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Ask yourself why you have to make a decision so quick to join Carolin Soldo's coaching program. WHY would anyone offer a $4K reduction from $12 to get you to sign up straight away. They know that unless the catch up in the moment you will do your research and come to your senses.

This is my experience of Brand Your Passions and I know it is the same for many others who do not want to write reviews or saying anything because you are made to sign an agreement that says you will not say anything negative about Carolin or the company or the program in public. I mean who gets you to do that BEFORE you experience the company? Someone that already knows they have a flawed program.

I joined BYP with no online experience at all. I never used facebook really and had no ideal what a funnel was. I was assured that I would be given all the training I needed to set up my funnel and facebook ads. Well if you call a couple of videos help then I am afraid that is all you are going to get. When I first started there was a tech coach who answered lots of questions in the facebook group but after he left they did not replace him and when it was asked about a replacement we were told that tech support was not part of the program. WELL please listen to your sales calls as we are told we get ALL the help we need to set up the funnel.

I was excited in the first few modules as it was all about me and my coaching but as soon as it got technical and I needed help it all went down hill. I could not figure out facebook ads, language and technical terms just went over my head. Tara was fantastic at trying to help me but her room on the Q&A calls is always busy and you hardly get time to speak to her.

I soon realised that I needed to pour in lots of money testing my funnel and ads and this was just something I could not afford to do. I was told I only needed a few $100's to set up my funnel and get clients but once I was in the program just like others have said you soon realised you need $1, 000's to test your funnel.

I knew that selling coaching for $5, 000 when I am brand new was unrealistic but I listened to the sales person and thought well others are doing it. But actually others are not doing it. Everyone is struggling to get clients at that level.

I have since worked with a coach who helped me set up my ads re structure my program to a more realistic price and I have a steady business - She cost $2, 000 with a guarantee to work with me until I got my first 3 clients! She has 100% success rate because of this.

I fear that Carolin Soldo is more interested in growing a multi million dollar business than actually making sure her clients get results. She goes on about her life and how much money she is making and so do her coaches. What they don't realise is that they are having that life off the back of people pouring in $8K for a program with money they do not have. I would not feel comfortable living my life off other people debts!

This program is not what is sold. The agreement is so tight it should ring alarm bells and I wish it had for me. My new coach has a money back guarantee and after doing research most coaches do. Tony Robins, Marie Folio, Amy Porterfield. So you can grow an authentic business without having to trick people into signing up with no way out if the model does not work.

I worked 12 hours a day - it took me 3 weeks to do my webinar and the feedback I got back was it was not targeted enough but when I ask for more support in what that meant I was told you get one review only! So don't be fooled by being told if you do all the work you get the results because that is not the case.

My final note is to stay WELL CLEAR of Belinda - She is the so called Mindset coach but for someone that is a mindset coach she has the worts mindset I have ever seen. Mindset is about helping people see their true self. With Belinda it is about being who she thinks you should be and if you are not you have a bad mindset. She tells everyone how successful she is but she does not run her own business she is riding off the back of Carolin. She makes you feel inadequate and like you do not deserve success unless you are prepared to get further into debt. She is not liked at all in the program and it is advised to stay well clear of her in the program and focus on Lisa and Tara. They are the only two that I felt really wanted to see me succeed

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  • La
    Lavazzanna Jan 31, 2019

    Thank you for sharing. I was on the fence, and really appreciate you sharing this experience. Who is your business coach who helped you get clients. Thanks in advance

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  • Da
    Darrell LaSane Apr 22, 2019

    Thank you for the review. I was also caught up in the immediacy of signing up. Thankfully I didn’t have the money at the time so I had some time to think. I was on the fence too so thank you for the info. What was the name of the coach who helped you? I would love to talk with her!

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  • Ck
    cklandon Jul 18, 2019

    I'm sorry you had that experience. I have been working with Carolin and team for the past 4 mos and have learned a ton! I have grown in every area I chose to apply myself. Carolin is present on calls and in the Facebook groups and I find her to be extremely knowledgable in the area of building a growing your business. I hope you are finding success with your new coach and I wish you well.

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  • Be
    Benjamin Ritter Sep 10, 2019

    It's tough - you see these click funnel bait and switch tactics being used, but that's because they work. I cannot bring myself to do that and instead off services based off of relationships and mainly organic marketing. Feel free to reach out to have a conversation & contact (a)

    Wishing everyone the best.

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  • Be
    Benjamin Ritter Sep 10, 2019

    @Benjamin Ritter offer*

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