SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / terminated account for no reason

I signed up around 4:30 today, posted an ad, then got terminated around 6:30. I don't expect them to tell me why, but I DO expect them to refund my money, which they probably won't and I will have to dispute with the credit card company. And no, there was nothing in the ad that violated their ToS, it was boring and I'd post it here were it not for the fact that I can't access it because my account is terminated.

I get why some services can't be specific about the reason for termination in some cases, but what stops a company from making money by randomly terminating memberships and keeping the fees you paid them? That would be very easy to do and is the very definition of a scam.

  • Customer Care's Response, Aug 20, 2019

    I'm so sorry for your frustrations, we do issue refunds when an account we close an account. Please email us at [protected] or message us on Facebook or Twitter so we could look into this for you and make sure you are refunded. Hope to hear from you soon!

  • Updated by Wwttt, Aug 20, 2019

    Follow up: they actually did notify me to say my money had been refunded, AND told me I could reinstate my account with the same contact information, which was a surprise. They even told me the reason for termination - apparently it was because my profile name wasn't a real name (I set up this account ages ago and had just filled in my initials at the time, and had forgotten to change it when upgrading to a real subscription).

    So, outcome was better than expected. HOWEVER, I lost the discount I received. In addition, it would be nice if they just prevented purchasing a subscription in the first place for minor anomalies like where a profile name doesn't match a credit card name, for example. Finally, I had to contact them to find out all this information - like the fact that I could sign up again using the same information. The termination email I got certainly made it sound like I was banned for life.

  • Updated by Wwttt, Aug 20, 2019

    Sorry, a clarification: "HOWEVER, I lost the discount I received" - I meant that I had used a promo code when first purchasing a membership/subscription, and when I signed up again (after they told me I wasn't banned), I lost that discount.

Aug 13, 2019

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