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L Nov 27, 2018
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I've been working for candlewood suites in Mt Laurel NJ since 5/23/18 my reason for filling a complaint is because I've been having problems at work multiple problems I went to my GM multiple times regarding the problems I've been having with 3 different room attendant that work for me I went to my GM and she said everything will be documented no action have been taking due to the problems on Wednesday 21 2018 I was at work like any other regular day I was cleaning rooms when I was called to the GM office when having a meeting with her she stated that she was doing a investigation and I was being suspended I ask why and what did I do my GM stated she had multiple complaint about how I talk to the employees which is not true and I was unaware of such accusation this is the first time I have ever heard of any complaints still confused as to why I was being suspended I asked for a copy of my suspension and a copy of the investigation report she told me no i asked did I need to sign she told me no I than asked how long I was suspended for she had no answer just I would be contacted she escorted me out the building like I was a threat she told me do not contact or call the hotel and that I wasn't allowed on property she told my whole staff they wasn't allowed to contact me or have any communication I left the job and went home my GM than called me on Friday 23, 2018 to tell me my services was no longer needed and that I was terminated I than asked her why I never had a write up I do all my work and more I do other people job and I was never warned of such accusations I just didn't understand I than asked again for a copy of the investigation report suspension and termination paper she told me that it was hotel property and that I don't need it I was wrongfully terminated with no real hard true evidence due to everything that's been going on with me personally I brought everything to my Gm attention her knowing my situation and my health problems I have been experiencing at work and all the complaints I been going to her with is why I feel I was terminated in due convenience I would like to be contacted

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