment their pets are NOT getting. IV pumps are used to push fluids through an animal at a certain rate, there are only 3 in the hospital and there is a $72 fee per night. But this doesnt stop CVA, they will charge multiple clients for and IV pumps when their pets ARE NOT getting it, only the staff and doctors are aware of this. Dont even get me started with new puppies, they try to pump these dogs full of vaccines and get you to buy vitamins and supplements and shampoo and they get rich off of it.
    Central Veterinary Associates also boards animals for people. They tell clients that their dogs will be walked 3-4 times a day, when in fact they are taken out 1-2 times a day and left in the cage the
    Dr.Charos is the most dangerous one there. He trully is the devil in disguise. Some clients adore him because he puts on this ridiculous act like he gives a damn about your pet. He is a dihonest man and will tell you your animal needs to be admited every chance he gets. He will try to convince you that your pet needs further treatment of allergy testing or blood tests just so he can fill his pockets at your expense. Sadly hundreds of animals are needlessly put in the hospital because of him. Dr.Charos is an educated man and he knows exactly what he is doing, this is why he gets away with it.
    This is not some kind of vendetta I am trying to fulfill, this is a WARNING to anyone who brings their pet there or plans on it. I love animals and I believe people deserve to know what kind of people are taking care of them. Do you and your pet a favor and stay away from them. You will save money and protect your pet by doing so.

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  • Lj
    LJS3955 Aug 09, 2009

    That does not sound like the staff at Central Veterinary Associates at all. I have been bringing my pets to the main hospital in Valley Stream for 11 years and they have never done anything that I thought was nto right for my pets. They saved my dog "Jake" when he was ran over and dragged under a car for a half a block. He had no skin left on his face and bleeding really bad. They took him in and immediately started working on him . Two weeks later he was back home and with very little scaring on his face and body. They put him back together. I am sorry to hear about what happend your puppy, but it does not sound like them at all.

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