Capital Meats Incbad food, bad sales man

My husband and I are still trying to get our money back from the company. Salesman "Jay" is full of lies and excuses. Never ever going to make this mistake again. So far the lady at the office I am working with is not too difficult to work with. The food is making our family sick and its awful in general. Nausea and diareah are what your buying here. They claim something must be wrong iwth the meat. "jay" said that I was not hte first to complain about the food he delivered that day so I'm sure its not a one time thing. After all I have read online I feel like I really let my husband down by even letting the guy come in our house. Hoping everyone is able to get past their bad experiances. Praying no one else gets sick. Lesson, buy your food where you can take it back if its not good!


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    militaryredhead Mar 04, 2010

    My husband and I had purchased meat from Omaha steaks, which is absolutely WONDERFUL meat! One afternoon, a Capital Meats van came by and they began to show me what they had available. I bought an entire "package" which included filets, T-bones, and three different types of marinated chicken breasts. This is the WORST MEAT WE HAVE EVER EATEN!! It's so tough, one can barely chew the stuff! We've tried marinating it for long periods of time and that still didn't work! The chicken is ok, but you can get chicken at a great price most anywhere! I'm certain this meat is more than likely from really OLD cattle! I could chew the sole of a shoe better than their meat! DO NOT BUY anything from this company!!

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    Dougb716 Apr 22, 2011

    I feel that I was scammed by Capital City Meats. I was getting gas when I was approached by a guy and ask me if I was interested in buying some meat. I asked what you got. He took me to a truck that looked pretty nice and had Capital City Meats all over it. he showed me some steaks, and they looked pretty good. He said that he would give me a case for $169.00. I did some quick math and figured it was a decent deal for 25 lbs of steak. So I took my case and went home proud of the deal I had just got. Well I couldn’t be more wrong! I thawed a couple of NY strips. When thawed and out of the package the steaks were about ½ inch thick about half of what they looked like in the package. I fired up the grill and tossed them on anyway. Me and my wife sat down to enjoy my recent purchase. To my dismay the best part of the steak was the fat. I would never eat another piece of the meat. They should change there name to Capital Sh!ty meats.

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