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I WILL GO OUT OF MY WAY TO MAKE SURE PEOPLE DONT GO HERE. LONG REVIEW BUT WORTH THE READ-- This place doesn't even deserve one star. There is simply NO communication between anyone that works there. I went in to get my Jeep Wrangler appraised and to look at a 2008 ford escape they had. I made an appointment (which is useless) when I got there they told me the ford wasn't even at their lot it was being serviced at a Ford dealership because something was wrong with "the emergency brake system" (really unprofessional no one called to tell me this before I went in) they offered me 22, 000 if I traded in my jeep and 21, 000 if I just wanted to sell it. I wanted to wait and see what happened with the ford so they said wait a week, come back and we'll give you the same deal. I was even in contact with them through out the week and the deal remained the same. Never once was it said that the offer only lasted one day. I make an appointment again for 1 o'clock on Saturday afternoon get there and the sales person I was working with is helping not one but two separate groups of customers. So I wait for about 25 minutes and an appraiser who I believe said his name was Joe. He says I'll look at the Jeep again because that number is wrong. After spending about 2 minutes in the car he says they'll give me 19, 000 (which is a garbage offer) then they start to say the offers only last one day and you should have taken the deal last week. So after I left I called because I wanted a better explanation as to why the offer was so low after being put on hold several times I talked with a Emma or Emily who is an Internet sales manager she again puts me on hold so I go back to the dealership and talk to Lee Williams who says there is no Emma or Emily, (I was on the phone with her in their parking lot not 2 minutes before this) so I explain the situation to him again and he starts giving this all these hypotheticals as to why the car might be worth 2, 000 less in only 7 days when Jeeps have one of the best resale values of any car. he then says there is no record that I was ever offered 22, 000 in the first place. I stopped him and said please just give me a straight answer as to why the price is so low, and the appraiser says "it just it worth that much" and Lee Williams says "what would you like us to do" basically in a way that meant they don't care that I wasted my time there and they didn't want to talk about it any longer so I left. Bottom line is no one there communicates with each other. Making an appointment doesn't matter and just because one person tells you something doesn't mean they're right.


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