— Unauthorized charge on credit card


I was looking at for a job. The Web site was very well laid out and it pulled me in pretty good. I was even considering purchasing the service. They did not tell you the cost of the service until after you put your credit card information in. When I found out how much it was ($89.99), I changed my mind and totally closed the Internet Explorer browser. I thought that by doing this I was ending any association with and the transaction. A few days later when I was looking at my online banking account, I discovered that just went ahead and charged my credit card for $89.98. When I called them for a refund they told me I was only getting back $29.99 of the total amount because they already sent some of my resumes out. I said, ” I did not ask you to or authorize you to do that." They told me that because I put my credit card information in, that gives them the right to sign me up for and charge me for their service!!!
Charlotte, NC

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